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       Posted by SATWO Posted November 2, 2010 View Comments 5      
Clubs that invite single men for couples
We are from San Antonio, Texas and we have heard about clubs that have a special section for single men to meet couples. Most of the clubs we have been to only have one or two single men and most of those just sit and get drunk. I love when my Wife wears a short skrt and no panties and when men look at her. We are open to ideas and places where she can tease and maybe get lucky.

by FUNGI on December 15, 2011
A lot of the clubs that allow single men in them, restrict them as far as where that can go inside the club, and they aren't allowed to approach ladies or couples. The single men that are just sitting there by themselves are the single men that no one has approached. Just because they are just sitting there by themselves, doesn't necessarily mean that they are not be interested in any of the ladies at the club. They are just following the clubs rules, most likely. So, if you two want to meet any of them, ask the club about their rules for the single men that they allow there because the approaching is most likely up to you two.

by DISCREETGUYNGAL on December 15, 2011
Players Club in San Antonio has a Singles night every Thursday.
It's right in your own back yard.

by NAUGHTYTOMTOM on December 15, 2011
 Wow Always Love the fantasy of seeing a lady in a Skirt and wounder if there is any on ;)

 I go to both here is San Antonio hope someone will come up and say Hi ;)

Blind fold me let my fingars do the walking uumm

 I would be the Lucky one!! ;)

by BOBBY71 on December 28, 2010
13th Floor in Dallas allows single men on Friday nights. They have freedom to move around and meet people but must adhere to very strict rules set by the club.  Most of us I have seen there know how to behave. Club also is careful to make sure the single male numbers aren't too many v.s. the number of couples that are there. Come on up to Big D and let's meet!

by JOHNE on December 28, 2010
If you find one let me know, lol. At least I will know where I'm wanted ;)

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