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       Posted by LASVEGASCOUPLE Posted March 1, 2012 View Comments 43      
Babysitter Seduction
So, my wife has this fantasy of me seducing our babysitter.  The babysitter is 19 yrs old and as cute as can be.  I am very hesitant.  Anyone have such an experience?

by PIANOBAR on March 2, 2012
And now she's 39... people age fast here...

I agree with most posters.  Not a good idea to ever seduce someone you could - in any way - be considered an employer or as managing.  So... run away...

by NEWISWINGERS on March 2, 2012
I look at it this way. We have had a hot babysitter or 2 in the past. 17 to 21 yrs old. Though they were hot, but n
ever wanted to seduce them. I try to imagine some prick trying to seduce my daughter to get his rocks off! What I would do to the guy isint printable even on here. Dude get your shit together and grow up. Your not 19 anymore and to go after it makes you a fucking pig.

by SJ407 on March 2, 2012
 Believe it or not we actually know two couples, one here the other in Europe, where the guy is married to what was his former sitter. Both have about a 10 year age difference. Weird. Maybe they started out with a fantasy such as yours ? Eww

by WEWANTFUN2 on March 2, 2012
8 year old profile and not 1 validation!!!! It's no wonder you are thinking of shagging the babysitter.

by HARRYANDOVAL on March 2, 2012
Upon reconsideration, we both think you should just leave it at the fantasy level.

by STONEMANE on March 2, 2012

Like many of you, our alchohol bottles have a sticker with a number on them (our Trapeze number). She would see us leave the house with these bottles & ask us where we were going. We lied for the first several times & say Boca, or a house party, or something else. She kept wondering why we had these numbered bottles when we were going to different places.

After a while I could tell she wasnt buying our story. Not that is any of her business where we were going, but we decided to stop lying & tell her the truth. Also, we would come home at 4am slightly buzzed & forgot where we were supposed to be. So we told her the truth. After taking it in, she smiled & said she had heard of these places and would like to go some time - maybe on a night that we go.

I think Mrs. Stone said something along the s of "you cant go with us, beacuse you'll be watching our son".

by GEORGE357 on March 2, 2012
Just say NO , she is 19 and you could wind up in jail and be branded for the rest of your life as a sex preditor. Wait untill she is 21 and then try to fuck her if your wife still has that fantasy.

by STONEMANE on March 2, 2012
One of our sitters has pretty much told us its a "sure thing" if we want to go there. She is a bit older than yours (24). But besides all the things that could go wrong, we are more afraid of losing a good & reliable sitter.

by MSSEXUALCONDUCT on March 2, 2012
Good way to get a sexual harassment charge on you. She is your employee and you are her employer. Some things are better left as fantasies and this is one of them.


by GIGGITY28 on March 2, 2012
This is a horrendous idea, I think "simpleman" has it spot on, leave the girl alone. If you are hesitant, very hesitant as you say then you already know it is a bad idea.

by KATIENBILL on March 2, 2012
Sounds like trouble. Also, it's 2 on 1 isn't it? Doesn't seem fair. Unless she makes the first move.....

by HARRYANDOVAL on March 2, 2012
Just a thought. Perhaps your wife has a hankering for some 19 year old pussy and is hoping you can bring it home. If it was a 19 year old male babysitter would you do it? My opinion, give it a try.

by GDLLUSTING on March 1, 2012
no experience... but it sounds hot.

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