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       Posted by FUNANDGAMES Posted July 30, 2012 View Comments 16      
Want to play Swing Poker?
Wife and I host a couples poker games with some fun twist. Instead of play where you can re-buy chips in various ways.

1. You can sell articles of your clothes
2. You can offer "services" to other players for poker chip tips

To keep things interesting we ask that each couple put  small cash prize up which will go to the winner.

Please take the poll and let us know if this type of game would be of interest to you.

by ILOVE2WATCH on May 13, 2014
Love it!

by FAFSKI on November 8, 2013
we would be interested in this...

by GIGGITY28 on August 5, 2012
Love the idea and was actually thinking about hosting my own poker night befire reading this post, maybe I could start the London branch!

by HERTS4FUNCOUPLE on July 31, 2012
 sounds a great idea for a party. When are you coming over to London?

by CHEF71 on July 31, 2012
That's not fair cause the women always start off with two of a kind.

by PSFROMCO on July 31, 2012
Developed a version of Swinger Holdem a while back.

Card part of the game playes just like Texas Holdem.

We play it where a chip is a chip (ie no ammounts) but you can add $$ to make it more interesting.

Start with 10-20 chips depending on how fast you want the game to proceed (less = faster game)

When you run out of chips you can earn chips in 2 ways
1) trade an article of clothes to the bank for 10 chips
2) buy 10(or more, negotiating is part of the fun) chips from the current chip leader in exchange for a 30-45 second task - task can include multiple people (ie if two people need chips at the same time they can both be included in the same task)

ante goes up every time someone has to trade in for chips

Winner ... well we never actually get around to finishing a game ...


by FUNANDGAMES on July 31, 2012
We are creating a community for Swing Poker to keep people updated on game dates. We might host some of these events in other cities or countries so if your interested in playing, please join. If we get enough interest we will fly/drive in and start a game.  

by LIFEISGOOD9 on July 30, 2012

by SELECT2 on July 30, 2012
Great idea for a party

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