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       Posted by SEXY1ANDSEXY2 Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 5      
For the time we've  had an account with sdc we've never really met too many people. We meet a single girl one time, but nothing really panned out.
but this site is fun to be on. Lots of little thins to do on it.
       Posted by JANDS4RETURN Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
wher has my private life gone
ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,
       Posted by JANDS4RETURN Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
wher has my private life gone
ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,
       Posted by JANDS4RETURN Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 2      
wher has my private life gone
ok we took a break for 7-8 months and when I try log back in I get a message saying no user, huh so where are all of our private and discreet pictures gone, I opened up a new account but am not happy to know I don't know where our images  has gone,
       Posted by DCTEXASCOUPLE Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 22      
SDC Courtesy Questions
Two things that have been on my mind... 
1. If you and a couple exchange face pics and the other couple indicates they aren't interested, which is fine, then is it not considered rude or at least a little creepy to see them regularly on your "Who viewed my profile" page? If there is no interest, then why the view? 
2. Why do so many on SDC consider it acceptable to simply ignore emails and pass it off by saying that no response is a polite "not interested"? Aren't we all adults? Can't we take the time to craft a generic email saying, "Thanks for the interest/email, but we will pass for now." And on the receiving side, aren't we all willing to accept that and move on without getting all butt hurt? If you are that insecure or thin skinned, this may not be the Lifestyle for you anyways. 
Full disclosure... We love SDC and have made some friends and playmates. This isn't a comment from a couple who is getting no play or attention. Just trying to understand the thinking of many users here. 
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 1      
23/12 - 31/12: 'Tis the Season for Fun and Sex!

23/12 I woke at 6 but Rita slept through till 11am! Rita left to shop and do nails etc whilst I spent most of afternoon on office stuff. Rita home for 6 and with storms outside quite pleased to be having a few days at home. M and L came round for
drinks and shared 4 M's while the storm raged outside. Laughed and chatted through night and left around 3. Rita and I both very horny and started to make love and fuck and suck and wank for god knows how long. Right at the end Rita ended up on top of me and as she came she squirted and soaked me and the duvet underneath! She then rolled of me and we cuddled under remaining duvet and we slept.

24/12 Woken at 9 by phone and ended up on office stuff till lunchtime when I think all our clients went home for Xmas! Popped out to pick up something from office and some wine and water and then home for early supper at 4pm. Early evening we watched TV on sofa. Made love on sofa and went to bed early, made love and slept.

25/12 Got woken by T wishing us Happy Xmas and then 5 minutes later by J. Rita woke slowly and she opened up her first present which was a large wand clitoral stimulator. Had a look at the Symbian that M said he was buying L. Started to feel horny and we ended up fucking hard and ended pulling out my cock and coming over Rita's groin and stomach. We then slowly got up, showered and got dressed and Rita started preparing Xmas lunch. Over lunch exchanged presents and had a lovely lunch. Ended up with a naughty night and fucked each other on the sofa, watched a little porn and when we adjourned to bed after an M carried on making love till we slept.

26/12 Woke at 9ish and slowly Rita got ready to go to Harrods sale and then meet Ar for a drink. I went for a run and after Rita left I had a snack and settled down to watch some recorded TV through the afternoon and early evening. Rita got back at 7 loaded with shoes etc, having emptied Harrods and she collapsed in front of TV with me. Early bed, made love gently and slept.
27/12 Woke - not sure what time and had breakfast in bed, made love. Rita popped to local shops and when she came back we had another quiet afternoon and evening before hitting the sack.

28/12 Woke early at 8 as we had gone to sleep so early. Had light breakfast and then made love. Rita's clear shoe boxes arrived and so we spent a couple of hours assembling them and then ordered another 9. At last bringing some semblance of order to all her shoes! Then I showered and we packed and left to drive to Home House, where T&E from Ankara, were staying for a few days. Nice room - "Emma"- we had chosen but heating had packed up so Rita insisted on a change. Moved to main house from mews only to find that they were repainting parts and paint smell had invaded room. She then turned on bedside light and bulb blew noisily! Decided it was not her day. Rita then had a shower and I decided it was time to go to bar for a drink! Rang P for a catch up and caught up with blog. Then back to room to change and then met T&E in bar. They brought us some lovely presents and after a catch up took taxi to Zuma. Had a great meal and Rita then wanted to pop to Nozomi but took so long to find her coat that we gave up on that idea and took taxi to HH. T&E then came to our room- the girls changed into something sexy while I went
out to smoke some M. Rita and E then pounced on each other and while they were playing on the bed T and I got undressed and then joined them. E then went down on my cock and I was feeling particularly horny and so soon had E on her front and fucked her very hard in a variety of positions till she had come a couple of times. Rita was getting a similar seeing too. Then E went back to my cock and sucked me until I couldn't hold back any more and I came in her mouth with she dutifully swallowed! After a little more playing and cuddling and as the time difference was affecting T&E they left around 12.30am. I then finished my M and Rita and I spent the rest of the night continually fucking our hearts out. At one point we were laughing hysterically about Rita's phrase – “seekum asylum”- she meant asylum seeker - difficult to explain -you just had to be there!! I came again and lost count of Rita's orgasms.

29/12 Got up at 11 and at midday were in lounge having a brunch. T&E were shopping in Bond Street and returned at round 1.15. We piled into a taxi at 1.45 and as the traffic in London was awful for some reason we only got to Albert Hall by the skin of our teeth for the Xmas show I had booked. T bought a bottle of Moët and we settled in our box and enjoyed a mix of music, ballet and
opera till around 5. After eventually got Add Lee to pick us up and drop us off at Selfridges only to find it was closing. We decided then to go to The Arch for a meal and I texted J and E where we were (had met J&E at Madame O in Milan and were in London for a week's holiday). They joined us and we had a convivial, chatty meal and after walked back to HH for a final drink. Everyone
was tired. J&E from the previous night's Little Liaison party which they hadn't enjoyed very much but had bumped into M and M. As I was driving home we said our fond farewells, arranged to meet J&E tomorrow night ,and as it was a fast drive were back home just after 10. Unpacked and I went straight to bed and Rita joined me after an hour and it wasn't long before we were asleep.

30/12 Woke early and mooched all day doing the minimum needed on office stuff. By lunch the storm had passed and Rita popped to shops. Left home at 6.15 to head into London to meet J&E for supper at Loch Fyne in Soho. The trains to
Tottenham Hale were all cancelled and so took taxi to tube network. All arrived together at 7.30 and had an average meal after Rita sent hers back as she wasn't happy with choice and E's salmon was undercooked. After we finished we tried to find some live music but London quiet and a little dead on this Monday. Eventually took taxi to Harvey Nicks and managed to squeeze one round
in before it closed at 11. Interesting conversation about dance as E and Rita had diametrically opposed views. Then took taxi to their hotel and after a glass of wine from mini bar we chilled and J started to give attention to Rita. We soon had all our clothes off and J&E started to fuck and carried on non-stop for next half hour. E&I were taking it more slowly and had a nice sensual time. E sucked my cock and then sat over my face while I wrapped my tongue around her clitoris and labia. We then found a comfortable position where I gently fucked her whilst lying on her side. After, Rita jumped on my cock and the four of us entwined then fucked our partners till Rita and E came. The girls collapsed on bed spent! It was now after midnight and conscious we had a long day and night tomorrow decided to head home by taxi after saying fondled goodbyes. Home by 1.30am and bed.

31/12 Last day of the year and after getting up dealt with office emails through day and then late afternoon got ready to leave for Home House. Picked up by Add Lee and got to HH by 7pm. I had brought a 1964 Pichon Lalande to open and share with T&E in their room. Decanted it and drank it nice and slowly - it was delicious! Rita then changed into her Russian snow princess outfit and
at 8.30 joined the party. HH looked amazing as usual all decked out in the winter theme and as the evening wore on it got busier and busier. J&E turned up and E's outfit that she hired was amazing with massive feathery headdress that through evening was worn and photo’d by all and sundry. We danced a lot and had a lot fun with J&E. After midnight in the room we were all sprayed with tiny polystyrene snowflakes that got absolutely everywhere. Around 1.30 we eventually headed up to T&E's room to pick up our stuff with J&E. T&E were in bed and for half an hour we laughed as Rita and Ox - both drunk got their act together. Of course trying to get a taxi at 2am home was impossible and so eventually Ox managed to flag a free black cab and the three of us went
to her place in Fulham. There I had a peaceful M on my own and then collapsed into bed. Rita and Ox stayed up in the kitchen, eating, taking C and then shared an M. Not sure what time Rita came to bed but she was there at 9am in morning when I got woken by text from PL who was still at after party in Fitzrovia!!

       Posted by SLIGHTLYSPICY Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
Stainless Steel dancers pole and mirrors for sale - FT Myers FL
1 Stainless Steel Dancers Pole & 2 Mirrors:

1: 17 foot Lil' Mynx permanent poles for studio, competition or home use. Stainless Steel and comes with two base plate mounts. Retails for over $400. Asking $150 if sold separately.

2: Wall, Dance, Fitness Mirrors - 60" x 100". Retail is $300 ea. Asking $150 if sold separately or $250 for the pair. They are in perfect condition.

I am selling the entire collection of the Dancers Pole and 2 Mirrors for $350.

Mirrors are sold "As Is, Where is". I will NOT deliver or hold any liability for handling them once sold. (They are quite large.)

Please call 239.271.4196 for more information.
       Posted by OPEN COUPLE Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
We will go to Spain, Gran Canaria, Bahia Feliz on January 12. We will stay for a week and if there is any / some that are there or live nearby who want to meet, it would be nice! If you have any suggestions on places like clubs or else you are welcome to give us tips and advice. Please contact us.

       Posted by FRICKLIKEBUNNIE Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 2      
Going tio EYZ Saturday 4th
We will be going to EYZ this Saturday with a good size group, hot times ahead!!!
       Posted by BKKCOUPLE2 Posted on January 3, 2014 View Comments 0      
any recommendations on cruises in Europe?
We are interested in a lifestyle cruise in Europe (or Asia).  friends of ours did a sailing cruise around croatia and shared all the fun.  Anyone has any advise and contacts?  Would love to hear your experiences.  Are the big cruise ships more fun or "just different"?

xxx Marc n Barbara

       Posted by SAPPHOLOVERS Posted on January 2, 2014 View Comments 8      
Predictions (Political, Social, Cultural) and Otherwise for 2014

Seattle Seahawks will win the Superbowl.

Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia will be the top teams in the World Cup, and Brazil will win with Uruguay and Colombia dark horse favorites of mine.   Mexico will advance further than the USA, who will finish at the bottom of their group. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers will win the 2014 World Series.

"12 Years a Slave" will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

The GOP, aided and abetted by the Con Entertainment network of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, will continue to find new ways to play the "white grievance" card.

The GOP will pick up some more Congressional seats in the midterm elections of 2014, but the Democrats will again win the Presidency in 2016 (probably with Hillary as President).   The GOP will get 6 seats in the House and it may be 50-50 in the Senate.   

If the GOP is smart, Chris Christie will be their nominee for president in 2016.

"Income Inequality" will become a bigger issue for Liberals than climate change.

Wall Street will be much better regulated with the new SEC boss.

The stock market will continue to go up and the deficit down, and GDP growth will be around 2.3, but the GOP will continue to try to sabotage the economy to make things worse for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016.

The GOP will continue to hurt itself by identifying with Voter ID laws, Phil Robertson, and nativist, xenophobic, anti Comprehensive Immigration Reform politics.

The GOP will continue to be the gnats of negativism, failing to learn from losing the popular vote in the last 5 out of 6 presidential elections: it will continue to the party of the rich, the religious, and the racist, serving the interests of the 1-5% as their unholy grail.   

American politics will not get out  of its stalemate or gridlock--its Red-Blue division along the same lines that divided the USA 150 years ago during the Civil War--until there is one more generational change, with the elderly--who are more racist and homophobic--being replaced by a younger generation that is more hip and more secular and more accepting of a changing America that is more and more diverse.

The Global War on Terror will not be the defining issue of the 21st century.   The divisions of class and race/ethnicity will continue to be the underlying source of conflict in the USA, as it has always been the case, with class becoming more and more visible as an issue as income inequality continues to worsen in the USA. 

SavCpl will continue to be a voice of a reactionary right that is fact-challenged and history-challenged in the political blogs.  



       Posted by HUNGBLKMALE Posted on January 2, 2014 View Comments 19      
Bareback!?!? really smh
It always facinates me well i guess disturbs me to see gang bang bareback activity, I mean really? in what world is that ok!?!?!? Am I being to judgemental here?
       Posted by RICKAZ28 Posted on January 2, 2014 View Comments 0      
more on pot legalization
If you have not signed a petition for the legalization of cannabis, the attached letter is self explaning.
Conflict of interests are and will hamper any attempt at Florida legalization.
Did you know that our governor has said he will veto any measure .... Want to know why?  He owns the firm that does drug testing for employers.  Legalization would hurt him in the pocketbook and give the cops an opportunity for other forms of police activity.
Letter as attached:
Melbourne, FL- Florida CAN is proud to announce the Florida House
Criminal Justice Committee is hosting a workshop on January 9, 2014 to
learn more about medical hemp. The workshop co-hosted by Chairman Matt
Gaetz (R) and Representative Katie Edwards (D), will focus on a low THC,
high CBD strains of cannabis that are proving effective in the treatment
of seizure disorders with no psychoactive effects.Florida CAN introduced
similar language to lawmakers inspiring bi-partisan support for these
hearings. Several Florida families have already moved to Colorado where
similar products are legal.

In addition to the high CDB, low THC bill lawmakers are reviewing; the
Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act is due to be re-induced in January, as
well. Last year, Florida CAN President Cathy Jordan's home was raided on
February 25, 2013. The same day the bill with her name on it was
introduced in the House and Senate. Cathy is a woman living with Lou
Gehrig's disease. She was diagnosed in 1986 and given 3-5 years to live.
The neuro-protectant properties of cannabis have slowed the progress of
her disease. In April 2013, the court declined to prosecute Cathy,
declaring cannabis a treatment of medical necessity.

The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act effectively initiates the
implementation of a comprehensive distribution system for patients that
want cannabis as a complementary alternative treatment.

Florida CAN's work with lawmakers has benefited from the momentum
generated by the constitutional amendment petition drive funded
primarily by trial attorney, John Morgan. Public polling in Florida is
over 70% and in some areas as high as 82%. Lawmakers facing re-election
are taking notice of the high levels of support and the interest the
bills are generating is the first touchstone in what is likely to be an
exciting legislative session.

Florida CAN takes possession of a temporary facility in Tallahassee on
January 5, 2014 where Cathy Jordan and her team can work and live during
the committee weeks and the legislative session. For interviews contact:
David Jones, Communications Director 321-253-3673 X 2
       Posted by ATALLBLACKMALE Posted on January 1, 2014 View Comments 9      
Single Male - What couples are looking for!!
As a single black male in the lifestyle, what are couples looking for? What gets your attention? 

I know the obvious -  respectful, in shape, healthy, stamina, and well-mannered. But what else?

       Posted by RICKAZ28 Posted on January 1, 2014 View Comments 8      
Cannabis legalization
Did you know that today 1/1/14 is the first day you can buy pot in Washington State and Colorado for strictly recreational use.  The ice is broken and soon every state in this great country will be decriminalizing grass and make non-criminals of the rest of us.  Furthermore, Florida will have a special referendum to allow the medical use of Cannabis.  The State pot smokers have a number of petitions floating about-SIGN ONE-duplicates and non-residents will be thrown out.  There is already enough signatures to carry the measure to the ballot but lets be absolutely sure, politics will not prevent the motion to carry.  Please people sign one, anyone.

In general, how do you feel about pot?  Is it a "drug" included or not included when you say, Drug and disease free"?  Or is it the devil weed and nobody should use it, the same as cocaine, true narcotics (derivatives of morphine).
Before having sex with others, do you find it appealing or not?  Is it an aphrodisiac of sorts?  Do you find that non smokers are a class unto themselves or just resistant.  Do you find yourself less self conscious being just a little high?  Would you decline an invitation for a meet and greet because some folks are either users or tolerant?  Does it enhance the pleasure of sex or does it hinder it?  Your opinions count.  How do we feel about pot in the sexcapades?
Ricky and Karen
       Posted by DAVID888 Posted on January 1, 2014 View Comments 0      
Swinger clubs in Vienna
Hello there.

We are going to Vienna for a romantic weekend and wondering if there are any good decent swinger clubs worth attending.

David and Vicky
       Posted by FINEFUN4US Posted on January 1, 2014 View Comments 2      
Jan 1 Birthdays

Wow, there are a lot of people born on 01/01? Is this something I can get some grant money to study what caused so many conceptions, 9 months earlier.... lol

Happy New Year

       Posted by COOLSTRINGS Posted on December 31, 2013 View Comments 0      
To all my SDC friends!
Happy New Year all!!!
       Posted by DREAMCOUPLES69 Posted on December 31, 2013 View Comments 7      
longer sex
hi, just want to know how to have longer sex ? 
       Posted by EXCITINGDANES Posted on December 31, 2013 View Comments 0      
New blog from Scandinavia
Hi All :-D
Starting 2014 with a promise to blog each month :-D ...Not many Danes/Southern Swedes here on SDC, but we will try and hook up with some of the interesting ones :-D
Hope to make it to B.I.T.C.H in holland .....
bye for now