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The Traveling Swinger: Hedo 2, 3 and Young Swinger’s Week, Negril, Jamaica

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-traveling-swinger-hedo-2-3-and.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @astridswings or @swingerdiary--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Resort Tagline: “Your Pleasure is Ou... read more

Are swingers the next group ripe for discrimination?

We had our swingers club in Greenwich shut down for operating without a business license. As a private organization, the club was not breaking any rules, but because it accepted donations, the Licensing&nbspDepartment of the Royal Borough of Greenwich was arguing that ... read more

Harrison`s Wine Bar- Dania/Ft Lauderdale

Hey Guys,After an awesome but unexpected full swap at a B&ampB in Key West a couple of years ago, my wife is finally ready to ease into the life style. We`ve gone from the fantasy stage and actually creating opportunities to experience more swaps. We`re discussing what we both want and don`t wan... read more

My bondage scene

`D` had big plans for the evening. While others were at the baseball game, family dinners or watching SNL, he had cooked up something more erotic - and memorable. He had prepared a bondage scenario designed with my pleasure in mind.   The outfit I would wear was pul... read more

San Suoci. April 1 st to April 9 2017

We are thinking on going on these dates, if anyone is going let us know.... read more

Erotic Massage service

Hi swingers We are looking for professional Massuer service to give erotic mind blowing massage with happy ending , looking for meeting in set up massage studio service or arranging hotel meeting. Romantic environment meeting with lots of foreplay is our turn on ,so massuer should know how to press... read more

air BNB

hi just curious to know any members offer this oppurtunity looking for a place in belgium / holland... read more

Tantric trilogy

You captivated me without words... You sensed me before we met... I know what my energy projects and I know how you sense. You felt me. I powerfully project. You have the antennae that has been looking into the universe and I showed in perfect timing. The universe gifted us when it was least expec... read more


Thinking of going to SDC takeover in Crete in October has anyone been as we wondering what it was like . Also anyone else going .😀... read more

New Profile Format?

Is it only us, or has there been a change to the profile formats?   The profile photos are totally distorted.   Anyone else have this experience??... read more

Slowing things down...

So we`ve been `in the lifestyle` for a few years now.  It`s been amazing and overwhelmingly positive.  We`ve been to hedo.  Lot`s of clubs.  We live in Atlanta and used to live in Fort Lauderdale, so the Trapeze clubs have been a regular stop.  We have enjoyed lots of sex with lots of different... read more

Who the fuck is fucking WITHOUT condoms?

As of late, I have been noticing LOTS of movies / videos&nbspwhere people are fucking and NO ONE is using a condom. When did NOT using a condom become a GOOD THING?... read more


We just came back from a fantastic 5 night getaway at Hedonism. For our long flight to Jamaica of an hour and forty minutes. We flew Caribbean Airlines and I must say it was better than Spirit, Jet Blue, American, United or Delta because it had lots of leg room. many planes I am all crunched up wi... read more


Does anyone have suggestions on a good Hotel, B&ampB or resort to stay at while in the Keys? ... read more

Bisexuality in the Swinger Lifestyle

Visit our blog here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/08/bisexuality-in-swinger-lifestyle.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @astridswings or @swingerdiary--------------------------------------------------------------------------Bi-curious, bi-comfortable, bi-selective, heteroflexible, bi-tolerant,... read more

Swinger Destination Survey

Hello friends, We would be grateful if those of you who have experienced the swinger lifestyle outside of your current home city or traveled to swinger destinations, visited swinger nightclubs while visi... read more

Party Weekend in Belgium: 8/8 to 15/8/16

8/8 Woke and got up to go to the doctor`s to discuss the result of recent annual blood tests. All normal and a closer check needed on one of the results. Then home and breakfast and after midday went to the gym for a gentle workout. As I left MsM came in and so I left some fun for them. When I got b... read more


hi does anyone &nbsphave any information of a club in belgium which is inside a castle.thanks... read more

Best resort in Mexico

We are looking for recommendations please. &nbspHidden Beach, Desire Pearl, Temptation or any others??... read more


I wonder if anyone can explain why some couples enjoy bulls and cuckolding. While we  occasionally enjoy mfm and I really enjoy sharing my wife with another man, it`s all pretty equal between the three of us. When couples ask for bulls or men advertise as such it seems that the man of the couple is... read more