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       Posted by KINKYMISSPEARL Posted July 13, 2011 View Comments 39      
The Smell of a woman's natural vagina...
I heard that the natural smell of a woman's vagina is erotic and a turn-on for men because that smell is an aphrodisiac... 
is this true? do you men like that "MUSKY" aroma of a woman's vagina?... 

by NLUVLOOKN4FUN on October 16, 2012

When Mrs Nluv comes home from the gym or playing tennis, I would rather go down on her a thousand times over before she jumps into the shower. It's is a good thing my head isn't any smaller becaue if it were, with how turned on her musk gets me, I'd probably disapear inside of her sweet pussy.
Explicit image available, join to view

by RJB45 on October 16, 2012
Is this like breaking news?  It is without a doubt the most erotic scent on the planet sending most  men into a sexually aroused frenzy!

by LONDONEXPLORER1 on October 16, 2012
It's truly devine.  And to have the lingering smell about my hands, face (or wherever) as a reminder of the pleasure, is something to be savoured.


by BLOWNBULBS on June 18, 2012
Yes.  Absolutely.  Love the natural smell of a woman's vagina.

by BADBOY35 on June 18, 2012
There is nothing like the, pardon the pun, scent of a woman. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac. In the animal kingdom (which much to some people regret, we are still a part of), male animals will travel miles following such a scent to the source and we are no different sometimes lol.

by RAMANDTIY on June 14, 2012
You cant beat the smell and taste of a morning pussy. Warm wet erotic and very very slippery we hope! Slipping ones fingers in is pure bliss. Ones cock, heaven. Explicit image available, join to view
Dirty sex can be the best. Trying to keep her out of the shower for my little pleasure is bloody hard though!

by RAMANDTIY on June 14, 2012
You cant beat the smell and taste of a morning pussy. Warm wet erotic and very very slippery we hope! Slipping ones fingers in is pure bliss. Ones cock, heaven. Explicit image available, join to view
Dirty sex can be the best. Trying to keep her out of the shower for my little pleasure is bloody hard though!

by FUNGI on February 19, 2012
I'll need to do some research on this.  If ladies will send me some scratch 'n sniff photos, I'll be able to make a more informed opinion.

by THEEMPEROR on February 18, 2012
ohhh yes it is..... the smell is sooo nice. I love it and when its wet its better, I just like to lick it clean, hmmmm i would like to smell yours one day.

by VIPER7 on February 18, 2012
absolutely it's a big turn on but love the taste even more.Explicit image available, join to view  must be clean of course then It makes me want to put some whipcream and strawberries on it and enjoy :) 

by MSSEXUALCONDUCT on February 13, 2012
Hubby likes it. He would rather have my pussy when it hasn't been washed than after it has been washed.


by LUVOUR420 on February 13, 2012
I have to admit.. I've been known to buy a girls underwear from her just so I can experience her is definitely a turn on for me!

by BRIANNWACHUKWU on February 13, 2012


I love giving head! It's so erotic and naughty:). She must be very clean though!

B x

by LOUPIER on August 7, 2011
This blog is like a Rorschach test.  People answers tell about who they are: romantic, scientific, kinky, rationalist, religious...

Verry funny Dear...  As far as we are SOCIABLE, we would say that female perfume depends of who is the lady and to whom the nose belongs!

by SEXYSCORPIOS1 on August 7, 2011
The natural smell of the womans vagina is like heaven, it's like a lighting rod that ignites you!

by KINKYMISSPEARL on August 7, 2011
very true UFC69! ;) bisoux X

by KINKYMISSPEARL on August 7, 2011
hahaha.... Lizards... ufc69 an I met already and I've done a lil' tasting... quite delish ;) still catching up LOL

by UFC69 on August 4, 2011
Pearl - you are such a tease - you knew that this topic would divide opinion !

I'll bet you're sitting at home now with a big grin on your face !

by SEXXXTACY on July 22, 2011
I do happen to like it and it is a very big turn on for me. Now there is a big difference between a "clean musky" smell and one that is not. One is a turn on and one is the total opposite.  

by GOONIES on July 15, 2011
 Perhaps, not surprisingly, there seems to be a America v. the world view on this subject. 

by EDSW79 on July 15, 2011
Hi everybody, I think there's no single aroma in a woman that attracts you (first, the one you love) that doesn't have the power to make you horny, the smell of her breast, the one of her vagina, even her sweat is tremendously erotic. There's no other reason in nature for the hair in the crotch and in the armpit than to keep the smell and, with it, the pheromones.

If you allow yourself forget what you have learned about smells (Man and Women) and let your body act as your instinct commands you, you will find that musky aromas are the strongest aprhodisiacs in the universe because they shot directly to your brain a chemical signal you can't ignore.

Of course there are oddors that are not normal and warn us there's an infection but that's another story.

Personally, I have enjoyed the aromas of my wife for 15 years and, even now, sometimes I stole her used undies to smell her during day and when I told her I did that, she was tremendously flattered Explicit image available, join to view (for some reason I thought she would be mad when told her I had her used undies in my pocket all day hahaha)

by LADULCEVIDA on July 15, 2011
Like Robert Duvall would say, "There's nothing like the smell of clean pussy in the morning."

by HAITINK on July 14, 2011
 There is a difference between tangy and ripe. Recently washed but no deoderants if you please: some folk are alergic to cosmetic chemicals. Our taste buds are linked to our olfactry centres; no smell: no taste.

One problem with cosmetics is that they mask the odour of sickness - if you smell ripe after a wash: off to the doctor you go, pretty please.

by GOONIES on July 14, 2011
 Thanks Super8 for the reality check.  I was starting to think I was crazy.  There is a difference between aroma and odor.  We notice that a lot of the bisexual women here state that they love the "taste" of a woman; but men rarely say that.  I assume these women are enjoying the taste of something other than soap and febreze.  I ahve a freind who absolutely loves to go down on menstruating women.  So, it takes all kinds. This is actually an interesting topic.

by WILDTHINGXXX on July 14, 2011
No odor anywhere....mouth, pits, or woman.
We want fresh and clean.... wet and hard.

by GRINGONLATINA on July 13, 2011
Sorry Goonster, I ain't French...If they made a vanilla glade pussy plug in, I would buy the factory!

by GOONIES on July 13, 2011
 A little musk does not mean the pussy in question is not clean and fresh tasting.  We Americans are ridiculous sometimes when it comes to body aroma, which can be very arousing.  Why don't you just stick a Glade Plug-In in there.

by KINKYMISSPEARL on July 13, 2011
I am loving this already... cool respond

by GOONIES on July 13, 2011
 Personally, I like some taste.  Absolutely.  No taste is far less exciting.  it's like eating a plastic peice of fruit.

by GRINGONLATINA on July 13, 2011
Not at all.  Nothing can drive my erection South faster than "musky" vagina.  As soon as I get a whiff of that, I'm done.

Sure, some guys love it, but not this one.  I prefer a nice clean, odor free vagina.  When it starts to get a bit ripe, I'm heading North.  

It also has to do with pH levels.  Some women have different pH levels and can be "muskier" than others.  It also depends on the vaginal soap they use.  Some kill the good bactiers and not the bad, which is a problem.  The Mrs uses Lemisol and is always as fresh as a's works good for the back door too, which also needs equal attention...

by NCCPLEFOR69 on July 13, 2011
Explicit image available, join to view................................ nuff said 

by SAWASTEA on July 13, 2011

No, not really! You are what you eat, and body fluids smell exactly like the food or drink you are consuming. You have to avoid food with strong smell to improve vaginal odor! ;)

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