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Key West clubs/bars

Suggestions on `best bet` clubs and bars in KW, for general fun and possible LS opportunities? This will be next week, well before Fantasy Fest. Thanks!... read more

Princess Cruise 10/27

Doing 10 night southern Carribean cruise on Royal Princess starting on Oct 27.   This is not a LS cruise but hope to find another couple or M/F single to share some special holiday time with.   Let us know.  ... read more

desire pearl

going to desire pearl end of february into start of march mail us should you be going at that time... read more

Does someone`s career matter?

Good evening SDC family,Question. How important is it for you, in the lifestyle, to know what someone does for a career (Who is also in the lifestyle) before you &nbsphave a play date with them? This can be singles or couples. Does someone`s career matter or is it none of our damn business?... read more

anyone else going (

www.lacegracegears.comsounds like fun..wwe are... read more

Bliss Cruise Line Nov. 27 - Dec. 4

Hi there, we are going to the take over LS cruise , who is Coming? ... read more

Swinger club London

Hi. We are traveling to London in November and we wondering if there were any good and nice swinger club in central London to reckommed?&nbspThanks.... read more


any couple or single man or single woman who would like to play with us tonight?... read more

Missing `Friends` Section?

In the left column on your screen there used to be a section I think called `friends`.  You could see who favorited you, who blocked you, etc.  It seems to have disappeared.Why?... read more


Guys...do you enjoy watching your wife/girlfriend getting fucked, giving a blow job?...if no, how long have you been in the LS?Ladies...do you enjoy your man watching you do the above?  ... read more

Should us blue eyed swingers avoid play with other blue eyed swingers?

Every blue-eyed person on the planet is descended from a single European who lived around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, and who first developed a specific mutation that accounts for the now widespread iris coloration.... read more

Suggestions for 10/31 in Las Vegas

We`re going to be in Las Vegas for a few days, and it seems most of the Halloween parties are happening on the 29th. &nbspDoes anyone know of anything fun to do on the actual day? &nbspPrefer a party that allows little (or no) clothing.... read more

La Macarena in Velez Malaga begin mei 2017

Dear swingfriends,We are considering to visit La Macarena in Velez Malage early May next year but we are afraid that it will be deserted in that period. Did anybody go there this early in the season? Is the smoking really so bad over there? Do we need to book a specific room? Any advice and do`s and... read more

What not to do if you want your wife to swing.

I keep reading articles and forums with the topic of ‘How to get your wife to swing’.I don’t think there is any one particular way to get your wife to swing.To be honest, that is the wrong way to think of it, you really can’t get or persuade anyone to take part in and enjoy the lifestyle aga... read more

Swinger cpl

Hi we are a cpl from Pune India would love to connect with swingers across the world visiting India .. We are planning a trip to Goa soon intrested in meeting some hot and lively cpls over drinks and see where we land up any one in Pune or visiting Goa msg us pls... read more

Facing Your Fears & Personal Growth: The LS as a Life-Altering Experience

Visit Our Blog Directly Here: http://theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/2016/09/facing-your-fears-personal-growth.htmlFollow Us on Twitter @swingerdiary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recently a friend o... read more

Genitals Pics?

We`re new here so excuse me if the answer is obvious. Why is it that when i tried to upload photos for our profile pics they got disapproved because they had `close ups` of genitals in them? Almost everyone I see has sexy pics like that. I don`t get it????... read more

Naked Restaurant near Milan Italy

Non-swinger related but seeing that swingers like to get naked and are of an open mind, I thought I would share...http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-ideas/weird-and-wacky/inside-italys-first-and-only-nudist-restaurant-litalo-americano/news-story/5f644365a2a627f94ceb484f05def07d... read more

Collette NOLA New Years Eve

Anyone know if Collette in NOLA is having a New Years party? I tried to call and email but the email bounced and I haven`t been able to get them on the phone yet. Sounds like that would be a great LS place to spend the new year.... read more

Manchester UK

We are staying a week in the Uk and Wales in november and want to visit a club.&nbspCan anyone reccomend a swingersclub in Manchester or elsewhere in the Uk. &nbspAre clubs in UK to compare with, for example, the fun4two in the Netherlands? Thank you  ... read more