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       Posted by PGXCOUPLE [posted] August 31, 2011 [view comments] 23      
The taste of cum
Oral sex probably represents a sexual activity as important as kissing nowadays. Some people like sucking cock but will prefer not to taste or swallow semen. Many reasons are given, but mostly because the taste is horrible and for health safety reasons. I (the female) love to suck cock but cannot hold the cum in my mouth or swallow it without having a very unpleasant feeling. Is there anybody out there with a secret formula on how to learn to love cum in the mouth?

by LIFEGUARDAMC on September 2, 2011
I  for one luv sucking several cocks at the same time and yes I do swallow occasionally. The pineapple juice thing really does work too BTW. 
But I also luv the feeling of swallowing one cock while a couple other guys are behind me taking turns shooting their loads all over my back and in my crack after they take turns either fucking my pussy or ass.

by LOVEDUPCOUPLE on September 2, 2011
Try getting your partner to eat Fresh Pine apple a few hours before, it will have a remarkable effect on the taste!

by RESENPAR44 on September 2, 2011
 Don't do the problems - prefer enjoy what you do. Does bother him, because you don't swallow? Well, my husband doesn't complicates until both enjoy in sex,....

by NEWNREADY on September 2, 2011
@YABBA...Very hot...and I agree...much better!

@PGX...Wow...sound awesome -- may have to try that tongiht!

BTW, Loving this Blog!

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by PGXCOUPLE on September 1, 2011
Hmm... I just discovered that the listerine strips work wonders for my pussy. Just had a licking session with a tongue loaded with listerine strips - Hmmm.

by YABBADABBADO on September 1, 2011

Swallowing is just too damn tidy and a waste of a fucking hot moment for me…I prefer to feel it spray......right down my lower back.... against my thighs....dripping down to the base of my neck.... splayed on a singular nipple.....splashing into my hip bone….

Can’t say I worry about tasting….

by FUNWDIKNJANE on September 1, 2011
 I don't swallow either, or like it in my mouth.  It's not so much the taste, but the texture and the warmth of it for me.  There is just something about it that sets me to gagging. It can get to a point that I will almost throw up in my mouth and actually have on one occassion lol...gross, I know.  I don't know how to like it.  If it was just the taste for me...I'd be all over the altoids. 

I feel like I'm really missing out sometimes...and I'm sure my hubby does too LOL.

by HONEYBUNS1 on August 31, 2011
i was told by a friend to use those breath strips, it gives a mint taste, also a cool sensation to the guy. tingling feeling.

also heard to use a jolly rancher flavor that you like best.

by BD4FUN on August 31, 2011
I enjoy sucking and swallowing definitely! The taste really doesn't bother me all that much and I enjoy the pleasure it gives to the man!

by BDSWINGERS on August 31, 2011
I guess it's an acquired taste.  Also, knowing that the guy is enjoying watching you looking up at him and tasting his cum and it makes him feels so good that you don't really even taste it!  Yum-yum!

by DIOGENES45 on August 31, 2011
Perhaps sucking on a strong lozenge or breath mint or mouthwash just prior to receiving the cream.

by PGXCOUPLE on August 31, 2011
@NewNReady - btw, I like how your lips tightly around that cock in the pic below. One can tell you like sucking cock. 

by PGXCOUPLE on August 31, 2011
Anxiously waiting for hubby to test the candy-in-the-mouth theory. I hope he's loaded :-)

by NEWNREADY on August 31, 2011
@PGX...okay...I couldn't help myself, and my husband was so anxious to  accommodate my experiment...I tried the altoids trick -- and,  yes, it did help.  It wasn't great, but I did swallow (without!...and hubby says the menthol made his balls and dick feel all tingly, too!

@ the champagne!...going to a house party this weekend...perhaps we'll have to bring a bottle of bubbly!
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by PADOC on August 31, 2011
New, perhaps half a bottle of good quality and very cold brut champagne. The bubbles and slightly tart aftertaste might neutralize the salty ejaculate. If you'd like to experiment, we'll have the champagne and we'll be at Trapeze on Saturday.  We really do like to be helpful!!Explicit image available, join to view

by NEWNREADY on August 31, 2011
@PGX -- Hey, I'm game...that seems pretty ez!

um...btw...didn't Monica Lewinski do something like that?????
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by PGXCOUPLE on August 31, 2011
Interesting - someone sent us a private message commenting on this blog. They suggest placing mint (or something similar, Halls or Altoids) candy on her mouth while she sucks cock and gets filled with cum.

by NEWNREADY on August 31, 2011
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this...I feel EXACTLY the same way -- I (the Mrs.) am practically addicted to sucking cock...and, yet, I still can't get over my aversion to swallowing cum...or even having it in my mouth.  I'm hoping your blog gets some creative responses...because I really want to want!

@Padoc...nice try--but I have had plenty of practice, and it's still not happening for me!  I'm wondering if it could be more of a mental thing, and maybe there's something someone can suggest to cure me of this affliction...

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by PADOC on August 31, 2011
Mrs Doc says..."practice, practice, practice". 

by FROOFROO on August 31, 2011
depends on what taste yopu like .. cum has the tatse of the food eaten up to twelve hours ago ... so get your guy to eat cheesecakes or ice cream or sushi .. depending on what you want

by MRBUDGOOD on August 31, 2011

I have been told numerous times my cum tastes good, and I have tasted it also, to make sure I was not being lied to.

no secret really ,just make sure he drinks lots of water on a daily basis, not the day of, cut down on salty and high fat food,eat fruits and veggies..

I dont drink alcohol either, not sure if that helps or not..

by BACOYAFRODITA on August 31, 2011
You had me at: "I love to suck cock"



But seriously! Tell your man to drink plenty of pineapple juice. It's a porn star trick ;)

by PGXCOUPLE on August 31, 2011
Any ideas? How do I learn to love cum?

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