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Penis too big

Interesting article on size. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/is-his-penis-too-big... read more

USA, San Francisco & LA

We are in early September for 3 weeks in California. Would meet like Nice swinger couples in the United States. Are up to 20.09 in LA.Meet in clubs, but also private possible. Couples should like&nbspnice and modern group sex and horny games.ONLY  Couples......!!!!!!!!We are looking forward to ... read more

tough times.....yea right

so times are tough,having a hard time finding a job? well why not do the hot trend going on,sex parties.I`m here to tell you business is booming,couples$,single males$,females$. with a little thought and effort you can`t lose,i have a friend here on sdc who`s parties are always a sucess,the problem ... read more

Let`s get this party started...........

Regardless of how experienced and fantastic the party attendees are, we`ve noticed that sometimes, at private parties, there needs to be an `ice breaker` moment that kick starts the play.We`ve got a fantastic country house party in the planning for around 20-25 couples and we want to ensure that eve... read more

The Mind-Fuck why personality matters:)

Sex is not just a physical experience, it is also a sensual one stemming in part from the art of conversation, be it erotic, cultural or simply interesting small talk. When it comes to sex, looks are important, however as sapiosexuals we prefer couples/women we meet to ha... read more

Cap from 29 july to 15 august

Hi everyone I will be in Cap from29 j to 15 au . Does anyone need a place to stay please contact me. I would like to share&nbspmy pitch with some good serious mates.... read more

The Traveling Swinger: Las Vegas

Follow us on Twitter @astridswings &amp @swingerdiaryFind out blog directly at:http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-traveling-swinger-las-vegas.html Claire and I are curious about other people’s experiences swinging in other cities, countries, or on swinger destination vacati... read more

Vegas this weekend!

Hey any sexy couples gonna be in Vegas this weekend for a meet and greet??? &nbspWe are all in for the jackpot...just saying!!... read more

Desire Sexy Young & Wild

Has anyone attended `Sexy young &amp wild` at Desire before? I`m noticing on their website that they have theme weeks all through August but both emails I`ve sent have gone unanswered trying to get more info about the events, the hosts, what all is going on etc....I`m interested in attended the ... read more

Weekend 29th July - 2nd August

Good afternoon, my lovely wife and myself would love to go to Cap d`agde from Friday 29th July till 2nd of August. Due to our businesses we`re never able to book things ahead so we`re by coincidence in Paris next week and will drive down to Cap D`agde by Friday morning 29th. Is there somebody who ca... read more


Where is the best place to stay in Key West?... read more

why does anyone swing?

I understand that this is a fairly basic question, but with complicated answers I supposeWhy does a couple or single swing? Is it about the sex? forbidden fruit? trust, lust? Why does one swing?... read more

Corfu holiday meet

Hi All, anyone fancy time with us on our local nudist beach .north east coast ...connie x ... read more

Early November

We are making some free time in early November.  Anyone know any fun trips/resort vacations/events going on at that time?Ideally it would be with other couples&nbspin their 30`s.Thanks for any advice!... read more

Best swinger club in Warsaw

Hi!Can anyone please give us some recommendations &nbsp- which one is the best swinger club in Warsaw - Euphoria, Lava or Usta. Is there any significant difference?... read more


Hi, does anyone know any swingers beaches in Ibiza ?xxxx... read more

trapeze ftl hotels

Hi...we are thinking of going to trapeze ftl next saturday night...Any suggestions on where to stay the night? Favorite hotels nearby?...thanks much...xxoo... read more

Weekend Fun

Saints and Sinners in AC this weekend -)... read more

Traveling to Mumbai

We`re in Mumbai on the 19th. Would love to meet up with couple(s) for the evening and more. Inbox us!Karan and Neha... read more


Looking for a nice resort in Belize. Any recommendations ?... read more