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       Posted by MAC5 Posted May 14, 2009 View Comments 2      
reluctant shy indian wife
hi we are a sexy indian cple,after many,many years,i have got my wife to go to swinger clubs,and just recently she started lookin forward of going,not yet swinging
but after a few drinks ,she starts flirting and showing her tits.she stil is reluctant to swing ,but i really need a insight from other females ,of what to except,willshe
try full swap after soft swap,is she turning to a hot wife

by SHONALIARUNDXB on February 20, 2012
Its never too late... We feel you guys have missed a lot. Now that you guys are in - u should make the best of it... This is our feeling....

by RAMNANGA on May 25, 2009
We are also sexy indian couple. Before marriage i had been to swing club with my friend and his sexy wife. It was a most sexciting experience for me. After my marriage (20 ) years ago i did express my desire to go to swing clubs and my newly married shy wife was reluctant.I did get some xxx-porno movies and we watched togeather. That was the turning point. She started to enjoy porn after couple drinks and enjoyed smoking while watching. After that when i travel out of town she insists i get for her real nasty porn movies and she started enjoying watching. After about a year she wanted to try wife-swapping and MFM-3-some sex.On  our first visit to swing club she had sex in my presence with two men (one was Black). Thats it. She now enjoys sex verry much and i am verry verry happy. We both are in our early 50 but enjoy sex every day and look young like 40. We both are happy and we did initiate about 3 other married indian couples. All of us are extremely happy and do indulge in wife-swapping and multiple partners sex in the same room. We allways do togeather. It is heavenly.

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