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       Posted by SAB1030 Posted on February 23, 2014 View Comments 3      
SEX STUDY: How long can you go?
According to the link below, New Mexico Lovers take it SLOW, Eskimos sprint to the finish!
Obviously they didn't ask the right people.
Some I'am asking.
How much would you re-adjust your states numbers?
       Posted by SFCUTIES Posted on February 22, 2014 View Comments 0      
25: Whips, canes and latex at Dark Odyssey Kink conference

Listen to the new episode

Dark Odyssey Surrender

Zemis Mistress of whipsJon and Sind are back from "Dark Odyssey:  Surrender", a 3 day event in San Francisco with training, demos and play-parties with the who's-who of kink. They visited classes on "fisting", "scene negotiation", "rough sex" and "erotic publishing", which are just a small part of what was available.

After Mistress SinD gets her first take of receiving a whipping, we interview "Zemis", master (and instructor) of the single-tail whips and various other sorts of mindfucks. We discuss mediation by whipping, perverted clowns and sonic booms.

We talk latex with Penny from Lust Designs: how she designs the outfits (from mermaids to bowling shirts), how to pick them, how to lube up and get into them.

Every good kinkster needs a kilt (or a couple), so we hang out with PD Kilts and try out their warez, so we learn about the different styles and weights of kilts.

The kinkshop brings their own arsenal of toys, from "fluffy" to "mean and nasty", including our first-ever floggers.
And if you are looking for some classy rope for your bondage scenes, do look at the colorful options of "Rainbow rope".
KJ Canes schools us on canes, their usage and the different styles you can get: from light-up canes to canes with your favorite football team or cartoon character.  These are not your old school teachers canes; they are made from various high-tech materials like carbon fiber, fiber glass, aluminum, stainless steal depending on your need.
Mistress SinD has a blast testing out the new Violet wand accessories from Big Head Studios. The custom electrodes they create range from "festive" to "impressive" to "darn that left a mark!". We discuss the various unique types of electrodes, the history of the violet wand, and the fun of zapping people in the balls.
Podcast recommendation: Los Swingers, a podcast in Spanish and English about a  couple's adventures in the swinging lifestyle.  They also do great jello shots.
Also: During playtime, we tied up Miss Penzer on a barrel and took turns smacking her. She liked it.
       Posted by THRILLSNMORE Posted on February 21, 2014 View Comments 1      
Pearl panties


What is your take on wearing pearl panties or thongs?  Do you like one string or more of pearls and does the size of the pearls make a difference?  Any recommendations as to brand?

Thanks for your input.

       Posted by CANADIANBEAVER Posted on February 21, 2014 View Comments 1      
NYC Feb. 21st -24th....any parties or advise for a super horny couple?
We are staying at the Paramount hotel off Time Square. Looking for adventure, parties, day time fun and anything you New Yorkers can advise. Planning to go the Checkmates Sat. night. it good? I'm mid fourties and she is mid twenties.......the pic of him is accurate......she is an ebony princess , student with a knock out body, very classy and sweet. Haven't been able to renew photos....too busy.
If intetested we can send via e-mail.
       Posted by HARLEYGUY01 Posted on February 21, 2014 View Comments 3      
Motorcycle Events and Meeting People At Them

Do you attend motorcycle events and meet people for sex?

What events do you attend and how do you meet and or identify people who are swingers?

       Posted by SHOPGIRL71 Posted on February 21, 2014 View Comments 10      
New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Best Restaurants
Hey everyone. We're heading to NOLA for Mardi Gras weekend the 28th through the 1st. Need recommendations for some great places to eat whe we're there. Hoping to have lots of naughty adult fun whe we're there too! ;-)
       Posted by OHSOGOOD Posted on February 21, 2014 View Comments 13      
migrating to mmf
it seems that a lot of the couples we have met are starting to prefer meeting mmf instead of couples. maybe part of it is convenience since arranging meetings with couples who all have schedule limitations proves difficult. seems there are two terms for this hotwife and cuckold. I know labels are not ideal but I just to make sure that our relationship dynamic does not change by going to mmf. We have talked about it and we are both comfortable about trying but I guess until you have done it you really don't know. my wife has talked to some of wives about the experience and its kind of 50/50 positive. Maybe the feedback is not really true from being afraid of being judged for what ever reason
       Posted by ANDY59 Posted on February 20, 2014 View Comments 10      
Getting out there as an SM...
I have read a number of great blogs on here, very intelligent discussions posted by caring an honest folks accompanied by the expected dose of overly critical types and a few a-holes to round them out.  But that is to be expected, and not my point.  Judging from the general feel of SDC (i.e., as a whole sharing and very willing to help), I decided to put myself out there and bring up this topic... no doubt an age old blog subject, but I saw no discussions in the last week on this.  What is the best way for a Single Male to break thru the barriers and get into the LS???  I have been told by a number of couples that "its really tough for SMs" without much in the way of a nudge in the right direction (read: coaching/tactics), and some just plain turn their noses up (even though they list SM on their prefs).  To start the blog rolling, I'll ask this... open to couples and SMs for replies, what has worked best?  SM:  What got you a reply?  CPLs: What sold the SM to you?  I understand the open and honest part... being genuine is what I am about, but there is some balance in profile language vs. profile pics vs. first contact e-mails, etc.  Thoughts?  I am having a good time with the LS thus far, to be sure, but I am trying to work things out IOT to get the most of it.
       Posted by SIVANS Posted on February 20, 2014 View Comments 0      
Berlin march 20-24

Hello Beauties ? Coming to Berlin march 20-24 looking for som sexy fun. Maybe we can meet nice Berliner that like to guide us in Town/club and in bed.....we are very flexible and like to have fun.

Kisses from Us to You

       Posted by LUCEROTIC Posted on February 19, 2014 View Comments 6      
Lifestyle Resort Advice PLEASE!!!!! Desire/Caliente/Hedo
Trying to figure out Desire vs Caliente vs Hedo and when to go. I want to go to one of these places preferably for a long weekend (Fri-Mon) but they all seem to be full and/or by the week. I'm looking for 30's and 40's crowd, not 50's and 60's so any suggestions on which resort and time of year? Any particular event to join (except the Olympics in Caliente...too much craziness). Which resort is most open to sex on the beach and erotic massages (happy ending preferred). Hoping to go May 2-5. Thanks!!! 
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on February 19, 2014 View Comments 1      
Valentine Week: 9/2 -18/2

9/2 Awoke around midday and after a cup of tea Rita and I made love. Got up and had a late lunch and more vodka and decided we'd all go and see the new 3d version of Vihy - a fantasy based on an old Russian/ Ukrainian fairy tale. First time Rita's parents had seen 3d! It was fun and not too hard to follow. Watched some figure skating in the evening and then went to bed around 11pm and made love before falling asleep.

10/2 Woke at 4am and really couldn't sleep after and so surfed Internet and booked a concert in April. After Rita woke we had tea and slowly got ready and packed to take taxi to airport for flight back to London. Flight left on time and apart from sleeping carried on reading Crichton book. Landed on time- retrieved the map safely and we were home within 2 hours of landing. At home unpacked, put map up and watched parts if opening Sochi ceremony. Went to bed at 10 and watched "Stoker" movie before falling asleep.

12/2 Set alarm and after waking made love and Rita came a couple of times. Then both got up as Rita had to go into London to see her solicitor and I drove over to Bicester to meet with J and his team to review web site and some new marketing initiatives. Popped into Bicester village to get Rita some Agent Provocateur and flowers for Valentines day.  Journey there and home was
awful as rain and wind made driving difficult. In the evening we watched a British film on Sky called Filth - darkly funny.

14/2 Both woke early and we exchanged cards and presents and spent am in bed in office stuff - had breakfast and after we had an intense fuck. Mooched in bed, till lunchtime, and Rita popped to shops and I got stuck into office stuff.Early evening got ready to head for Home House and a Valentine dinner. Weather just awful so took a taxi to TH but journey slow due to traffic and an
accident! Postpone meeting with Ar. Bumped into Ru before dinner. Just after we started dinner, Ox and M joined us and we chatted till 10pm. Popped down to Bizon Bar and A with his friends O and young girlfriend E arrived. After a drink we went through to 21 to drink and dance which we did through till 2.30. Then all of us with exception of M decamped to A's place in Chelsea for
more drink and fun. By 4 we were all chilled and O&E left. While I went out with A to get some cigarettes for the rest Rita and Ox licked the rest of the fun off a Picasso tile A had- well it's not every day you get a chance to do that!  A offered us a bed for the night and so we went to bed and while A&Ox chatted downstairs about art etc - A is a well-known art dealer - we started to fuck upstairs in bed and it was daylight before we fell asleep.

15/2 Around 9 I was woken by the loud sounds from Ox being fucked downstairs by A. Made me feel horny so while Rita was sleeping I slipped my cock into Rita and fucked her hard till I came. It was 10 by now and though both hungry decided to fall asleep till midday when local pubs opened. Woke at midday to the sounds of A and Ox rutting and while that continued we got
dressed and collected our stuff and slipped out quietly and walked round corner to The Butchers Hook for a substantial lunch. Taxi home and dropped into bed and we both woke up at 7pm and so got up for a quiet evening and then back to bed to sleep around midnight.

16/2 Woke at 8ish and read ST and after Rita woke we had breakfast in bed and as it was a sunny day decided to drive to Bicester Village to exchange present I had bought for Rita at Agent Provocateur and when we were there after a quick drive also bought a dress at Versace. Fast drive home via small shop at Tesco, fuel and car was as couldn't see out of the windows in bright sunshine! Quiet evening at home and early bed as felt very tired.

17/2 Woke at 8.30 and after breakfast day spent in office stuff and a few weights at lunchtime. Left home at 5pm to meet Ar at Cumberland. After meeting headed for Canary Wharf - always seems like a foreign country to me - and eventually found the Plateau Restaurant. Rita texted me to say she was going to be late having had a panic attack about losing stuff in the bedroom and then having to take a delivery of M at same time as Yu came in. Had a drink with H and S until Rita arrived. Rita not hungry and didn't eat and frankly the food was less than average. Left restaurant at 10 back to MrH and MrsS's flat by river. Soon the girls were playing and I shared an M with H. After we took our clothes off and put a duvet on the floor and started to play and laugh a lot. So much in fact that it was quiet difficult to keep an erection up and got stopped in mid flow a number of times as everyone collapsed laughing! H was pretty spaced out and after a fine blow job from S, I put on a condom and fucked her very hard from behind and came, whilst Rita was screaming loudly and very hornily as H fisted her till she came. For the next 3 hours we fondled,
sucked, played, the girls fucked the champagne bottles and we fucked. First S again and later Rita while S played with her clitoris and wasn't long before Rita came and I exploded inside her with a second cum. We then we all lay on duvet beside each other and mutually masturbated each other. Later H&S went to bed and we stayed on duvet in lounge and I fucked Rita again, coming a third time. After which I fell into a dreamy sleep.

18/2 Woke between 8 and 9 and Hugh left at 9. Rita slowly got herself ready and after 10.30 we said our goodbyes and took a short cab ride to Canary Wharf station and had breakfast at Carluccios. Had a sexy invite by email from another SDC couple which if it happens will be fun and G&G emailed to say hi and were looking forward to another encounter in Venice at weekend. Then we took Jubilee Line - Rita to meet Ar at Cumberland and I headed home. Rita popped into HH and made me laugh when she said she siting amongst women in their gym wear whilst she was in a skimpy Versace dress and stockings from last night out! I popped to bank to pick up some currency and then got stuck into office stuff for rest of day. Rita got back at 3pm to announce that Ar has just had a 5th child with Julie. Stopped work at 6pm and had a quiet evening.

       Posted by HOTXBUNS4U Posted on February 18, 2014 View Comments 1      
Traveling and Would Appreciate Some Recommendations
End of May to Mid June going to China on a Hotel/River Cruise...Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong and

 in Dec going on a Ocean Cruise to the Caribbean to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Ocho Rios

Any recommendations for life style/swinger clubs , nude beaches and regular or erotic places for a  Massage in any of these cities..especially in China
Your thoughts
PS..anyone wants to join us please do and let us know and will give you details
Winn and Max
       Posted by AUSTNOVICE Posted on February 18, 2014 View Comments 6      
Which club is better, in Austin; Friends or Players?  We are planning to go for the 1st time.
       Posted by MAN44 Posted on February 18, 2014 View Comments 0      
Hi. If someone are in the lighting industri. Please feel free to contact me. Maybe we can do business and pleasure!
       Posted by JMFANT69 Posted on February 18, 2014 View Comments 1      
My Wife's Most Precious Spot

I've come to believe that for a woman, all of her dynamic traits are centered around her most intimate spot.  It's the sensational spot that provides her inner drive, her desire for beauty, to love, to feel… 

This is most certainly true for my wife.  She is an extremely dynamic woman.  She feels (verb) very, very big!  Your pain is her pain and she has an emotional range larger than my arms can reach.  She has a strong sense of her sexuality, and if that weren't enough, she is absolutely beautiful beyond comparison!  Her seductive eyes, her puffy lips, her facial beauty and beautiful hair.  These are all obvious traits when you meet my wife.  There is no other more beautiful than her! 

Over the years, I have been guilty of overlooking all of this because I am with her daily.  But I get a renewed sense of her being when we are making love.  The point that brings this all together is when I reach her most intimate spot, the point where she takes all of these dynamic traits, her strong feelings, her need for love and validation and slowly spreads her legs for me to give her the love she desperately craves and deserves.  Allowing me to kiss and taste the full spectrum of all that she is, the sweet nectar of her love, the sweet, sweet aroma of her sensuality garnished with the pleasing sounds of distressed control running from her beautiful lips when I am kissing and loving her up and down.

You could write a novel just visualizing her most intimate spot.  And then when you look-up, your beautiful novel would perfectly match the full dynamic beauty found in my wife.

       Posted by START123 Posted on February 17, 2014 View Comments 19      
I have not found a swinger partner sence I join the Site
Take a look at my photo album - 'cute me'
I have not found a swinger partner sence I have join the life have a few friends  love to meet some one to play with and meet a women or couple to play with in the Raleigh area that I can meet and have to take to party with and have fun with and enjoy really like for women in the Raleigh area to put to effect to meet me and be friends with me and have fun playing with me and want to play  with me
       Posted by FUNCWCOUPLE Posted on February 17, 2014 View Comments 7      
So we have been to Hedo 3 before it closed. We live in the Tampa area so we have been to Caliente several times.  We also visited Desirse.  We are looking at a trip for March so pretty soon... Wondering about Hedo 2. We enjoyed Desire but we like the fact that there are single guys at Hedo. We are also curious about Temptations but not really sure if it is a Swingers place. Any insight is appreciated!

       Posted by MAN44 Posted on February 17, 2014 View Comments 0      

Hi Everyone. Does anyone know about a good swingersclub in Frankfurt? I am going there for a week and want to have some fun!

       Posted by CHARICK Posted on February 17, 2014 View Comments 16      
Some help?
Okay, so about us he has had some fun in the past with a few couples. I am new and very shy about all this. But a part of me wants to go wild. We are looking for people around our age group. 18-30s we both are d.d free but 420 friendly. We are looking for the total package looks and smarts .
       Posted by HORNYNHOLLYWO Posted on February 16, 2014 View Comments 21      
Secret Swinger Signal
Wouldn't it be great if we had one type of signal that we coud use when we see a couple we would like to play with to determine if there's mutual interest? This woud come in handy at clubs, parties and even the grocery store. Anyone have a suggestion?