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swimming pool sexy games

can you provide us sexy ideas for sexy swimming pool games for couples ?... read more

Vacation games

Mona and I will be taking a driving vacation across the Western U.S. in July/August, and I`m looking for some sexy, fun travel games to keep things interesting on the drive. My first thought was to play a sexy scavenger hunt game, and I googled that only to discover nobody knows what a scavenger hun... read more

Indianapolis 500

Have two of the best seats at IMS for the last 30+ years, 100th anniversary of the race, but have to be in Florida tomorrow for an appointment. Hopefully Saturday night at the Trap will take away some of the pain of not being in Indianapolis.Used to be a pro photographer covering F1, NASCAR, IndyCar... read more


We are wondering if anyone has done one and what the experience was like. It is a current debate on if we should do it or not. The only thing really holding us back is being able to trust a small group of guys or not. If anyone has a story or experience they could share to maybe guide us in deciding... read more


Is er iemand in Marbella , afsp maken??... read more

Just askin`, why so many flakes?

We used to be on another site for a few years and were looking for, first, soft swap and then eventually full swap. &nbspWe met some very nice and very hot people, however, they were few and far between. &nbspAt first I blamed it on me, obviously it wasn`t my wife. &nbspThen a few of the... read more

Carnival Valor - May 26 to May 30

We will be cruising from tomorrow thru Monday and would love to meet other sexy couples. He is 5`11 and fit - I am 5`8 shapely and redheaded. Anyone else traveling with us?... read more

Being Gratfeful And Happy On Here

I wanted to take my time and explain why this topic,, because I had saw something that was replied to me earlier today on another swing site I be on. I am a type of person that is happy about being able to be on a network on here and learn from others. Some people complain about this and that, wh... read more

Vanished profile no history in inbox

Hi everybody we have been contacted by a profile(not verified) and conitnued with exchanging messages. This profile has recently dissappeared from sdc. However the messages and all trace and history of messages we had also dissappeared. Is it a bug , is it scam ? ... read more

High End parties

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3605611/Inside-New-York-polyamorous-community-headed-real-estate-mogul-hosts-open-sexuality-parties-12million-converted-church-dubbed-Taj-Maharlem.html... read more


I don`t know how it goes in the lifestyle but I see symbols of `black spades` and the word `spade` being used when there`s a preference for BBC/black men...call me old fashioned but I`ve been raised on the word being an offensive term for black people. Is that something that just accepted in the LS?... read more

Couplicious. Is it fun? Any advice playing it?

New to the lifestyle. Been playing with a few ladies with my wife. Any thoughts on Couplicious? It`s a board game that is sponsored by SDC. No review on it online to speak of. Is it really any good? Any advice on getting the most out of the game? Looking forward to trying it out.... read more


We will be in Dallas 13-18 July.  I want to dress to impress.  Go to where the beautiful people are and hopefully get picked up.  We do not know Dallas but are told that the place to try this is the Dragonfly at the Hotel ZAZA.  What do you think?  Is it the place for this or is there a better ... read more

Negative profiles

Anyone else turned off by profiles that list 5000 things they do not want as opposed to what they want?... read more

What happened to my Warriors????

Damn...that was a beatdown...what happened???... read more

Men`s erotic wrestling

In the past (especially during my 20s and 30s) I was very active in wrestling considering it a huge a turn on for me. Not necessarily built for this I was very eager in wrestling other men without however most of the times being able to win.At some point I `retired`,but now at the age of 60 I want t... read more

Butt plug

My wife has been communicating with a guy in his 30s through a local site and at some point decided that we should meet him.Last night we invited him for dinner at a very cosy bar restaurant.My wife wore a short leather skirt,fishnet stockings,spiky hels and a low cut sweater revealing her big breas... read more


When reading blogs, I am usually on my phone. And when I attempt to scroll down to read comments, my device tends to end up on the profile of either the OP or that of someone who has commented. So my aologies if you think me/us a stalker.MrsH ... read more

C/O Key West

Anyone know of a clothing optional/topless pool anymore in key west?   Shame PH and Marrereo`s stopped ..... they were fav stops of ours...  Any thoughts?... read more

Disturbing Others Private Space

I went to a swing club Thursday night in Atlanta called ` The Loft ` It was a couple came up stairs, and decide to go in a private room with the door shut. About four or five single men try to open they door and they have it locked. Then they went in to the other private room right next to where... read more