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I just gotta know!!!

Why would a couple or single female list `Single Male` as a category, yet BLOCK single males from e-mailing?  Please tell me what THAT is all about.  A couple clicks later, and SM can come off your list.Or even better still, list SM, yet mention nothing in the profile about what the true preferenc... read more

Dallas, the Big D, and Testing

I`m not talking about the big D as in dick. I`m talking disease. A recent party in Dallas had an attendee that was ill. It sounded a bit off so I looked into it. I`ve verified through contacts in the medical community that there has been a little outbreak and it appears to be in the swinger communit... read more


Hello all! We're going to be doing a bit of traveling this Summer. We're trying to cut costs where we can and wanted to hear from anyone that has used AirBnB in the States and throughout Europe. As swingers, what has your experience been? In the instance(s) where you had the opportunity to play with... read more

For single wimmens

How many emails do you get a day?  Do you even view profiles from guys that send emails?  I envy you :)... read more


We`re thinking of going to Desire...Any thoughts on when the better times are to go?... read more

Some thoughts on BBC Play.

I have been in the lifestyle nearly a decade and I have enjoyed almost every experience I`ve had. Even the bad ones were learning opportunities. The vast majority of women and couples I`ve had fun with have been white, although I have played with many hot Black &amp Latin ladies and my memories ... read more

You Wanna Know What I Think?

You Wanna Know What I Think? Today I think I had enough of all the bullshit on SDC! &nbspThis is suppose to be a swingers site right? &nbspI especially understand the single men and I guess women on the site. &nbspBut the people that are on here to make money I do not get nor do I have a... read more

This is cool!

Just found this website for swinger Bed and Breakfast locations. It appears to be in its infancy and does not have to many places listed. kinkbnb.com... read more

Single Males: You need to bring more than your dick...

Too many single males bring only their dicks to the swinging lifestyle. After 20 years, I am tired of seeing SO MANY single males AKA towel sharks want to play with a couple and all they can say is, “Your wife/girlfriend is hot and I would like to fuck her”. While some of you do well and are bas... read more

The Road to Poly

I want to start this blog with, `I`m having the time of my life`! Now that is out of the way, wanted to share my latest experience. Swinging as a single man that is not 6`2 and180 pounds can be interesting. As a newbie you are somewhat led directly into these super intrusive `single friendly` situat... read more


i want to explore my bi side I would like to get together with a male and a girl and do that... read more

South Beach Suggestions, please

We are going to be in Miami the 24th-29th. &nbspPlan to visit Haulover while we are there, and staying at the SLS. &nbspDoes anyone have any suggestions on better hotels closer to the beach? &nbspAnd any ideas on clubs that are nudity friendly? &nbspNot necessarily swinger clubs, jus... read more

Why is it so hard to find...

Webcam girls, -guys or couples? Everybody seems to be so open minded and liberal nowadays, but when it comes to having a little bit of fun in your own home in front of a computer and getting paid for it (and we are talking 4 pairs of Louboutins per months), everybody rather say they don`t want to ha... read more

Sex is not political

There are some in the LS who make the mistaken assumption that only liberal democrats or atheist participate in this lifestyle. If they paid any attention to the news or just knew a little history they would know otherwise. It`s just my opinion but I would bet a high percentage of those reading this... read more

Anal Sex Illegal.....

........new Michigan law, up to 15 years in prison.Such bull shit, aimed directly at gay men.  What a way to circumvent simply passing&nbspwhat would be a very unpopular&nbsplaw against homosexuality.  Such arrogant discrimination.So, will they issue butt plugs?Will they form an anal polic... read more

Weekend Bitrthday Party for Rita: 1/2 to 8/2/16

1/2 Got woken by a phone call at 9.15 - what a long sleep - and not long after headed upstairs to work. Rita came up at 11 and after a light brunch she went to do a foot spa. After lunch I went to the gym after misplacing my debit card and so reordered another one. Only for Rita to say she had it i... read more

Tip For Single Males

You should buy a small notebook.  In that notebook, keep a diary of the couples you have contacted, and then note their response to you.If the response is negative, then check your list before you send another message and do not contact again.  It is really irritating that many single males sit ar... read more

Going from Single Male to Couple

I started swinging again as a single male about a year or so ago, now I am part of a couple and I have to say I am glad it happened. The attitude from other couples alone is a million times better as a couple then single male. People who did not respond as a single are now inviting us to private par... read more



Interesting Idea

Was chatting with an acquaintance in this hobby.  He said his wife was getting tired&nbspof playmates that did not listen to her wishes up front.  Many times they tried to play rough, or show off their talent by changing positions way too often, biting her neck or nipples too hard, etc.She tol... read more