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Swingers in the Isis Crosshairs?

http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/02/suspected-islamic-state-terror-cell-plotting-attack-on-swingers-club-arrested/Be safe out there gang........ read more

Swinger Joke

My friend's wife nearly won the 'cocksucking championships' at our local swingers club.But she choked in the final.She really blew it!... read more

Fun in Greece

Hi all, looking for sexy beach locations in/ around Crete where you can enjoy naturist beaches and perhaps sexy venues to attend of an evening. Any ideas welcomed.... read more


We will be in Praag on 23 24 Feb 2016 and like to meet like minded&nbspcouples &nbspthere who can show us a good time.Please contact us via e-mail: kinkyandcozy@hotmail.comX X  X... read more

Perfume lingerie and heels

Is it just me or does that happen far less often on dates than it used to?  I miss it :)... read more

Any one near Khao Lak?

We are here for a week. Anyone about?... read more

Party week with friends: 25/1 to 31/1

25/1 Surprisingly woke at 7.30. Read Times and emails. Woke Rita at 8.30 as she had to leave for a bone density scan. I started to work through to lunchtime when Rita got back. I then went to the gym and Rita went out for a grocery shop. On the way home I bought some flowers and then helped Rita bri... read more

Things You try

So we are just finishing a trip in Europe where we had to attend 5 lifestyle parties. Our last party (last night) was in Amsterdam. Pretty typical lifestyle party, but they had a “Sensual Rack”. This is a big cross (like an X) that you are strapped to and blindfol... read more

Ever Experience This Situation Before?

This how it started, I had posted a ad ( speed dating ) about looking for people who would like to have dinner, a couple wrote a message asking me.  (`` Who goes out to eat on a date on a swing site? ``   I had reply back saying. `` What is wrong with that ? `` )    They did not even repl... read more

Miami and Fort Lauderdale

We will be traveling to Miami on Feb11th and will be staying there for 5 days. We would like to find out the swinger couples that we can meet and the clubs around. Hope to meet nice couples to spend time with and hope to visit some nice clubs if there is some.Thanks... read more

labyribth ny

so last night we decided to check out club labyribth. and sadly we were very disappointed.one it was in a loft and the set up is not what it looks like on the wed site. 2 there was to many single men more then the couples that was there some of them were very creepy.we did meet and talk to ano... read more

looking for good swingers resort in Phuket

Hoi,we plan a trip to Thailand in July and want to spend a few days in a good qualitative swingers resort in the area of Phuket. we have been several years to club Babylone in Cap D'Agde and hope to find something like that .all suggestions and good and bad experiences are Welcome so we can make the... read more

Single male swinger on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be fun for single males too. You don't have to stay home alone and watch the walking dead in a dark room until you fall asleep.I thought about a few options that are doable and wanted to share it with my fellow respectful and cool single males out there . So here we go :Option 1 ... read more

Actor, Musician, Dancer, Artist(e), Writer, Performer...

It will come as no surprise that those of in the Creative Arts feel very comfortable with one another in pretty much any social setting and we find it is also true in bed, well, not so much in bed as on, around, next to or under and being of a creative turn of mind we can all have a lot of fun toget... read more

Getting in the water.

You are new to the LS and a bit nervous. Do you dip your toe and slowly get used to it, or do you just run and do a cannon ball in your skivvies?... read more

Bangalore - The vanilla and chocolate way

It looks like traveling is a hobby for most people in the lifestyle. Of late, Bangalore has been emerging as a top destination for business travelers. We sometimes get asked by people about things to do in Bangalore. We thought let`s compile a list of `vanilla` and `chocolate` information about the ... read more

Club Jinga

  Most people have played naughty Jinga or some variant either with your spouse or with a couple. What I would like to know is how many people have played in with a crowd instead of off in the corner.  I won’t lie, this idea was taken from a guy that does naked Jinga at the local ren ... read more

Religious Couples

I have always wondered what the sex lives are like for couples that say they are very religious. For example, I had a couple knock on my door the other day to talk about the Bible. &nbspThey were very nice and very attractive couple. &nbspI find myself wondering about their sex lives. &n... read more

Royan France

we are heading to France in the summer and hope to stay around royan does anyone have info on camp sites and clubs in this area ... read more


HelloWe are a young couple and would be travelling to switzerland for a week in april 2 nd weekare there any swinger clubs or ls resort we can go for ?thanks ... read more