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       Posted by HOTTOGO Posted on April 12, 2014 View Comments 13      
Just had the funniest thing happen.  We received a nudge from a couple.  Tried to email them back and they have us blocked.  Too funny!  We hope they weren't expecting a response!
       Posted by LOVELYLADY2 Posted on April 12, 2014 View Comments 13      
Black women's fan club
Im tired of all these black mans fan club and stuff, wheres the womens one?

 would you come to a black womens fan club night ?

       Posted by SAIKOVIC Posted on April 12, 2014 View Comments 1      
We are a couple now
Looking for an openminded couple to meet us
       Posted by QUINN Posted on April 11, 2014 View Comments 3      
Escorts and FFM Threesomes?
My husband and I have been involved in scene activities for some time (albeit not frequently).  We have attended several clubs and either played with other couples or occasionally single men.  As yet we have never had an FFM threesome, but would like to.  We realise the whole "how do you get a single female" topic has been done to death and to be honest have not yet started searching (though any tips welcome).

What we are curious about is whether anyone has involved escorts.  I am bi-sexual and would like to be involved so this is a particularly important issue for me.  Is this worth doing?  If so how do you ensure there is some chemistry, they are clean etc - you know all the things the girl of the relationship would be interested in?
Thank you in advance x

       Posted by 2WHEELEDCPL Posted on April 11, 2014 View Comments 4      
photo editing
Due to our professions, the wife and I choose not to show our faces in our public photos.  We would like to post full body pictures but have no idea what to use to block out our faces or distinguishing features. 
We use our mobile phones and tablets to look and post on SDC so to those that use the mobile apps, which do you use to make the swirl marks or put bubbles and happy faces over the pictures? 
We have Android so any Apple apps may not work for us
thanks in advance
       Posted by JUS4FUNNN Posted on April 10, 2014 View Comments 9      
Independent films
Did anyone see the new independent films NYMPH()MANIAC? It had plenty of good actors like.. 

Shia LeBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, Williem Dafoe, and more.
I highly recommend it. The actors there actually had sex with each other. It's pretty cool.
       Posted by MIAFLCPL305 Posted on April 10, 2014 View Comments 0      
Carnival Victory April 24th - April 28th

We are a latin couple she is 39, he is 40 sailing on the Carnival Victory on April 24th. We are looking to meet another couple or a bi female who is sailing on this cruise as well. If you would like to know more about us, send us an email.

       Posted by LETUSSWING Posted on April 9, 2014 View Comments 5      
Partying with New Friends
This couple contacted me through one of the sites because they thought about me as a possible addition to a small gangbang for the wife, Tess the following weekend. Though not a fan of gangbangs myself, I decided I would make decision to participate if it wasn't a large group of males and after taking look at the couple's pictures. I politely asked for their password to their locked pictures so I could take a look at her pictures and the husband, Jim agreed. I received the message containing the password while I was at work and was forced to wait until my return home in the afternoon in order to read my messages on the site. It was a long wait; I was anxious to see the lady! Once home that afternoon, I checked their profile and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I replied to their message within minutes giving them a favorable response. Tess is a beautiful lady has a nice body and I was looking forward to meeting them the following weekend. Jim and I exchanged a few messages over the next few days, with new information about the gangbang for Tess. At some point Jim told me that they had five guys and one more lady on the roster for that night. So, this would have been a party for two couples, and four single males, promised to be fun.
It was now Saturday and my day had gotten started in as similar manner as it always does, nothing out of the ordinary. As always, I was on the road early that evening in order to arrive at their hotel at the time agreed upon. What's worse than receiving an important text message when you are traveling at eighty miles per hour on the highway? In my case, not having my reading glasses was worse. Luckily for me, there was a Target next to the hotel where I could get a pair of reading glasses. I parked the car and headed for the pharmacy section of Target. Once able to read the text message, I discovered that we were not meeting until one hour later. Crap, time to shop for a few articles I needed. I have to say that at 5'7" and 140 pounds, I get funny looks when taking a value pack of Magnum condoms to the register. I know what the cashier must be thinking, "he grabbed the wrong size." I love watching their reaction. I suspect their brain is trying to figure out why does that skinny guy needs Magnums and why two boxes of 36 each. They are able to figure out I'm a thoughtful guy because I'm also buying KY-Jelly and feminine wipes. I know, so sweet...
One hour later, they texted one last time to let me know that they were ready in their room and I headed for the hotel lobby. There I saw two other guys who looked like they were meeting someone for sex that evening. Yes, a very familiar sight. You can easily spot us at any hotel lobby we always have our "on our way to a gangbang" look. "We are all going to the same room," I thought. I took a short trip to the restroom and soon after sitting back down, Jim came to greet the three of us and escort us to their room. I will just assign the other guys random names. We were now Jim, Guyone, Guytwo, and I, walking towards the elevator. As we walked to the elevator, it was explained to me that the second woman who was supposed to come to the party was Guyone's wife but they were not able to score a sitter for their young child that evening. We soon arrived at the couple's room and were greeted by Tess, wearing a nice black teddy. Tess looked fantastic in her teddy; she looks better than she did on the pictures, she has a great body. I was very happy to be in that room that evening which promised to be a lot of fun. We spent a few short minutes on small talk and discussing the basketball game that was on and other details about our meeting but since I don't care about sports, it was great to hear the lady finally suggest "why don't we start fucking now?"
So the action gets on the way with Tess sucking Guyone's cock. I am one who doesn't want to start my attack without giving others a fair chance but this was Guytwo's first time in this type of setting. Seems like after a breakup from a long-term relationship, he decided to swing for a while and have some fun. I pointed to Tess waiting pussy and nodded at him suggesting that pussy was not going to eat itself but he in turn suggested I should eat it. Guytwo proved to be a little shy and needed some encouragement. I got the first taste and her nectar was sweet. Tess was loving the attention; one dick in her mouth, one tongue in her pussy, and a set of hands exploring her body. It was a hot scene and hubby was getting everything on video. I decided it was time to allow Guytwo to display his oral skills and I made room for him and placing my dick within an inch of Tess' lips. Now, while Guytwo ate Tess' pussy, she took turns sucking Guyone's cock, immediately sucking mine. This went on for a while until she told us "my pussy is ready to be fucked."
I once again offered my teammates the opportunity to go first but after looking around, mine was the only hard cock at that moment, so I was on. I assumed the wife fucker position between her legs and slid my cock in. It felt wonderful as I started to move in and out of her. She was really wet; my cock met no resistance, she took me all in. I loved every second I was inside her while she played with two cocks in her mouth. I pumped in and out for a few minutes before offering someone else the opportunity to fuck Tess' nice pussy. I asked Guyone if he was ready and he said he was, while reaching out for a condom. I continued sliding my meat in and out of Tess while Guyone was putting on his condom. Tess was now getting pounded by Guyone while she sucked Guytwo; it was a pretty hot sight. In an attempt to help everyone participate of some good fucking, I suggested to hubby that I would film for a while so he could get a piece of the action.
I was now manning the camera and putting as much of the action as possible on tape. Tess was now getting fucked doggie-style while she sucked on Jim's cock and balls. After a few minutes of fucking, Guyone turned to Jim and offered Tess, "come and fuck your wife." Jim was then getting a piece of the action while Tess indulged in some more cock sucking of which both Guyone and Guytwo were the lucky recipients. By now, Tess was in need of a break, opportunity we all took to refill our drinks and engage in more conversation. Guyone got dressed and said bye to everyone saying that he needed to get home. Guytwo and I decided to stay a while longer.
After a few minutes, Tess asked what was going to happen next, to which Jim answered with a question. "Do you want to fuck some more?", Jim asked. Tess answered Jim's question positively and the action was resumed. My offer to go first was not accepted by either Jim or Guytwo so I reached for a condom and again placed myself between Tess' legs. We fucked for a while in missionary before moving to a different position. Once she thought she had enough dick in missionary, she got her nice ass in the air and offered herself to me in doggie-style. She mentioned earlier that doggie was her favorite and I showed her how much I like it too while she sucked on Guytwo. I had been looking and wishing I could slid my finger in her pretty asshole and having it wink at me while I fucked Tess in doggie was fucking with my head. I know, I should have asked if I could play with it but decided against it. I did get to spread Tess' butt cheeks which made things worse because seeing it opening and changing shape made me want to finger-fuck her asshole pretty bad.
I resisted doing something which could have caused getting punched in the face and by this time, Tess had a cramp on her foot. Jim came to massage her foot but at the same time, Tess crossed her legs and offered me her pussy in the scissor position. Wow, that pussy felt good regardless in what position I hit it. I didn't want to cum but Tess' pussy felt so good that compounded with the fact that it was pretty late already, I had to let it go. Tess enjoyed the feeling of me filling my condom with cum while still inside of her. She held me tight and let out a very appreciative OH YES! Guytwo and I ensured the couple knew how much we had enjoyed the evening and said our good bye.
       Posted by MICHAELRUBY Posted on April 8, 2014 View Comments 0      
Cap D'agde
We’ve booked for Cap and we are going to be there late August to Early September. Give us a shout if you will be there then.
       Posted by PAPHOSPARTIES Posted on April 8, 2014 View Comments 0      
April 19th Couples/Single Female Party Peyia Cyprus
Its our 1st party of 2014 on April 19th in Cyprus for Couples and Single Females check out the party secion for details xx
       Posted by SFLFUN Posted on April 7, 2014 View Comments 99      
Has liberal intolerance gone amok?
Brandan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla because of a contribution he made to pro proposition 8 supporters in 2008.  Back then even the messiah was against gay marriage. So, when it came out about Eich's donation he was forced to resign.  There are other instances of liberal intolerance, especially when all criticism of Obama is deemed racism.
       Posted by BREAKFREE Posted on April 7, 2014 View Comments 0      
Swingers clubs in London
What is your recommendation for this Friday/Saturday nights?
       Posted by HOTZUG Posted on April 7, 2014 View Comments 7      
Miami Beach
Hi, can anyone recommend hotel in Miami Beach with topless pool and sexy atmosphere? We read about the Standard hotel but it seems to be fully booked during our planned trip.
Any other hot and sexy suggestion for SoBe are most welcome.

       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on April 7, 2014 View Comments 3      
Fabulous Party Weekend in Vienna: 31/3 -6/6/14

31/3 Woke just after 8.30 and started to go through emails and scan Times. Just after 9 Rita woken by neighbour next door screaming during an orgasmic peak! Postponed lunch with JJandG. Went downstairs to carry on office stuff and at lunchtime went for a run and then went for a haircut. Had a quiet evening and went to bed early and watched some TV in background, chatting, cuddling and kissing till Rita started to fall asleep. I lay awake for quite a while.

1/4 I didn't wake up till 9.30 and it was one of those crazy days where office stuff just took over all day. Rita went out shopping and then sunbathed in the garden chatting to Le most of the time on the phone. I had had enough and stopped at 6.30 and started to recover my Karma. We put an ad on Craigslist for a sub woman. Got an email and then call from a pretty Czech girl who was only
after a bi relationship. Decided to have a naughty night - watched the original From Dusk to Dawn. We were soon naked on sofa and with music and porn on as background we got out the toys. What a night we had - Rita managed to exercise both holes between her legs and as usual abused my cock, balls and arse. After a little M we had an amazing fuck and continued fucking and wanking after we went to bed. Rita had a couple of puffs of M which as usual made her very giggly and funny. Eventually she calmed down and we slept.

2/4 Slept through till 9.30 and we slowly got up and had breakfast downstairs. Got another response from our Ad - sent photos and awaiting call! Felt horny and so after breakfast fucked Rita from behind till I came. Rita spoke to our friend T who lives in Turkey (we have had a long and sexy weekend with T&E last Autumn) who has a Russian passport and a very wealthy oilman and who rubs shoulders with the top of Ukraine's leadership. Anyway he landed in Kiev yesterday and because he had a Russian passport he was marched back to his plane. He rang the prime minister's office and within 20 minutes a very senior military guy
boarded the plane, apologised profusely and took him back through border control. T was saying the Ukrainians are not only preventing Russians into the country but now deporting Russians, living in Western Ukraine, there with Russian passports - he says they must be crazy as there is about 40-50% of the population with those criteria! Had a long conference call at 2pm and then popped out to see Rita in garden who had been chatting with Le and then was chatting to Vl about meeting up and Yu's job. Arranged to go round to V&I's tonight for a couple of hours. Had another response from Ad from another young woman - exchanged some emails and photos - let's wait and see. Later I decided I was too tired to entertain V&I tonight at their and so 
cancelled. Rita's PP provider dropped round and Rita gave him a home cooked food parcel so he wouldn't have to buy a takeaway! Mother Teresa!! She spoke to her Mum in Moscow who said that Russia is building huge refugee camps to house
the Russians Western Ukraine is deporting (confirming what T said earlier). Nothing like that to be heard in the Western news. Don't know about the timing but I suspect East Ukraine will go the same route as Crimea. Watched some TV and had a quiet evening. Rita spoke to Ox and I got a text from Sa looking forward to Monday and planning to invite another boyfriend to the party. Watched TV and then bed around 11 and after chatting and cuddling we fell asleep.

3/4 Woke at 9 and popped downstairs briefly to do some office stuff. Then back to bed and had breakfast in bed with Rita followed up a great fuck where we both came quickly for us! After we got up I started to pack and get stuff ready for trip to Vienna tomorrow. Then early evening we headed into London for a pre theatre supper at Browns. Then onto ENO to Borodin's Prince Igor performed by Novaya- a Russian opera company. It was a very dramatic, typically Russian production. Rita absolutely loved it. It was great. Then tube and taxi home and bed.

4/4 Set alarm at just before 8 and showered and finished packing and set off to Gatwick at 8.45. Clear journey. Dropped car off at valet parking and after checking in had breakfast at Pret. Flight delayed by 30 minutes as the plane "tractor" hit the fuel truck! We both slept half the journey and taxi drive was short to Hotel de France where we were staying. First time in Vienna for both of us - first impressions were of a grand, elegant but compact city.  We unpacked and headed to Landtmann cafe/ restaurant on Ringstrasse for a snack. Rita had a wiener schnitzel which was delicious. Then had a brief walk and popped into supermarket to buy a few bits - certain everything cheaper than UK. Back to hotel and got ready to join M&A's pre party at Mott amd Zuss on the river. It was great to see M&A again and got introduced to their friends - G and U, E and A and M&S plus others. We had a great
meal and started to slowly integrate ourselves into this group of swingers who obviously knew each other well. Soon got a close affinity with G&U and got fairly intimate, as much as you could in a public restaurant! Rita then wanted to go clubbing after the meal and M arranged for us all to go to a club called Clarity - housed under a museum. 3 couples didn't come but we piled into
G&U's car and eventually found it - the rest waiting patiently outside for us. M had booked a VIP area overlooking bar which was great and the party begun. On came the champagne and A and Rita progressively got wilder and drunker as they danced and night wore on till at some point A was finger fucking Rita till she nearly orgasmed. Everyone was getting a little frisky and while dancing all our crotches were being mutually stroked and squeezed. The dancing was great and we had a great time and I think most of the guys looking up at us up from the bar had quite a show too! Around 2am the party broke up and G&U drove us back to our hotel and we invited them to suite. As so as we were inside we took off our clothes and headed for the massive bed and the
girls started to kiss bit U soon transferred her mouth to my cock which was already very stiff. Rita and G were getting it together when I started to fuck U fairly hard. She was noisily appreciative from the start - which put Rita off a little (she finds it hard to concentrate next to a noisy orgasms1). Nonetheless I ended up fucking U 3 times interspersed with a tongue and finger fuck and I'm sure U came at least twice. It was after 3 now and everyone was getting tired and so we said our goodbyes till the party tomorrow. Rita and I fucked hard until Rita came and then we collapsed asleep.

5/5 We woke around 10.30 and feeling horny started to fuck till we had both come. Then we headed for the Lantmann for brunch and tried some more Austrian specialities. Then we decided to get on a city sightseeing bus to get a quick overview of city, history and landmarks. We thoroughly enjoyed it and toward end got a text from E and A and arranged to meet for a drink in the centre. We went to the Skybar and spent about an hour chatting and laughing. We them headed back to hotel and slept for a couple of hours before we got up and ready for party. The girls theme was bunny and guys - dark suit and bow tie and nothing else. Eventually got my white bow tie to tie and then about 15 min walk from hotel to M&A's flat for 9pm. A beautiful flat -and they both must have worked so hard to set it up for the party. Food and drink was superb and play areas beautifully prepared. All the women looked very sexy in their minimalist bunny outfits. By 10.30 everyone was loosened up and we went up to one of theplay areas with M and his pretty petite wife S and G&U. M and Rita started to play and then fuck and I first went down on S who had a dramatic tattoo on her pubes and a piercing. Soon had a hard on and so fucked her on her back and in the general melee of bodies I remember sucking on U's clitoris and labia till she came. Rita had gone downstairs at this point and when I got downstairs
Rita was with 2 men whom she ended up fucking with. I spotted A, M's wife, and got on floor beside her and started to play. After about 15 mins we went to the bed upstairs where Alex was mopping up a load of semen of her chest from an encounter and as they moved off A and I started to make love. She gently came as I used my tongue and eventually I sat astride her and 2 finger fucked her vigorously while she wanked my cock hard till I came over her breasts. While we were mopping up we could hear Rita coming again with, as it transpired with M, A's husband. Rita and I later ended up in couch together and she sat on my cock until she suddenly decided to see if she could get A to join us; but when she didn't return I found them both laughing and chatting in kitchen! What a pair! Around 2.30am the party broke up and E&A offered us a lift back to hotel and as Rita was again more than a little drunk it was a hilarious but short drive back. We both dropped everything as we walked into suite and fell into bed asleep.

6/4 Got woken at 8 by phone which I ignored and then again after falling asleep at 9.30 by knock at door. Rita came to and we started to fuck and ended up on our backs Rita wanking me till I came and herself till she came too. Then we packed and checked out and back to Lantmann to meet M&A for brunch at 11.30. Great to see them again and we ate and chatted for a couple of hours
till we said kissy goodbyes. We then walked to The Albertina Gallery which was good but both of us do get bored after an hour or so of traipsing around galleries. So as soon as passing shower had gone we headed back to Lantmann for tea and cake. Then back to hotel and camped out in lounge - popped out for McDonald's for a snack - till we headed for airport at 7.30. Flight  cancelled till morning – what a bummer . Oh to be home in bed!!!

       Posted by MAKINGUCUM9 Posted on April 7, 2014 View Comments 0      
Early Inexpensive Cancer Detection
Haven't any of you asked yourselves if we could treat cancer much earlier if much less expensive tests were to be available.  For example, Science Daily tells us that the Stanford University Medical Center is experimenting with a new kind of blood test that would allow your physician to take a blood sample in the comfort of their office without having to send you to expensive MRI's or CT Scan test.

Imagine, one could walk into a Walgreens or CVS and purchase a Cancer Blood Test where one could mail in the sample and get instant results by SMS, email or the Internet.

How many people do you know would have still been here if it were for this new effective and inexpensive way of detecting cancer?
       Posted by KANDR12 Posted on April 6, 2014 View Comments 1      
If you are a perv with fantasy, send me a message. Write your dirty fantasy you would like to see on webcam, if it clicks we webcam. 
       Posted by LOV4ALL Posted on April 6, 2014 View Comments 10      
Double Penetration DP
Hi Everyone,

It was Double Penetration (DP) experience that has made me to get into the Swinging World: 
I was a single male at that time and fancy with a girl. I slept only once with her and she didn't call me afterwards. After two months I met her and she told me that she had already had a boyfriend and she told him that she had slept with me. I asked her if he had been mad about this? she replied that he was not angry but 'excited'! Finally she came to the point: 
She told that she always dreamed about being a sandwich between two men and asked me if I help her with this? Very surprised, not thinking much, I said 'Yes!' We have met at his home in the same evening. He was a nice person and welcomed me in. I was very nervous wheras both of them were very comfortable. We all began to drink some alcohol. He switched on the TV and a porn video was shown. They began to make love in front of me. I was on the couch watching them. After sometime she came to me and unzipped my pants. she began sucking my stiffed penis. He was sitting on a chair watching us and sipping his drink with a pleasure andvplaying with his penis. She then turned to him and began to suck his penis but holding and playing with mine as well. she pulled my penis next to him and began sucking both of us in row. In a moment he attached both penises and trying to suck them at the same time. It was a strange feeling; a nother penis attached to yours. Later, we all went to the bed. We took her between us to make her a sandwich. We were kissing all her body and she was enjoying it much. Then they both began to do a 69. While She was on the top sucking him, I also offered her my penis. She sucked both of us with great pleasure while he was eating her pussy. Afterwards, I wanted to fuck her while they were in still in 69. Her pussy was already too wet and I began to push my penis into her hot,wet pussy. He kept licking her clit while I was going in and out in her pussy. Finally it was his time to fuck her. He was lying on the bed and She was on the top. He was fucking her andat the same time fingering her anus. After one or two minutes,  he told me 'to go behind her'. I simply obeyed him. He did something I didn't expect:
He hold my penis and pushed into her anus slowly and told me to 'be gentle'! Inch by inch I was also going in her aswell but into another hole...! It was such an interesting feeling. He was in her pussy and I was in her anus, moving forward and I was feeling his penis. It was like our penises were attached to each other. Whenever he was moving, I was feeling his penis and it was giving such a good feeling. God, I was not a gay but it was such a pleasure that I had never had before...! After a while we all had a great orgasm. 
I still wonder who had enjoyed the most pleasure? Me,her or him? I thought it was me. When I asked this question to her and him afterwards, both of them told that they had never had such a pleasure before....!
That was how I joined the swinging world.
Now I would like to ask you to the men and women who experienced DP, Double Penetration:
What was your pleasure degree? 
Who did had the most pleasure; the guys or the woman who became the sandwich?
Thanks for reading and responding,

       Posted by MONELLINI Posted on April 6, 2014 View Comments 0      
Istanbul, May 1-4
Ciao, we are an italian couple, in Istanbul from 1 to 4 May and we'd like to meet a wonderful turkish couple. 
       Posted by GARYANDSTEPH Posted on April 6, 2014 View Comments 1      
new to swinging
we are going to atlantis evo on the 26th we are new to this have anyone got some good advice for us please
       Posted by NOTALLTALK Posted on April 4, 2014 View Comments 0      
Copacabana Desire in Costa Rica
We have decided to give CopacabanaDesire in Costa Rica a try. We will be going in late May. We rarely see any posts regarding it and we are hoping someone might give their opinion if you have been there. We like the idea of seeing a beautiful country with the LS option if that happens to come into play.