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Uk Swingers club or resort

Ok guys and Galswe have concluded that due to time constraints we will be staying in the UK, most probably London area. From 10th July to 14th July so any suggestions on good clubs or hotel/resorts would be welcomed and appreciated xxJ &amp E xx... read more

Good party Couple -Male- Female ratio

What do you think is a good&nbspCouple -Male- Female ratio when you go to a private or house party?... read more

So You’re Going to the Swinger Club: Tips for First Timers

Check out our blog at theswingerdiaries.blogspot.com/And follow us on Twitter @swingerdiary     When couples first become interested in swinging, they start exploring their options. Most seek information from the Internet, with many of them landing on their local swinger club’s website. ... read more


Hi guys and gals, has anyone been out in t Cancun? We are heading over in July to a regular resort, are tempted to pop out to one of the more playful ones for a night if we get good recommendations. &nbspBut of course also interested in and clubs that people have had a good experience at. And t... read more


Does anyone have house rules to share?  1. I (MrsH) am not allowed to leave the house in wrinkled clothing. MrH doesn`t like the way I iron, so he does it for me. Daily.2. Kissing..... if there`s kissing on tv, there must be kissing in the room (room location matters not). To follow that...3. If th... read more

Swinger clubs Copa Campana

Hi guys,We are in Copa for a few days and we want to visit a swinger club in the area of copa campana. Any suggestions?We can also meet with couples and go &nbsptogether.ThanksJohn Anna... read more


Other than the extraordinary Deek and I (not extraordinary) there any other females  (wife/gf/so) who routinely blog/comment? I assume Bouncy is the female half, but you know what happens when one assumes.... read more

FEAR FACTOR In Looking At Profiles

Having a difficult understanding why some on SDC prefer to stealth view profiles. It is like they hide behind some wall for fear you just might `see` who they are.Isn`t better to just be out in the open?  We do not contact anyone that has viewed our profile unless they match our criteria.  Some ar... read more

How to Get Laid for Reals or What is a Speed Date?

The blogs are for arguing about politics and slamming each other for how we choose to swing. This is for all the newbs and the people looking to hook up.On the left side of the screen, when using the regular website, not the cel phone app, you will see a list of items. Click the one that says SPEED ... read more

Looking for a couple to realise this fantasy

Hello,I am Salva from Brugge, 25 years old, tall (193 cm) and athletic.I like to play, realise my fantasies, i may be dominant but with respect to my partner, i do not do extreme things. I like to play with tits, nipples, pussy, clitoris and so on... Also, i like to go out, travelling, sleeping with... read more

Looking to have some fun now! Can host!

Northville couple looking for some fun! Not sure how this all works yet, but are ready!... read more

My man needs a sexually attractive woman

I love to pleasure my man in more ways than ever imaginable. Sexually charged sophisticat ladies at the ready please. Sunday 1 May London or close by. If that suits you, champagne and toys will be flowing. We will treat you well.I am a genuine bi-fem who has immense pleasure pleasing the ladies bu... read more

Would anyone like to play with F/ on video

So, short story long, I was asked to shoot my first video. I realized that while I have now done a number of photo shoots with various degrees of kink and fun, I have never been in front of a video camera while playing. (webcam doesn`t count in my mind, I don`t know why lol) I got really n... read more

Are there any other couples going on the Bahama paradise June 5th 6 and 7

We will be on the Cruise leaving from West Palm on June 5th 6th and 7th heading to the Bahamas if any couples would like to meet us on the cruise it would be amazing tickets can be bought on Groupon 4 under 300 couple... read more

First Impressions

I realize that everyone is different, and likely there is no right or wrong answer here...  Over my nearly four years as a SDC member, I think I have probably seen just about every type of initial and follow-up contact in the hundreds of SDC emails I have received. It is pretty astonishing how vari... read more

is there a `zone` for multiorgasmic women?

Is there a time during a swingers party &nbspthat the wife has gotten into a short of  `the zone` where she is the centre of attention with action going on orgasm after orgasm? ... read more

Norwegian Getaway, May 8-15

Anyone else will be on the Norwegian Getaway? 7-Days Western Caribbean Cruise from Miami. May 8 - May 15, 2016... read more

Abuses you get as a newcomer on these sites

IT FEELS LIKE A FRESHER IN A COLLEGE, BEING RAGGED FOR BEING NEW, MOST OF IT HAS BEEN GRATIFYING, SOME DISAPPOINTING!We complete 30 days on AdultFriendFinder on the 17th April and to this date we haven’t mated with anyone! Yeah we are virgins in that sense. But we never started this with a ticking... read more

Quiet Week - Fab Torture Garden Party: 18/4 to 24/4

18/4 We didn`t wake till gone 10am. Rita made some tea, toast and marmite and after she got ready as she was meeting MsL at lunchtime. I went to the gym and after picked up a prescription. Rita brought back some sushi/ sashimi and both of us got caught out with a large lump of washabi! Rita then wen... read more

Preemptive Blocking

I`ve taken notice in the past few months of an odd phenomenon regarding members that have viewed my profile which is&nbsppreemptively `blocking` my profile before I`ve even had a change to view theirs. I`m no creeper or stalker rarely will I visit a members page more than once twice, maybe, if i... read more