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       Posted by CRYSTAL6920 Posted January 24, 2011 View Comments 34      
Hot Wife with submissive humiliated cuckold for BBC
I just wanted to say hi since I see that your one of the few couples that are as out about your Hot Wife / cuckold Lifestyle as we are.  We lead a very similar Lifestyle although I'm not nearly as pretty, and now not as young, as your are!  Does your cuckold enjoy having friends and family know about his status as much as mine does?

I was a virgin at 21 when I met my husband and even then he let our boss take my cherry so we have been living the Lifestyle 24/7 since the second week we met 27 years ago although our Power Exchange really didn't happen until 12 years ago. When we met he was in the middle of a divorce from his first wife who left him for a man with a huge cock and "better prospects" that she had been cheating with for several years while tom was in Asia on regular business trips to put her through graduate school. 

Me at 21! Just hours before my first gang bang!

When we were yacht captains for the rich I had plenty of use by dominate rich business men and spoiled rich heirs.  Once I got my MBA I traveled with several business men as their Executive Assistant on special projects during the day, entertaining clients with special interests at night, before warming their bed.  One trip to Brazil was 33 nights.  I also enjoyed jetting off to the Caribbean for week long winter vacations with one of tom's older business associates when we were living in Toronto.  He was my first Dominate experience and he even loaned me to his adult son.  Then there are all the ski trips to Whistler, Colorado, and Europe with admirers!

Now I'm finding a lot more satisfaction with Black Bulls that get off just as much as I do when they take me in front of my husband.  The ones that seek out a white wife and enjoy dominating and humiliating my cuckold as much as much as they do making me a total slut for their huge black cock are the best!!

Anyway, Hi! Glad your enjoying the fun!

Kisses, Sheila

by GDLLUSTING on January 22, 2012
Ah, glad to see my post made it through. typed all that via my phone then tried to edit and accidently deleted it all. damn phones!... anyways, thanks for the thoughtful reply. i will definitely look forward to the visit down there. i'm surprised at the numbers of bi/cuck couples i hear from that live in Florida. must be something in the water out there. dunno. i've traveled & lived all over the world and it just seems i'm much more desired in some cities than others. since living here in L.A., i've been messaged by couples on here and on other swing sites. but lots of no follow through or just flakes so far. but yess, i must apply myself a bit more if i want to have some xxx swinging fun in this town! :) -... i am just fascinated with nostalgia in general. i love seeing/learning the evolution of people/places/things. seeing how you were at 21 adds another sexy dimension to an already wonderfully interesting (and gorgeous) woman. maybe one of these days you'll share your colorful history via a coffee table book or website or something along those s.... ... always lust... ... Varian

by CRYSTAL6920 on January 22, 2012
GDLLUSTING Hot Wife with submissive humiliated cuckold for BBC
Hi Sheilalove the pics. you're so sexy now. its interesting to see your budding sexuality at 21. i'd love to see some xxx pics of you from that time period. even non-xxx sexy pics would be cool.Every time i visit your profile my cock gets instantly hard. we've messaged back and forth before but i just haven't been out there to Florida for awhile. looks like i may be coming to Miami at the end of March, though. would love to finally get together. there seems to be so many more bi/cuck couples there in Florida than over here in Los Angeles. there seems to be no demand here. i have yet to meet/fuck any couples here since i moved to California 6 months ago. Lots of lustVarian

Great Varian, I'm looking forward to your visit with open legs!

Well at 21 it was back in the film era and it's just takes too much of my cuckolds time away from helping me build my business to scan and post old pics. When you visit I'll have my cuckold show you some of the collection of pictures I've made him take in the early years of me with his friends.

Besides, I would rather play in the reality of my 48 year old self, and those that revel in my experience derived talent, than live in the memory of the past.

I find it hard to believe that a stud like you would be having any trouble hooking up in LA, certainly you must not be applying yourself!

Kisses, Sheila

by LEEDSJAMES on January 21, 2012
Cuckolding (and polyamoury) is now almost accepted in the UK according the BBC news website this weekend! Seems us Brits are finally letting our hair down..... must be the weather, lol
In that case, I guess this thread will become alot more popular very shortly :)

by XXXPALMBCHXXX on January 21, 2012
 We love cuckold play. She loves to get fucked over and over while he watches and cleans up. She likes watching him get abused and used.

by NIPPY6781 on January 20, 2012
I want to BE Mr Niceonesus! Dear Jaysuzzzzz!

by CRYSTAL6920 on January 20, 2012

Hi Jenny, we are doing fine thank you.  Very busy building our business and enjoying the warm Florida winter with friends. I hope the weather has been nice in Milan.  I still have fond memories of Club prive Arena.  Is there is lots of good snow up in the Alps for skiing? We really wanted to go back to Zermatt this year but work is just too busy.

Yes too, bad about your cuckold, but so what? It's not like your living back in your tiny mountain town. He should learn to accept his place in your life don't you think? Mine has grown to relish the flush of humiliation he feels when we run into one of my lovers out and about in our little village of Coconut Grove at places like the grocery store and movies.

Especially at the yacht club, or a vanilla cocktail party or even a dinner party where he has to be with my lover for a considerable length of time while I flirt or even wander into the hosts bedroom or bathroom to grope each other. A yacht club parties after a race I like to leave tom with the others and walk down the dock to a members boat and get fucked wet and sweaty before eventually returning to the party.

by CRYSTAL6920 on January 20, 2012
Hi GG49

It's not always black guys BUT, in my experience a lot of the why is the attitude of the man and the fading taboo of inter-racial sex. And thank god that last aspect is fading fast.

Then you have to realize that there is a Lifestyle world out side of the Internet and SDC. While I get lots and lots of emails from white guys on here, and do fuck every well hung guy that I share attractions and fetish interests with, that is a very small part of our Lifestyle as a married couple.

Please re-read my original blog post. tom's first wife cuckolded, and left him, for a white guy with a big cock. I've cuckolded him with plenty of white guys but almost all of them were set up by tom so the affair did not have the same "vibe" of humiliation for him as he had to set it up and it was not as meaningful for me because the man didn't risk anything by "taking" me from tom. That's also why I enjoy hookups in the real world, out side of SDC, even more.

I can count on one had the white guys that have hit on me knowing I'm married and none, 0, zip, zilch had the monster thick cock I need for a "unassisted" vaginal orgasm. If I want a white guy I always have to drop some more than subtle hints. That's me seducing them, not the other way around, so it's a completely different experience. Maybe the world for white men had become just too PC. I usually only hit on white guys that tom has to see in business or socially other wise it's just sex as there is no humiliation component in it for my relationship with tom.

I think hunky well hung black men know that they have the reputation of being great lovers, maybe that gives them the confidence that they can give a woman what, statistically speaking, we are not going to gong to get from our husbands. Just the fact that they have the balls to risk it and hit on me in front of my husband makes my pussy wet and my mind racing ahead to the thought of my first orgasm as he spreads my legs.

by NICEONESUS on January 20, 2012
Great to see my partner fucked by as many guys as possible.
Our closr friends know I like to see her with other men and women.
We are a treesome with a girl called Jazz. I like to see her fucked too.
Best wishes

Mike Mari and Jazz
Explicit image available, join to view
Explicit image available, join to view
Explicit image available, join to view

by GG49 on January 20, 2012
Great blog - WARNING - rant to follow :) So why it is always black guys?  It can't be just size - there are some white guys on the site way bigger than the guys in the "BBC" inner circle yet they never seem to break into the hotwife inner circle - what is the real appeal????  :)

by CRYSTELCHRIS on January 19, 2012
hi sheila
are you doing......
miss you guys......unfortunately my cucky does not want other vanilla people knowing about that, and it is really bad......:-(

by PLAYON4U on September 10, 2011
WOW, awesome, bi guy here coming to Miami next week, would love to meet and play, with both!

by CLASSYBOSTONCPL on September 6, 2011
mmmmm- wow- you really have things going!!! we are way behind but, looking forward to catching up!!! bring on the bbc!

by PRETTYBOY23 on September 5, 2011
Great story, well put. I would be honored to be one of those bulls.

by CRYSTAL6920 on April 13, 2011
Hi Jay4carol!

Yes I remember the party, the hosts are great people. I think we went to two parties there. I haven't been to a house party for several years as the guys there tend to be into seeing how many of us sluts they can have sex with and wont cum until the very end of the evening and that's just not what I'm into. I like to see how many times I can have a man, or men, ejaculate on me!

Carol I hope you like having a cuckold to look after you as much as I enjoy this segment of the Lifestyle. I highly recommend following your instinct and going out on dates with out your hubby, even staying over at your boyfriends house or hotel room and making your cuckold come pick you up in the morning.

On the rare occasion when I do a hotel sleep over I always make my cuckold meet me and my lover for breakfast, but he is not allowed to eat. Just watch, and maybe watch us make love again afterwards and then clean up before I shower with my lover and kneel before him to piss on my nipples.

Jay as for recommending a Bull, every one likes something different so I don't try to make recommendations. There are zillions of permutations as to what people get into and what they don't. For instance I love BBC, the thicker the better, and I see that Carol is more into comfortable cocks like my husbands. I don't know you at all so it would just be a wild stab in the dark, beside as a cuckold that's your job, not mine!

Maybe as two couples, if your the white guy in pics 10 & 11, we should get together and play sometime and get to know each other. We are generally available at our penthouse weekday evenings and weekend afternoons and have a great roof deck for sunset cocktails or Champagne.

Kisses, Sheila

by JAY4CAROL on April 10, 2011
We actually met you ...sort of...8 years ago. We went to a huge July 4th party in Miramar. it was our first BBC party and we all shared the same couch. Still remember Tom taking lots of pics. Carol had about 5 guys that night. At the end of the night Carol and I went upstairs to the master bedroom to finally be together. At the time a girl was getting a DP and I turned my head to watch for a moment... i turned back to kiss Carol  and she had a BBC in her mouth. She pushed me off her and she had sex  with him and his friend. This may have been the beginning of our cuckold relationship.
Since then we have been experimenting with our backseat fantasy and our cuckold relationship.
Maybe  you can recommend a good and reliable bull in south Florida to play with.
xoxoxoxo Jay and Carol

by TIME4RFUN on March 2, 2011
Hi Shelia and BBlack,

Love the thread and also love the cuckold life. I love watching my honey get banged good and drain the room of cum. How about you two and BBlack swing by LA/California sometime and we'll arrange for a party full of blasts and cleaning up!

Love ya both,
D & C

by CRYSTAL6920 on March 1, 2011
Thanks again BIGNBLACKTX!

I'm glad you liked the Hot Wife for BBC Lifestyle pictures on the free site under my profile "miamicrystal" and the ones I make my cuckold post of his humiliation on the free site under his "miamirandy" profile so that they are easy to share with friends and family.

Yes. please let me know when you will be in Miami and we can hook up for sure!

Kisses, Sheila

by BIGNBLACKTX on February 28, 2011
Hi Shelia,

Thanks for the kind words...I don't live in Miami but I do get that way a few times a year. Would love to do all that you mentioned and then some. Need more fun couples as open like yall. Bet you have some great stories!


by CRYSTAL6920 on February 25, 2011

Hi Bobby, and thanks for your kind comments. Too bad you don't live in Miami, I'd love to  be "taken", used, and marked by a hunk like you!

I've more pictures of our Lifestyle on the free site "miamicrystal" and make my cuckold post pictures on the free site "miamirandy"

Kisses, Sheila

by BIGNBLACKTX on February 25, 2011
Wow freaking amazing at 21 and even hotter now! This is officially my new favorite blog! Hope to see some more updates and lots more now/then pics.


by 2YUMMY69 on February 24, 2011
love the pics and the Hot Wife/ sub cuck lifestyle

by JOHNANDS on February 20, 2011
Fantastic !

by ALEXSNFL on February 2, 2011
Sheila and Tom,

I cannot tell you how fascinated I am with your story and with how open you are about enjoying sex. I am a very open minded person and although I cannot say that I have had all the wonderful experiences you have had, I certainly share your interests all the way. We haven't had the joy of meeting you guys, but it is nice to know that you are here on SDC, maybe we can meet in the future.
Have as much fun as you can, be safe!!


by DOWNSLUST on February 1, 2011
I must say you most certainly grew into a fine women. Bonus points for you for becoming a hot bbc slut wife!!

by CRYSTAL6920 on January 31, 2011
Hi Fit44

You'll find no shortage of BBC for your wife here or Atlanta I'm sure.

If your really interested then for the best results join the SDC Hot Wife and Cuckold groups and then search using that group interest as part of your criteria.

The experienced Bulls with great recommendations should have quite a few Validations as they are in high demand here in Miami!

Peace and Love, Sheila

by XXXPALMBCHXXX on January 29, 2011
Hot pics and we love your ideas of fun.

by FIT44 on January 29, 2011
Great Topic & Super Pics, We are new to BBC idea willing to explore at one of the Atlanta Clubs & will be South Beach in April , Continue with the fun pics!!

by BIWBOTMALE on January 28, 2011
 Back when my wife was swinging, I loved fluffing her bulls & eating her creampie when they finished in her. Gang bangs were always loads of fun for both of us.

by CRYSTAL6920 on January 27, 2011

olivajulian you are so sweet to say that! Coming from a stunning couple like you it's very flattering studied for a semester in Madrid during undergraduate school and tom and I have stayed at more than 40 Paradors as we traveled around Spain. We love the country, food, people, and wine. Our neighbors here are Madrileños, and Barcelona is grand!

When we were captaining yachts one of our favorite places to refit was Majorca, some how we never made it to Ibiza.

by HAITINK on January 27, 2011
I must say, as sexy as you were at 21 you have definately improved with age and you are gorgeous now. I mist concur with my friend Simon, it's time to visit Europe!!!! You've hinted at a very interesting story: have you ever written it down? As writers, we are succours for the printed word, and your story, with details, sounds fascinating - I can point you also to a web resource where well written erotic stories are anonimously publishable. Your's should be well received.
We will probably be near Ft. Lauderdale in April to sort a few things out. I think the Fetish Factory is near there though your scene is not quite ours.
Good luck and keep on having lots of fun...

by OLIVIAJULIAN on January 27, 2011
Dear ,you r  - at least - as pretty as you were before your 1st gb. You look the perfect intelligent, sexy and gorgeous "libertine" lady.


Olivia and Julian

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