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       Posted by BULLDICK1 Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 1      
Manhattan Dogging Meet up Role Rlay Groups NY Based
Looking for voyeurs exhibitionist massage enthusiasts touch minded people who can get past their own need
       Posted by MAYFAIRMAN Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 9      
New Mobile Beta
I am not very impressed by the new mobile app. If anything it is less friendly than the old one. It still does not convey the essential information and is even more difficult to use. Did the owners consult the users? Doesn't look like it.
       Posted by HONEYCOUPLE2 Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 1      

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any information on swingers resorts in Portugal, particularly the Algarve area?

I am having trouble finding anything on the internet, there seems to be plenty in Spain but none here in Portugal.

Any info would be gratefully received.


G & M

       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 3      
Birthday Party Week:28/4 to 5/6/14

28/4. We'll here is Birthday Boy coming slowly too after previous night’s fun. Spent morning in bed with Rita. Had breakfast in bed and thanked all the SDC friends and others who had sent good wishes. Did some office stuff but not too much and had a pleasant quiet day with Rita for the start of what is going to be a party week. In the evening finished off the caviar with more iced vodka. We shared some fun and soon Rita's mood lifted as she was feeling some concerns over what was happening in Russia. Watched a good horror film - Haunting in Connecticut 2- and then bed and soon slept after making love.

29/4 Normal day - Rita popped out shopping and in between work I went for a run. Because of tube strike I organised a taxi to take us to theatre to see Russian version of Chekov's 3 Sisters. Dropped by Browns' for a drink and snack and then headed to Wyndhams. Rita loved the play as full of famous Russian actors. Fortunately play was subtitled and I thoroughly enjoyed production though as it was nearly 3 hours all together I felt mentally tired switching between subtitles and action on stage. Taxi took us home at 10.45 and spent trip chatting about play and Russian classics (a subject Rita knows about) and when home Rita got me a snack and in bed we laughed and chatted till we fell asleep.

30/4 We both slept long and while Rita slept I finalised meet with G&M before A's party at Landmark and also arranged for another couple - C&G - to join us. Had breakfast in bed and at midday went for a run but right knee was too painful for some reason and so stopped and came back and had a weights session. Mid-afternoon we drove into local town together for Rita to shop and
me to collect some wine for weekend party, visit bank and wash car. Early evening watched Redford's film Lost at Sea - which was excellent. Had PP deliveries and then we shared an M and then headed to bed where we made love and fucked for an hour. Rita was in a very horny mood and so came 3/4 times.

1/5 Woke at 6.30am and went online for a range of stuff I had to do till I woke Rita at 9. We made love and then after 10 Rita got up to get ready to go to Ox's for day. Dropped Rita off at station and had a brunch at local cafe. Worked through afternoon and broke up day with some weights and started preparations for long weekend. Had a snack and caught up with some recorded TV in the evening to the sound of pouring rain outside. Rita got back after 10 - tipsy!  She brought back an ashtray present from Ox - it was green and hideous I'm afraid – and a cake which was delicious! Got an email from Madame0 requesting to use some pics of Rita at the Venice party. Rita said they looked good. Shortly went to bed and slept as feeling tired.

2/5 Woke and popped down to do some work while Rita slept. Had a conference call at 11. After, we started to pack stuff for the weekend and pack the car. Left just before 2 and got to Home House at 3pm. Unpacked and then I went down from room and met my youngest T for a birthday lunch. Exchanged presents - gave T his tankard from Vienna and T gave me a very nice bottle of Tequila. Had a nice lunch and a great chat. Around 5 T came up to say Hi to Rita and tried the cake from Ox. Rita then slowly showered and got ready as we were leaving to see Chekov's Uncle Vanya - again in Russian - at The Wyndhams. On the way in we met V and R and arranged to meet at the break for a drink. I did drop off during 2nd Act much to Rita's amusement. During the break met up with V. Stayed awake till the end but such a depressing play we both felt like shooting ourselves. Took taxi to Home House and V&R joined us later. Danced through till 2am. We went back to room and we had more fun and I had an M. We put on some background porn and for the next 2 hours we fucked each other hard, masturbated and played water games. Naughtily I had another M which Rita shared and we carried on till the birds started chirping and daylight breaking.

3/5 Woke at 9 and the fell asleep till 11am. Ru had been texting us and the upshot was that she and her boyfriend joined us at Goodman's for lunch. We arrived there at 1.30 - both starving - and I ordered a massive 600gm Porterhouse with pan fried foie gras and creamed gruyere spinach. Rita had a fillet with foie gras with glazed carrots. Had a good lunch with RandH. After lunch took a taxi back to HH and headed back to bed for a doze and then get ready for tonight's party at The Landmark. At 8pm M&G arrived and they came up to our room for a few drinks. Then at 9 Gand C who were on their way to S.America next day also came to room for a drink – a very nice couple we met for first time. After 9.30 G&C drove us to Landmark where we parked and
eventually got to party room where we were last to arrive. Lot of new people we hadn't met before including R and K. After an hour the girls changed into sexy outfits and a little later clothes were coming off.  We went on to a bed with M&G and MrsM soon had Rita coming to an orgasm and soon after we swapped and enjoyed a sexy little session. C&G then joined and soon C was on
her back and her panties off while MrsM brought her to a couple of noisy climaxes using her tongue and fingers whilst I fucked M from behind and then used my fingers on C. We then moved into the next room and got on to a bed with a few bodies. M was on her back and so I fisted her to a gentle climax whilst Rita was getting the full attention of J - whom she mentioned later also knew
how to use his fingers as well as his cock in a short intense fuck. Around 12.30am C&G got ready to leave and we decided to leave with them. They kindly dropped us off at HHouse where we said our goodbyes. M&G came back to our room and the girls glammed themselves. Had more C. Went downstairs and danced through till 2.30am when we decided to go back to room. We spent the night through till around 5 am on the bed in a variety of positions, using a variety of toys. The girls were fucked regularly and played with extensively. We then collapsed on the bed and slept for a few hours until we woke at midday on the Bank Holiday Monday.

4/5 M&G then got up and packed and headed down to the garden for a BBQ and more slowly and about an hour later we got ready and headed to garden. M&G had left and we bumped into R&H. I didn't fancy a BBQ and so headed into lounge for some fish and chips and Bloody Mary's.  After lunch we popped into Oxford St to look for a case but couldn't find one so headed back to HH and we dropped into bed and I slept through till 9ish. We got up and got fancy dressed up for Holdup Heroines party and joined it at 10pm. We had a blast.Drank a lot. The dancing was great. Massive amount of sexual flirtation going on and more than one woman gave me their phone numbers (what a waste of time as with Rita we don't have any more sexual capacity than what we can handle already!).The place was stuffed with beautiful women - many in bustieres, holdups and knickers / not leaving a lot to imagination. We bumped into M who told us about the naughty after party to which we were invited. Just after Rita got a phone call from Ox, in a bit of a state, who had had a very stressful day with S who had been taken ill and now needed desolately to  relax. She arrived around 2.45am just as the party was breaking up and so - giving the naughty party a miss and heading for an earlier night (or so I thought!) we headed for our suite. The girls were obviously in for a long night as they shared copious
amounts of fun. For self-preservation I took myself on to the balcony and had an M and then back in bed floated gently watching some porn. After a couple of hours the girls came to bed and wasn't long before we started an intense threesome and I soon came inside of Rita as she finger fucked Ox. I then had another M as did the girls and while they carried chatting in the background
about nonsense I drifted off to sleep and then was woken as they came back to bed even more horny than before. This time after a lot of foreplay and cock sucking I ended up fucking Ox from behind while she made Rita, on her back, come with her tongue. After that session I then collapsed again asleep - the girls carried on chatting and laughing in bathroom. Later I was woken again by the girls for one last session where I fucked Rita again before crashing till 11am.

5/6 Ox had left just before I woke and as we had to check out we made love briefly and then checked out just before 1pm. We walked along to the Wallace Collection restaurant for lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed. Rita was wearing her dark glasses most of the time (she did look tired!). Then picked up car and then our luggage and headed home. Rita slept nearly all the way home. We unpacked. Rita put the laundry on and then settled on couch to watch American Hustle. Shared a nice Rioja and some mini chicken kievs. I must have been dozing through film as plot was incomprehensible and Rita just slept. After we headed to bed and Rita fell asleep almost instantly while I read The Times and caught up on the blog as Sky had packed up in bedroom and we were too tired to try to find out why. I finished around 11.30pm and I mused this was first night in 4 we were not going to sleep at sunrise - a pretty good birthday bash weekend I'd say!!

       Posted by AMERICANO07014 Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 1      
Swingin' Mallorca
Vacation season is here, which means million of tourists on the island of beautiful Mallorca. Nudity is allowed on beaches in Spain, but clothing optional is mostly practised on the fantastic Es Trenc, the largest beach here with emerald colored and shallow water. Nudists also prefer small secluded beaches around the island.
Some make it to Elixir de Fuego, an international club with both mixed nights and two nights weekly for copules only. We have nothing compared to the scene in Playa de Ingles/Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. But we do enjoy our little swinger community and are looking forward to all international visitors.
       Posted by COPULATE Posted on May 6, 2014 View Comments 39      
What the hell happened?

What happend to the swingers I used to know?  The folks that voiced their opinions, regardless of social outcome.  The people that weren't afraid to actually stand up and say what they felt, deep inside.  Where are those people?  Is that why "blogs" suck as much as they do now?  

The people SDC has posting now are sheep.  There is more political correctness involved in these blogs than an office party joke.  

You folks enjoy fucking each other's husbands and wives.  You revel in bisexuality, strap-ons, toys and even location sex.  You'll wear garters that are blatantly exposed yet you aren't allowed to speak your minds now because you're afraid SDC will delete your account if you do.  

Let's be honest here.  

This isn't a site for the timid.  This isn't a place for wallflowers.  This is a place for people that enjoy a sexual alternative.  A place where people attempt to get away from the vanilla and be themselves for a little bit.  Why should they be shuttered and told what to say, or why to say it?  What the hell happened to the 1st amendment?  

Sure, I'm channeling Bluto in "Animal House" but tell me I'm wrong.  What I'm saying needs to be said.    

SDC needs to REopen up an XXX rated forum like ST that allows people to be themselves.  A place where people can actually say what they want to say when we they really, really want to say it.  Why are we now sheep?  Why are we now politically correct?  Does anything we do fit within "main stream" America?

So why must we be limited in our freedom of speech?  

       Posted by FUNANDGAMES Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 1      
Swing Poker is back
Hi Swing Poker fans,

We are back in Florida for the summer and again helping couples set up swing poker games. Happy to share more about the game for those that are not community members but want to know more. 
       Posted by SFLFUN Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 2      
Looking for football loving couples for play!
Draft day is coming and the season is around the corner.  If any couple out there is interested in hanging out for Dolphin Away games or tailgating at home games and then win or lose we all win at our hot tub for some after action action. Reply back here or email if interested.
       Posted by SOUTHERNCHARM Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 0      
Scuba Divers Wanted
We are both avid Scuba Divers and find ourselves traveling a lot usually having extra space in the House, Villa or Condo we rent. Such is the case for an upcoming trip to Cozumel. We did have a full 4 bedroom Condo with friends that like to go down in more then one way (Lifestyle friendly scuba divers) but 2 had to drop out. Hate for he space to go to waste so we thought we would post to see what we would get (first cum... well you know the rest). Preference would be married couples or single females where the female half also like females (but not necessary). Other options may exist. Just testing the waters. The dates are 24-31 May. 
       Posted by CALIALOHA Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 2      
Erotic Writing - Which piece do you prefer?
Hello All,

Haven't seen erotic writing discussed on this site, but given some recent posts about sensuality attracting (and beginning in the mind), wanted to see how people respond to these.  
Two questions: which do you like better?  and on a scale of 1 - 10 for sensuality how do you rate them
The first is snippets from an unfinished work:

"It was all black.  Bands of what looked and felt like silk lace were tied at the ends of each side.  The mask itself would only cover an inch or so beyond the edges of her eyes but one could still see through the filigree of curving black metal that she saw would highlight the edges of her lips with a few well-placed spirals.  In the place of her third eye, the frame curved into the shape of a heart, and above this, a fleur-de-lis stood elegantly, its edges accentuated with tiny, round diamonds.  She lifted the mask.  It was light and felt cool in the fingers.  When she placed it upon her face, the fit was eerily perfect; a small, surprising joy.  How it fit so well was beyond her to explain but on her nose, the mask traveled along the straight ridge and came to point just before the end, accentuating this hallmark of her beauty.  She opened her eyes, and starred into the mirror.


"She stood before him, blindfolded and naked except for a thin black G-string.  Her skin was a light bronze from natural tanning but her curves were her real gift.  She cared for a supple hourglass figure, slightly wider at the bottom, that she knew men relished.  Yet, she made sure to not invite questions about authenticity.  She loved this about herself, her attention to detail on the path of seduction, and men loved her for it.

And so she stood, without sight.  And without sight her other sensitivities increased: the pulsating sound of his breath; the winds testing the glass panes; the warm smoothness of the wooden floor; the G-string that dropped between her toned rear cheeks.

In the absence of words, her nakedness felt revealing, and yet she knew he was savoring the simple sight of her body unclothed and bare for him, and him alone.  His eyes would be tracing every curve, noting every color, drinking in the details of her uniqueness, his prize, so they would be etched into the stone of his memory.  Sensing how much he wanted her both warmed and excited her.  She heard him shift slightly in his seat."


"There was a long strip of hair above her folds, as if the dot at the bottom of an exclamation mark had been swallowed by skin.  His eyes drank in the deep brown hairs that guided his gaze downwards, inviting his tongue, his lips, his warm breath to venture where he longed to touch.  He wanted to fuck her terribly.  She said nothing.  Her breathing was slow and steady, her belly moving in and out, exposing the muscles of her stomach.  He could see the faintest of white hairs on its surface, and moved his hand to brush them like the presence of a feather with his fingertips.  She shuddered and momentarily lost control of her breath, becoming wet at the same time.  She had been pounded by other man, had violent, steamy, wild sex with other men, and maybe it would come to that, but this, this was altogether new and different and dreamy.  She had never felt it like this, and she liked the feeling."


"She was still standing when his lips moved to her left, the flat of his tongue coming to rest on, then gliding up, the valley between her thigh and mound.  His tongue was warm and slightly moist.  It explored her, probed her, meandered over her skin at the slowest of paces.  Then the warmth lifted from her and a rush of hot air caused her to shudder.  Oh God.  It felt so good."


He lay next to her on his side, looking into her eyes.  They revealed currents of wonder and curiosity, mixing with eagerness and yearning.  They longed for him and he wanted her, desperately.  As she lay on her back, he placed his penis in the folds around her clit. 

He began gliding his tip back and forth between her lips.  He wanted to know and savor the feel of her, watch his body touch hers, these places, revealed only for privileged eyes, rubbed and caressed one another.  Seeing her naked like this, enjoying his touch, satisfied him deeply.

She brought a hand to the back of head, fingers sliding into his hair, and pulled his lips to hers, kissing him, saying as much with her lips and tongue as she knew how.  It was a slow kiss, to complement the rhythm between her legs and his stiffness, wet from her, slid back and forth, massaging her clit.

Then she pulled away.  Her eyes were starring into his with an intensity, exploring from side to side, asking.  

He smiled.

Holding the connection, he reached a hand to his penis and withdrew it.  She shifted her body and he placed the bare tip into her, and stopped.  

The warmth, her breathing increased, so did his. She was wet and he could feel it.  His eyes explored hers, she explored his.  A thousand sensations seemed to be overloading his mind, his thoughts.  What he wanted to do to her, how he wanted to bang her senseless.  His breathing and was deep and barely controllable as he was at the edge of self-control.  He wanted to hear her cry, hear her scream, hear her beg for more and pant with exhaustion like a wild beast at the end of a long run.  He wanted his senses to run wild, and so now, feeling ready to explode inside of her, this beautiful wonderful seductive creature who seemed to reflect the longing he felt in her eyes, he began to let the animal out. 


He entered her completely.  In that moment, then, the look in her eyes. he had never seen such a sight.  They had a glassy, watery sheen as her mind and body accepted and savored the sensation. 

And the second, from a finished work:

"You begin stripping cloths from your body, but I want to do that.  There's something horribly exciting about ripping things from your body and exposing your private flesh.  But I want more.  I lift you, carry you to the bathroom and put us both, only our socks gone, into the shower.  Sure it takes a moment to get the temp right, but it's not complicated.  Then my body presses yours into the tile wall; a solid press to let you know that I'm rock hard and ready and waiting and thirsting and my lips are craving yours and you're the only thing in the world that I want right now and I don't want to be anywhere else as I kiss you and press my whole body into your soft flesh,  Can you feel my horniness, can you feel how I long to be in you, on you, moving through you, your heat, your warmth surrounding my cock?  I wanna make you cry with pleasure but right now the warm water flowing down and between us just makes you look so damn hot I'm not sure I'll get to be inside you before I cum.  But I don't care anymore.  Maybe your tongue will make me erect again.  You're not going anywhere and neither am I and if I have it my way I'm going to fuck you a thousand times tonight, I'm going to keep licking you and kissing you and caressing your breasts even if you fall asleep in my arms,  I've been waiting for this for too damn long and I want you so badly that even if I yawn a thousand times and have to fight to stay awake I will keep kissing your nipples, doing whatever it takes to stay awake and enjoy your body, your presence, your beauty, your energy while I have you here in this moment.  I want to watch your lips smiling.  I want to watch your lips, even while you're sleeping, and remember every curve.  I want to know the softness of your breasts while you sleep and lie on your side, how do they fall?  I want to know all the thousand imperfections of your body because they are part of who you are.  I want to know you like a little prince once asked of a fox.  But right now I want to bang you in a thousand ways you'll remember.  Ways that allow my deepest fantasies, my deepest daydreams to run free.  I turn off the water and carry you, soaking wet, to the bed,  Yep, we make a mess, and yes you look absolutely beautiful in a soaked dress with soaked hair and soaked eye lashes and eyes radiating electricity and lust and expectation and craving.  You just excite me even more with that look, cause I know you want it just as badly as I do.  I yank off your panties, and give the space between your legs a deep, intense kiss, using all of my lips as I draw a solid lick up between yours, across your clit.  I'm beginning to feel like an animal that's hungry and feasting.  But your dress, your wrinkled and soaked dress with no bra underneath… I bite your nipple and hear the air you suck in, yes I want you, does pleasure come with pain?  I've heard it does.  I squeeze your breast, feeling deep into your chest.  Now you know how naughty I feel and what's giving me pleasure and I can see in your eyes you're letting it come out too. Fuck me, fuck me now! you growl.   

This is what I've been waiting for: what we want without all the interference of worry. You want to be fucked you, want to be fucked hard, and good and long, until you're panting from exhaustion through multiple orgasms, and you want me to do it.  Fuck yes. The moment has finally arrived.  I'll buy you a new dress. Rip.  There go the buttons.  I flip open the cloth, your breasts are heaving as you breath in and out, heavier and heavier.  We're almost breathing in-sync as the blood flows thick in us with expectation, but just watching your exposed breasts move up and down is hypnotizing to me.  I used to dream of fucking you for hours, dream that you would let my fingers massage and caress and feel into all parts and corners of you for hours, but now, to see your nakedness before me, barren and exposed, waiting for me to drive my longing flesh into your mind and heart is almost too much,  Your nipples, so wet and glistening in the light.  I love how your breasts rise from the area above your stomach at a healthy incline,  God granted you an endowment and, fortunately, you weren't the only one.  But I can stare at your breasts, and your lips, with their curving dark color begging to be kissed, and the blue-green of your eyes and the slender grace of your narrow face and the dark beauty of your hair, as I pound you, as you feel me inside of you, my raw and aching flesh welcomed into the holy grail of your body.  I can be enamored by your beauty as we breath together,  hold each other together, buildup to our first crescendo together and fill the room with squeezing, crying, moaning music as we experience momentary bliss in each other's arms.  Now I enter you.  

The sheets have been tossed off the bed and the blankets underneath will need a good cleaning in the morning, but your naked, beautiful, strong and elegant body lies ready beneath me and I can't tell you how happy, how joyous, how satisfied on some deep, vast level in the depths of my heart I feel.  So long, so many years, have I wanted you.  And now you lie exposed and wanting beneath me.  And now the pumping begins,  I always dreamed of starting slow,  sliding into you millimeter by millimeter to savor the feeling of your warmth and tightness and wetness, and the sight of your private flesh touching mine - to me, this is one of the most beautiful sights in all the world.  I'll worry about limits of my endurance later, perhaps with the assistance of your lips, but for the moment I just want to watch my cock slide gleaming, in and out, in and out, of your beautiful swollen vagina.  Lips enveloping me.  Accepting me.  And your breasts, even at this pace they are beginning to circle up and down in rhythmic motion.  They have their own splendid dance, like jello on a washing machine.  Watching them is such a fucking turn-on, how they move, how full they are, how they respond and bend and sway to my touch, their looseness and silky softness riding upon the rhythm of your body.   

It's too much.  A thousand secret, buried wishes realized and coalescing in a moment, a wave beyond me to resist.  Together they take me, and lift me. Oh my god!! I'm cuming in you!!  

Oh My God, a thousand dreams fusing into a moment as bright as the sun, the sweat of patience and persistence and hope streaming down my body.  A thousand memories flash at lightening speed through my mind as I explode into your warm embrace, my cries of pleasure and rapture making you release something from your lips as well, your eyes closed and your head tilting back, this is the closest thing to heaven I've ever felt; a joy, a bliss to transcend the best chocolate desserts.  Here in this moment with a warm body of beauty that I dreamed of embracing and holding through a thousand nights of solitude I'm now filling you, the happiness pouring out of me as the waves erupt through me like a torrent of water erupting from some deep chasm.  The fountain head explodes in my mind and body, pouring over rocks and flooding my senses.  I'm lost then, floating on top of you.  Numb to all the sensations noting place and time.  I'm floating and the mind is blank, empty but for fragments of thought forming and dispersing like air bubbles upon the surface of crashing water.  Then I open my eyes and look down.  You're lying there, wet and smiling and shining beneath me and my feelings for you are so deep and vast and tender I smile, radiant with joy.  Laughter escapes my lips and I have to reach down and kiss you with all the passion in my universe."  

Thnx :)

       Posted by PABLO161 Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 22      
Wife Dates
Just wondering... How common is it for wives to go out alone on dates without the husband? I was long time friends with a couple and  he would have me take her out ad "show her off". I even hooked her up with other guys. Kinda' hot I thought.
       Posted by WOLFNVIXEN Posted on May 5, 2014 View Comments 13      
Any Recommendations for Tampa and Miami
Hello to all you sexy swingers out there.x We are visiting Tampa & Miami in August and looking for advice of the best places to visit and those to avoid for some naughty fun. xxx
       Posted by VANILLASKY Posted on May 4, 2014 View Comments 3      
Las Vegas Virgins
We are taking our first trip to Las Vegas! We will be leaving the 31st of May (Which happens to be The Mr.'s birthday) arriving early in the morning. We want to see what those who have been suggest as far as do's and don'ts. We would like to find a nice swingers club but from what we have heard, they are nothing to brag about. If you have any suggestions and want to help pop our Vegas cherry just let us know! 

J and A 
       Posted by DOCNINEPLUS Posted on May 3, 2014 View Comments 18      
Enabling Racist Behavior In The Lifestyle
Since the topic of race and racist behavior has been in the news and on SDC lately I wanted to simply state my belief.  While I do not care is people are uncomfortable with any particular race or hate them for that matter.  I do not mind if you express you opinion about someones race or sexual orientation.  What I do not like nor will I tolerate is directing it towards me.  If you do not want me in your bed, I am okay with that.  I do not force anyone to be with me.  I am very happy with who I am and my friends seem to enjoy my company as well.  All I ask is that you keep your derogatory comments to yourself.  I do not comment negatively on anyone unless they decide to confront me with their prejudice or ignorance.  I will never let anyone believe for an instant that such behavior is okay with me.  Being in a swinging lifestyle does not mean that I have to kiss your ass or be used as your tool.  We are here to have fun and respect the needs and desires of one another.  I will treat everyone with generosity and dignity and expect the same in return.  People who are like minded and secure usually enjoy each other.  I enjoy all races and respect everyone, for who they are and what they do.  I just won't tell you it is only to look down on others, disrespect them or me. 
       Posted by DEVIANTS Posted on May 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
Thoughts on sdc beta version on smart phone
What are your thoughts? Too difficult? Not convenient? Like it?
       Posted by ABIRAD Posted on May 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
Holand & Cap D agde
Hi Guys,
We are a married couple , thinking of visiting Holand and France (cap D agde) this July.
 We are intersted in meeting nice friendly  couples.
We usually like to plan our vacation details in advance. We are open to all suggestions and invitations :)
Kisses   Rad & Abi
       Posted by KINKYSURREY Posted on May 2, 2014 View Comments 0      
Early Days
Enjoying our first time having a look around the room whilst Mrs Kinkysurrey is squeezing my balls lol 
       Posted by BRIGHTONKINK Posted on May 2, 2014 View Comments 0      
Brighton Club Spank's kinky kabarett party THIS SAT!
Brighton Club Spank's kinky kabarett party THIS SAT! With amazing house DJ's, entertainment, amazing dress code that ensures everyone is eye candy! Check out the parties tab for Brighton to find out more, you can pay on the door or you can still buy advance tickets which are slightly cheaper. Includes free bubbly on entry, plus a free shot, in a plush bar with all the windows and doors blacked out so we can have fun ; )

       Posted by CAPNROD Posted on May 2, 2014 View Comments 233      
A Disrespected BBC...
Yes it's true.
I had some sexy fun with this cool White couple who reached out and "nudged" me.  No problem.  We. meet, we greet, we hit the sheets.  It was rather pleasant.  When I mentioned that I would be giving them a validation, they refused.  They said they don't befriend nor accept validations from BBC profiles.  Reason being is that it would make their other couples' friends look at them differently and thusly be placed in a different lifestyle category.  Like you are now considered a "BBC lover" rather than a normal LS couple...

So I basically took that to mean..."Once you go never..." well you know the rest.  It was shocking to see how some White couples and unicorns still secretly find sex with Blacks as a "downgrade" rather than a respectable and fully acceptable sexual experience.

It's 2014 y'all and we still seeing this racist bullshit?  Amazing.  Your thoughts?
       Posted by ABIRAD Posted on May 1, 2014 View Comments 4      
Summer vacation suggestions
Hi guys, Since we travel every year many times, we are looking for new destinations for this year vacation.
We would like to have suggestions or invitations to your city, or any other destination. Take care
Rad & Abi