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       Posted by HOTNNAST2 Posted on May 19, 2010 View Comments 1      
Temptations vs. Desire vs. Ceriba
Hi we are taking a vacation to Mexico this summer but would like to try something other then Desire.  We have heard good and bad reports on Temptations and see that there is a trip planned to the new resort "Ceriba"????? or whatever the name is.  Has anyone been to Temptations?  Give me your report on the place.  Especially the option of singles being there.  We like that as an added flavor to the trip. 

       Posted by GAME4IT2 Posted on May 18, 2010 View Comments 9      
Loving ourselves.
And thats not just playing with our bits ,, lol At times sites like this can make you feel all sorts  from I 'm not good enough to mail that couple .... as not size 4/6/10/  from looking at a persons feed back thay have loads and you feel wow why  not me, What do thay have that i dont,, lol I think at some point in our lifes you have to just  learn to love yourself for who you are as Resentmen ,criticism and guilt are so damaging ...... This week i was chating to this woman Whos hit 40 felt it  was all over swinging,,, I told her age just a number its how you feel inside .,.. she said look at all the younger people here ,, and each year thay get younger fitter ... I said so what that dont make them better  just have to learn to love yourself for who you are .... and i do think that. We are who we are. And i am flirty and can be very dirty in a nice way ,  kisses jo xxxxxxx ps my spelling is cr-p but thats me ...  x
       Posted by BALLYSGIRL Posted on May 16, 2010 View Comments 0      
old pics

hi all, just wondering about people posting old pics of themselves, should they be named and shamed.
we have had two recent situations where the person that turned up seemed to be very old compared to the pic they have posted. "ballysgirl" t & b

       Posted by KAVICARE Posted on May 16, 2010 View Comments 0      
any one for pattaya
hi guys we are a yng cpl planning a vacation in pattaya thailand, we would be happy if we can meet other couples who are also visiting thailand for fun, get in touch with us so we can plan something together.
       Posted by ANGELNSPRITE Posted on May 15, 2010 View Comments 2      
Where to go for first club night?

We are thinking of going to a club night in North-West UK and are looking for advise on where to go.

We don't want to travel too far, so are looking to attend a club in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester or within 25 miles of Warrington.  This will be our first time going to a club and are a bit nervous so are looking for a club that is recommended by SDC members and has usually a good number of couples mixed with singles.

Thanks in advance. X

       Posted by ROBITUSIN1 Posted on May 15, 2010 View Comments 0      
*420* Smoking & Swinging
So after swinging for so many years, and smoking for so many years, we've developed a fantasy where we'd love to meet another couple for an intense and fun smoke-out session.   Then once everybody's happy and the juices are flowing, we get into some hot, passionate sex.

In our vanilla life, we know plenty of smokers.  However, it seems that our swinger lifestyle is completely devoid of them.  After being on SDC and other sites for so long, we've yet to meet another couple who it bad luck, or is smoking just somehow intolerable in the swinging lifestyle?
       Posted by HESSENPAIR Posted on May 15, 2010 View Comments 94      
Bisexual Men and swinging.
We were wondering the thoughts about Bi men and swinging.  It has been our experience that stating in our profile that we are both Bi-Curious has limited our contacts.  That is fine as it is to each is own here.  What we do not quite understand is why.

No ALWAYS means no in this lifestyle or at least it should right!  He is not going to reach and and sck your cock if you do not want him too.  We are a very respectfull couple that respects all borders and try to portray that at all times.

Bi women are nearly everywhere but it still seems as if a Bi curious man is listed that it is a deal breaker for many.  The openminded attitude of the people here makes that seem a bit unusual to us.

We are curious as to what other peoples thoughts are on this.  We thank you in advance for your comments!!
       Posted by BUMBADIE Posted on May 14, 2010 View Comments 1      
Already Did! sort of
 Halloween party near Hershey PA, as we were driving back to NY from FL; we stopped over as the timing was perfect.  We met a couple and she was an absolute dead ringer for Sarah Palin.   Luckily we had incredible chemistry with them, so I got my Sarah Palin fantasy accomplished; it was hot, and it was right around McCain/Palin campaign time so it was forefront in everybody's minds.
       Posted by SVWS Posted on May 13, 2010 View Comments 1      
 anymore softies like us on this cruise?

       Posted by TIME4RFUN Posted on May 12, 2010 View Comments 85      
420 Blog Questions
Hello Everybody,

We moderate the 420 group and for those who don't know this is for people who either enjoy 420 participation OR don't mind being with people who do even if they do not. So many people like Drug Free but really mean hard drugs like coke, pills etc....

So we thought rather than talk one-on-one we could share on this biog. Many people have been running into new jobs that require a drug test. I thought there are many who know more exact details on the procedure, types of tests, methods to pass and other funny stories.

We hope you enjoy this topic because I am sure we'll get some activity.