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       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on January 28, 2014 View Comments 0      
Supposed to be a quiet January! 13/1 to 27/1/14

13/1 After a great sleep I woke after 8am and Rita woke at 10. Started to make love but we started to laugh about something and got a fit of the giggles and so the moment was lost! After I got up I went for a run.Just after lunch we popped out into Enfield to look at a couple of houses. Headed back home via office. Quiet evening watching TV

14/1 Woke- had a conference call and after Rita woke it was not long before we were making love. Had to pop to office and then early evening decided on a naughty night. Watched a film first, chatted, got naked on sofa and stated to play with the toys. Watched some porn on TV and fucked through evening and had an amazing cum together. Just before midnight I had an M and then we cleared up downstairs and headed to bed. Carried on fucking, then dozed and then mounted Rita from behind and started what seemed an endless fuck. After Rita slept but I dozed fitfully till morning.

15/1 Woken on alarm at 8.30. Got up and showered and them after a small breakfast we got ready to head to the National Theatre costume hire warehouse to pick out costumes for Madame O Venice party next month. Both picked out good costumes fairly quickly and then we headed to Goodmans in Maddox St for Rita to have a steak and I plumped for a burgher as I still felt weary from night’s shenanigans and didn't feel too hungry. After meal we set off home and after arriving Rita headed for shops and I unsuccessfully tried to get a haircut. Home and a quiet evening and early bed.

16/1 Awoke still feeling tired and had a quiet day. Rita was busy getting stuff ready for her brother's arrival later from Moscow. Popped into the office and watched TV until we got call from D that he had arrived at Victoria and so then Rita headed off in car around midnight to pick him up at Tottenham Hale. After he arrived we sat round chatting while he ate and I headed to bed at 2am and left them chatting.

17/1 I woke around 10 - still feeling weary - must be one of those weeks! Had a conference call to go through the trial results of the analytics system we had put on the web site. Very impressed and so decided to approve. Then popped into office to clear up a few things and late afternoon lay on the bed for a doze and felt a lot better. We then got ready to go out and meet D at Zuma for
8.30pm who had been in London all afternoon. At Zuma bumped into F and C and spent first part of evening chatting to them. R and E came in - the latter only 4 weeks from the baby being due - she looked enormous! Around 10pm we walked round to Nozomi and got a seat at the bar. Ox joined us at 11pm and we starting chatting to another couple - L and her 5th date boyfriend A, an Italian. Around 1.30am we decided to carry on the party at Home House. A for some reason took the hump and decided not to come so L joined us on her own. Had a blast at HH and at 3am headed down to the Vault where L hooked up with a nice English guy. At 4am I was getting really tired so said to Rita it was time to Rita it was time to head home and so booked Add Lee. Then the girls decided we were all going to Ox's in Fulham, which I didn't think was a great idea but kept quiet. At Ox's and around 5.30 am I couldn't keep my eyes open so left the lounge and crashed on the bed. Remember Ox coming into bedroom and taking off my jeans and covering me with a duvet before my lights went out.

18/1 Eyes opened at 8 and slept again till nearly 11am. I felt pretty dreadful and went downstairs to retrieve my jeans. Rita and Ox were still up chatting and lounge smelt like a seriously full ashtray and like a bomb had hit it! I couldn't stay in that environment and needed fresh air and so announced I was going home. D was still asleep and Rita did not want the party to stop, but this time I was not going to acquiesce and so left her the money for a taxi home when she and D were ready and left. The fresh air was delicious and on way to tube stopped for a sandwich and latte. What a long journey from Parsons Green to Enfield! Caught up on blog and felt refreshed after reaching home after a nearly 2 hour trip. The shower and shave were heaven and after in the peace and quiet of home settled down to read the Times and then watched a film I had recorded. Not a bleep from Rita by phone. Guess I will find out later what mood she is in when she gets back! D and Rita got back at 5pm. Rita and D looking wasted! We had supper and after not long before Rita was curled up on sofa asleep. D went to bed and set alarm for 4am for taxi to catch early flight back to Moscow. Around 9 Rita and I hit the sack and Rita was feeling very horny and so I masturbated and fucked her and after 2 orgasms we mutually masturbated and we came again with Rita taking my full load into her mouth. Then sleep!

20/1 Monday morning- Ugh! Busy day in front of me. After breakfast left for office for an interview - turned out candidate not appropriate. Then had very productive meeting with a company keen for us to market their product. Then headed home for a web based training session on a new web analytics product we had taken. Rest of day spent on contract work and discussions with my barrister re court case on Friday. Watched a film on TV and then bed and cuddled.

21/1 Woke and feeling horny turned Rita in all fours and fucked till we both came. Breakfast in bed and then up, did some weights, showered and headed into office with meeting with B on some costings for 2 potential new clients. B then announced he was resigning which wasn't too much of a surprise but sadly will increase my workload a lot over next few months till staff situation settles down Rita then rang and suggested we meet at TGI's at 5ish for a meal and then go to see Wolf of Wall St, that I wanted to see. Popped on a bus and met and demolished some chicken wings, ribs and a burgher before seeing the film. We both thoroughly enjoyed what was a wild film though - typically Scorsese - it was a marathon! Home by 10 and bed and soon started a sexy wet love making session which continued till we cuddled and slept.

22/1 What should have been a quiet day turned out to be busy work wise. Still had time for a run and Rita went shopping in the afternoon. Early evening after supper we had some fun and by time we went to bed Rita was out of it after drinking a bit. I lay in bed and had an M. Rita now even more spaced out. Had great sex (though Rita couldn't remember a thing next morning!)

23/1 Woke and had breakfast in bed and then I went downstairs to prepare court documents for tomorrow which took 2-3 hours. Usual office stuff and mid-afternoon went with Rita to do a little shopping and wash the car. Quiet evening trying out a new champagne and rose we had bought. Early bed and sleep.

24/1 Uneventful morning on office stuff and at 2pm Rita and I left to drive down to Edmonton Court. Got the result I wanted and so we headed back home and later got ready to head to Zuma. Chatted to a nice couple- S and B- at the bar and later bumped into J and S. Around 10 we headed to Nozomi and straight away bumped into L and her friend. Soon after Ox and J turned up. Had a laugh with her on the incriminating photo she had posted to Facebook that had L screaming at her to take it off. Started to play and flirt with a bunch of Norwegian women and one 24 year old and a 40 year old seemed to take a shine and we had a ball. Both L and Ox were getting really jealous and tried to interrupt by saying Rita was getting jealous - which of course she wasn't! Around midnight we plus Ox headed for Home House and then danced and chatted with a interesting French women photographer. At 3 we then headed to Vault but it was very full and C said it was best avoided. So got a taxi home and left Ox in the arms of a French guy she had met. At home we had great sex and eventually crashed at 5am

25/1 Woke at midday - had more great sex and then a quiet afternoon. Decided on a naughty night at home. We soon got naked and high and out came the toys and we both fucked each other all evening. Rita dropped hot candle wax over me and again
later while I was blindfolded! Popped outside to have some M and whilst inhaling Rita fucked me with a dildo. Same happened later in the bedroom. Rita lost count how many times she came - I had a fab double orgasm and eventually around 2am we passed out.

27/1 We woke late morning and made love and then decided to go out to FishandChips for lunch. Had a good lunch and then on way home decided to see if there was anything on at cinema worth watching and there wasn't and so, still hungry,  popped into TGI Fridays as Rita still hungry for a salad and chicken wings. Then home and collapsed in sofa to watch a film which we mostly slept through. Quiet evening and early bed and cuddle.

       Posted by ASHBUTU Posted on January 28, 2014 View Comments 5      
programs movies on swing
can people suggest programs movies on swingers what is enjoyable is playboy tv swing all 3 seasons..the czech swingers and also the movie swingers and happy few (4 lovers )..anything else anyone knows?

       Posted by MOJO911 Posted on January 27, 2014 View Comments 5      

       Posted by MOJO911 Posted on January 27, 2014 View Comments 18      
Legalization of Marijuana
       Posted by PAPHOSPARTIES Posted on January 27, 2014 View Comments 0      
Paphos Parties Community
Check out our new community page join and spread the word, if you living in Cyprus or are visiting on holiday etc get in touch we would love to see you here on the Island of love.
       Posted by NICENESS Posted on January 26, 2014 View Comments 4      
I just cant seem to find an open midnded girl to help me take care of my man. His birthday is coming up and all I want is another female to help me make him the center of attention. 
       Posted by TRYST3 Posted on January 26, 2014 View Comments 19      
Lifestyle Jealousy?
Soooo, this just happened:

Sent a text to a couple I met and clicked with in October in a social setting but haven't played with yet due to mutual holidays/work conflicts, etc. The wife and I have a cordial conversation and I mention maybe getting together soon. She responds back; "But you have so many options." 
I was stunned...I don't see what that matters if I am texting her to meet; I suppose I could have let it go but being the inquisitive type I replied; "What has that to do with our fun?" to which she replied; "I don't play second fiddle." As I stated before, this is a woman with a husband. Part of a couple in the lifestyle. This is jealous girlfriend behaviour that makes absolutely no sense to me. This isn't or eharmony. The main reason people are here is to have some adult fun, not spouse shop or get their feelings caught up, or am I missing something? 
       Posted by LIQUIDPERFECT Posted on January 26, 2014 View Comments 0      
A fun evening on the town
Hi there. We're Dhe & Dshe, D&D for short. We tend to be a bit on the quiet side, so we thought we'd get out and hit the local bar to break out our quite rut. This was one of our favorite restaurants/bars. Good food, great bartenders and not too noisy. We planned on eating at the bar, rather than a table which was a 90 minute wait. Anyway, you can't really strike up a conversation when you're at a table. We ended up talking to two couples and a pair of young girls  (about 28 YO) out for the night.

The first couple seemed nice. Good basic conversation about West Hartford. . While Dana was talking to them these two young things asked me whether or not she should be texting some guy. That led to a lesson from Dana and myself in the world of dating.

Jokingly, I said, "never text back. Keep him waiting". Then Dshe asked, "have you met him yet? "Yes, one date", with an excited look she said. "And we were texting back and forth for 4 days. Then nothing. What should I do?", she asked. "Should I call and ask why he hasn't called?"

"No", said Dshe in her authoritative voice. "Be positive. Invite him to a fun event. Then you'll see if he's interested". "But I want to know what's going on. Why has hasn't text me for a while", she pined. "You'll find out soon enough if he agrees to meet. If not, NEXT..."

Then Dshe told the girls how we met. And that she was dating many guys to avoid getting to vested. This way when the right one shows up (me of course) she'd know. "Yes", I said. "You should date 7 to 9 guys. that's a good number". "Seven guys?". "At the same time?". Cuppig one hand to form a circle and moved a finger from her other hand in and out in short strokes. I cracked up. I was thinking that's what I'd do but we're in a vanilla conversation here.

The girls were so thankful for the advice. Anyway they wanted to "friend" us both on Facebook. So now we both have two young things as FB friends. They went off the to Red Robin for burgers and Dshe and I took their seats for dinner. Good trade...

Then another couple sat down next. They seemed nice, fit and in their 40s.Dshe started up a conversation with them both. He mentioned that he spends a good bit of time in Southern Vermont, working in construction for high end homes. I mentioned that we were going to an Inn next weekend in the area.

"What's the name?", he asked. "I can't remember". It was true, my memory sucks. But I thought I could go to the next level. "But it's clothing optional. Can't be too many of those around there, right?" Well, that little tidbit opened up a tide of excited conversation. They were a relatively new couple, but they've gone to the Bucket List (a well known place here in CT) and some nudist colonies that we were also familiar with. She sounded a bit hesitant about the lifestyle.  He said the the girls were all over her at the last party. She smiled in agreement.

"My mom is in the lifestyle. How embarrassing", she bemused. the led to a fun conversation about our parents. By the end of the evening we exchanged info and left it at that. Maybe we'll see more of them...

What a fun night.
       Posted by LUV2BLICKED00 Posted on January 26, 2014 View Comments 3      
When my husband travels..
He got promoted and has to travel quite a bit. He has encouraged me to play separate with women and couples (no single men) while he is out of town if I want to. Which I do but... I am just so nervous about it. We have met a few people I think I would be comfortable with but I always chicken out for some reason before asking them. I DO want to do this and recently sent out a few emails. Any other ladies feel the same? How did you overcome it? Or did you?
       Posted by JGANDJP Posted on January 25, 2014 View Comments 3      
come hang out drink and maybe play we are by Blanco Tx. directions below

Take a look at my photo album - 'THE GOOD STUFF'
Hello we live on a ranch very private we can meet at the Shade Tree bar 5 miles from our house and see were it goes

if interested mesg us
we live on a ranch and can w

       Posted by JGANDJP Posted on January 25, 2014 View Comments 1      
new to SDC looking for playmates

looking for long term fun with friends other than just sex and we have kids so we have to plan it or play late after the kids go to sleep in our other house  friend  us or mesages if interested  we look forward too meeting a few good friends

       Posted by RDY2GO2 Posted on January 25, 2014 View Comments 0      
If you scroll through the video spotlight you may notice how its kinda hard to scroll down the list if your watching them etc and not get lost.Seems like it would be a great option to have the name of the user profile your watching highlighted in a different color so you can somewhat kind have a bookmark on where your at in the list. Just a thought...

       Posted by AMAZINGRACE Posted on January 25, 2014 View Comments 1      
London swingers clubs or parties
hi. we r planning a trip to London. can anyone plz recomand us on good swingers clubs or parties?
       Posted by PLAY4US Posted on January 24, 2014 View Comments 18      
Kissing before we play
The wife and I were discussing kissing and the lifestyle. We tend to have slightly different views and wonder what most think. To me a passionate kiss is the perfect prelude to a great fuck. Unfortunately not all women are good at it. I'm sure a few of us guys fall into that category as well. 
Do you kiss before you play? Do you find that a great kiss gets you harder or wetter? Do you find that lifestyle folks are great kissers?
       Posted by JIM69MICK Posted on January 24, 2014 View Comments 11      
Responsibility of Single Guys
       Posted by SAINTSNSINNNERS Posted on January 24, 2014 View Comments 2      
club secret/hedo events
Has anyone been to club secret /hedo events in the orlando area? I have done a lot of looking and have found very little abiut them other than a few not so nice reviews on the community page. Any first hand knowledge woukd be appreciated.
       Posted by HOTINTEXAS Posted on January 24, 2014 View Comments 9      
Why do some guys blow their chances at the last minute?
       Posted by SWINGATCAPDAGDE Posted on January 24, 2014 View Comments 0      
Tribute Nights in Cap D Agde

The Casino in Cap D'Agde do tribute bands once a month. We are going to see Madonna 25/1/14, Queen 29/3/14 & Michael Jackson 28/6/14.

They charge 35 Euros per person and that includes a 3 course meal, wine & entertainment - a great night out. Its not a swinging night but a nice preamble!
The Casino

       Posted by WACKY1 Posted on January 23, 2014 View Comments 15      
Very Attractive Couples
Just wondering how many of you come across profiles featuring "very attractive couples"? I know there are hundreds of very attractive couples on this site, I'm talking about the ones who tell you that right up front that they are a "very attractive couple". While my wife is the most beautiful, sexy, and attractive woman on earth, I, on the other hand, am convinced I'm the reason we only see couples that are within our age and "attractiveness quotient". And I'm okay with that. I know I wouldn't be here except for her. I'm okay with that. But how about letting me make my own decision about how attractive a couple you are? Not saying everybody doesn't need to have self confidence, hell no one would be on here unless they thought there was at least an outside chance that someone might want to at least snuggle with them. Not to say everyone on here is my/our "taste" or "chemistry". We all know that there are different strokes for different folks and one man's beauty is another man's ...well, you get my drift. I don't want to be with another couple who before I ever make contact with them, I know they think they are out of my league. Just saying, beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder and while you may think you're all that, maybe you ought to let people who might be looking at you make the decision how attractive a couple you are. Because, in the end, it's them that ultimately decide whether they want to be with you or not. Am I right? Just sayin...
       Posted by SASHASWEET Posted on January 23, 2014 View Comments 39      
To squirt or not???
This goes out to all the squirters and squirt enthusiasts.
Are you able to control your squirting, or does it happen automatically?
I personally can control my squirting and sometimes I won't.
I wonder how many men actually like it or can really make it happen... thoughts??