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       Posted by TXSOUTHERNCPL Posted on March 25, 2014 View Comments 14      
To much thought?
So simple question, do people put way to much thought into Swinging? 
       Posted by YESPLEASE1369 Posted on March 24, 2014 View Comments 0      
Back from being away

MAN!!  What a mission.  I just was able to come up for air(sort to speak).  I had to attain a couple of things.

It has been a while since I have posted anything...  I survived MANY class hours, and am presently a study fiend. 

Wassssup people?  I hope and kinda know most are well.  I wonder if you can apply IT to swinging....  Hmmm.  

How about if we have an IT party?  I wonder how that would work...

       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on March 24, 2014 View Comments 2      
A Great Party Weekend: 17/3 - 23/3/14

17/3 Woke at 8.30 - a catch up of 13 hours sleep and got stuck into office stuff and emails. Had brunch at midday. Worked on office stuff pm and then we got ready to head for Home House for a St Patrick's day dinner. T was staying there and came and said hello and invited us to his son’s wedding at the Four Seasons in Istanbul. Had a nice meal and then went round to Ar and J's to see new baby. Spent a pleasant hour with them and then headed home. Le had left for her new flat as Yu due back from  university on Thursday. As Rita's P had started we both fell into bed and slept soundly.

18/3 I woke at 8.30 feeling tired. Rita woke later and while I dealt with office stuff we watched Putin’s speech on Crimea. It's been interesting to watch events unfold from both sides as it were. The point I see is that The West see it purely as a political/ geographical issue - they have no grasp at all of the deep emotion and connectivity Russia has with the Crimea. Understanding the history might make stances more palatable. Midday I went for a run and did some weights. In the afternoon again dealt with contracts. Also made touch with a couple on SDC, D&S, and they are now coming to A's party on Saturday - should be fun!  Rita went shopping and after she came back we settled on sofa to watch some TV. Bed and slept.

19/3 After we woke we had breakfast and late morning I did some weights and then popped to office for a meeting. After I got back we decided to go to see Budapest Hotel after early supper at Pizza Express. Rita found film funny but she had to keep nudging me as I kept dozing off! Ar called to thank us for coming round on Monday. We finalised arrangements for night out with J and Ag on
29th and H texted to say Sa was back at weekend and did we want to get together for some fun early April - of course! Hit sack around 11 pm and slept.

20/3 Woke early and did emails, read Times and browsed a little porn. Rita woke later and we had tea and breakfast in bed. Not long after now that Rita's P was over we both got horny and I mounted her from behind and within about 6-10 strokes we were both coming like we hadn't had sex for a month! Around midday Rita went to Colchester to pick up Yu from University. Rita and Yu back at 4. Watched some TV and then bed. Rita soon fell asleep but I could so caught up on some TV on iPad till 2am when I slept.

21/3 I woke at 7 - very tired and after some iPad stuff fell back asleep till Rita woke me at 11am. Mooched through day on office stuff and Rita popped our shopping mid-afternoon. I went for a lie down and fell asleep through till 6pm. Woke up and saw Rita had bought me some new slippers. Had some soup and then showered and got ready to head for Zuma. Met Ca and P and then G and a girlfriend - also called Margarita from Latvia. After some drinks we went round to Nozomi, squeezing into GC's Porsche. Drinks and danced a little. Then around midnight headed to Home House and had a great dance through
till 2am. Rita got propositioned by a girl who wanted to fuck her! G&M left soon after and we got taxi home.

22/3 We both woke mid-morning and had a quiet moochy day and early evening got ready and headed for Landmark Hotel for A's party. Arrived at 9 and met D and S (lovely couple we had introduced to the party during the week) and A and E for drinks in bar before party. We went up to suite and said a big high to M and G and J and J both of who we had met before and had great fun with. I had some stuff along with a few other including Rita and soon popped outside with G, J&J for some M. Back to party and girls changed and guys disrobed to underwear. Soon most of us were naked and party started in earnest. Rita had brought her
wand dildo and through the night I think every woman used it to orgasm - each to a small appreciative audience. We firstly joined up with M&G and played together and this time got round to fucking each other. Ended up fucking M in the arse which brought her to a high decibel orgasm. Later Rita and M lay head to toe beside each other and fisted each other to orgasm – again to an
appreciative audience. J&J and shut ourselves in loo for some more M and then went back to bed and played softly together. I was lying beside S and stroking her fanny when she said that she would have to stop fucking as her fanny was sore from the pounding she had had through the evening. Later on same bed I found myself next to E who was on all fours and I started to gently massage her clitoris from behind and circling my thumb inside her vagina for about 15 minutes till she came. Rita was on her back beside her getting a lot of finger attention from A till she came too. After this the party was breaking up and I looked for J&J who were fast asleep in another room! I was still really horny and could have gone in all night. Said our goodbyes and got in a taxi to head for Home House but had to detour back to pick up Rita's phone. We both had fun and danced in HH and later down in the Vault till 4.30am before getting taxi home.

23/3 We were both still high and took some more fun and started to play with toys on sofa together- fucked each other and then fucked Rita so hard for what seemed like ages till I eventually exploded inside her. It was now sometime between 6-7am and we headed for bed and slept through till 1ish. Got texts from M&G to arrange another meet and also from D&S to meet up again soon. Had some paella in bed and eventually got up around 4 and showered and watched some TV with Prosecco and cheese. By 8.30pm we were starting to doze off and so headed back to bed and soon both fell asleep - we must be getting old!

       Posted by FUERTE2011 Posted on March 24, 2014 View Comments 0      
Koh Samui: May/June
Hi, we are in  may/june on koh samui, first travel to the island (Lamai). We are looking for informations about meeting points, bars, beaches, partys, other people, who are on samui...
       Posted by GATTOPARD1 Posted on March 23, 2014 View Comments 23      
Old pictures , out of focus pictures , blurred pictures , ass pictures , foot pictures ,cartoon face pictures , Disney background pictures , penis pictures, 2005 dated pictures, .......WTF ?
       Posted by WESTSIDESTORY Posted on March 23, 2014 View Comments 10      
Do you prefer to wear panties and bra when going dancing or not?
How many woman prefer not to wear underwear when going out dancing?
       Posted by LETUSSWING Posted on March 22, 2014 View Comments 1      
At the Tender Age of 21

This is the youngest woman I have had sex with since I was in my twenties myself. Yes, a long time ago. At the tender age of 21, Leah agreed to come to my house to celebrate her recent birthday and we would be doing so by eating, drinking, and having meaningless sex. Life is good, enjoying all my favorite things on a Saturday afternoon. She arrived a bit hungry and of all the choices I presented to her, she decided on pizza. Lucky me, there is a pizza joint within walking distance of my house so we went next door for a quick bite and after eating some pizza, we returned to the house. Once back in the house, we had a couple of drinks. Leah was having a bit of trouble getting relaxed and drinking a couple of Cosmopolitans helped tremendously. I must say that the whole encounter was a bit odd from the start. She had a great lean body but did not know how to use it effectively, she couldn’t do “sexy” very well. Leah was wearing a skirt and was very receptive to my initial fondling. She eventually was horny and relaxed enough to allow me access to touch her whole body. We slowly found our way upstairs where once on my bed, we were able to progress much faster.

Once in the bedroom, we went straight for the bed. Leah was lying down and I assumed my position on top of her. We kissed as I started to undress her. I removed Leah’s skirt and undid her blouse before she sat on the bed so I could remove her blouse and bra. Her breasts were beautiful and I made sure I showed her how much I liked them. I moved down, kissing Leah’s flat stomach and navel, eventually reaching her panties. I have a thing for panties. I love to see how well they look on you but I especially love how they smell while you are wearing them. I love to feel the fabric as my hands caress your ass and fingers explore those part covered by the fabric. Panty-play along with the glorious scent on Leah’s panties was driving me insane. The scent of ‘excited pussy’ mixed with a hint of ass and the right amount of sweat, makes this incomparable aroma which contributes to make me the oral sex addict I am. But again, taste is what matters to me the most.

Leah’s pussy was nicely trimmed and both smelled and tasted divinely. Oh Lord, I love to eat pussy; there is nothing like it. There is nothing as great as a nicely kept, naturally-scented, great-tasting pussy. I ate Leah’s pussy prior to penetration and though she was very wet, she was not responding as well as I expected. Penetration itself posed a challenge because she was very tight and perhaps she was not as well lubricated as she should have been, so I decided to go down on her again. Leah’s juices were now flowing again and I decided to give this one more try. Leah was horny, seemed like she was ready and wanted to fuck but my dick was not able to slide inside Leah. Well, a little patience and perseverance, paid off and she was able to take me inside. It took time and adjustment to synchronize our movements but eventually our rhythm was in synch. I was getting little or no feedback from Leah and it was hard gaging the direction in which to go. Should we fuck wildly, gently, slow, fast, deep, or hard? There was no discussion but we settled in a combination. We took a short break from intercourse to indulge in more oral sex before continuing fucking.

I was having a bit of trouble ‘finishing’ and decided to pull Mr. Baldy out, remove the condom, and continue pleasuring myself manually until I cum over her chest. Her breasts were now covered by my gooey juice and she used her fingers to rub the sticky stuff all over. She did not taste my cum but smelled it and reported to get turned-on the scent of fresh cum. She got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to cleanup. I was still lying in bed, flipping through channels and waited for Leah to finish. It seems she took forever; what was she doing in there? She eventually finished using the bathroom and joined me in the bedroom, sitting on the bed. I excused myself and went into the bathroom to wash Mr. Baldy off, I was surprised by signs of her mascara everywhere, including the Qtips box, counter, towels. My bathroom was a mess! As if making a complete mess in my bathroom was not enough, she was now insulted that I would not give her a quick answer about when would we see each other again. “Why would I do this again?” was the question in my head. A while later, I walked her to the door and she asked: “can I take the leftover pizza for later?” My reply was: “of course honey.”

Sad to say, this was not a great fuck and can categorize it as mildly enjoyable. I later decided I wouldn’t have sex with anyone so young ever again but I was lying to myself, I am even more attracted to younger women now. This is the recount of an encounter which happened over two years ago. Since then, there have been three or four delicious young ladies to include one who was 19 at the time. Women are absolutely delicious at any age.

       Posted by MIAMIFISH Posted on March 22, 2014 View Comments 2      
Swing Clubs are dying out
We have been in the lifestyle for more than 20 years. When we started The clubs were not crowded but somewhat busy. Now even on a Saturday night in South Florida most clubs are flat, no energy and just slow. Is the Swing Club idea dying out? We see a lot of on lookers and people just hanging out and do not like to socialize. We love the idea of being able to have fun and make out at the bar without having to worry about who may be watching. Maybe we are just getting older but we want to have fun, not just sit around, we can do that anywhere. 
       Posted by MIAMIFISH Posted on March 22, 2014 View Comments 18      
Guys do not use condoms
Is it us, but we have seen more guys at the local clubs that refuse to use condoms for intercourse. We have been to local clubs in South Florida recently and meet guys that refuse to use condoms or do not have them with them. Very frustrating for her because we meet some good guys.  But the guys seem to not care and try to push it. We make it known when we meet that condoms are a must. Even if we have them the guys refuse, so that ends the fun for them. It is not negotiable for us.
       Posted by LETUSSWING Posted on March 22, 2014 View Comments 6      
From my Wall of Shame

One day, this lady sends me an email out of the blue. She identifies herself as Jeannie. When I asked her where did she find my info, she answered that she had seen my profile on fling while checking out her friend’s account. Cool, fling served me well while I was a subscriber. We exchanged a few emails and did not communicate again for a few weeks. One Sunday afternoon, as I was home watching TV, I received a text message from her. She asked what was I doing the rest of the afternoon and I said I was just watching TV. The next text message I received caught me by surprise when she asked: “wanna fuck?”. Here is the thing. I had been dating someone, who dumped me about five days prior and, as much as I love fucking, I really wasn’t up to fucking someone else just yet. I came up with some excuses and she couldn’t believe I was trying to turn down sex. “Don’t you want to fuck?” “I thought you would be happy to get some pussy.” Really, what kind of a man was I?

At some point, she suggested she would pay for the room and my immediate answer was: “see you in one hour”. So, I took a shower and headed her way. I arrived where I was supposed to meet Jeannie and she was running a bit late. Eventually, she arrives and asks me to get in her car because she prefers to drive her own car to the motel. We are holding a “let me see if I want to fuck this person” conversation while she drives to the motel and once there, we get inside and she proceeds to pay for the room. Ok, room is paid for and once inside and without further questions or answers, we get naked and start to fuck. Seriously, I got undressed, put on a condom, and we started fucking, that quick. Fucking a stranger is often exciting and this was not the exception. I barely know her name and my cock is deep inside her pussy, this is great. A couple of hours ago I wasn’t into having sex with anyone and I’m now fucking this woman I don’t know, furiously. Life is good!

After fucking our brains out, I sat on the bed as she went into the bathroom. I was now wondering “what now?”. I mean, will small talk work? This is clearly not someone I want to get to know better, instead someone I have nothing in common. What do you say in a situation like this? She emerges from the bathroom fully dressed as I’m trying to figure out what to do and says “we have to leave.” I’m still naked, sitting on the bed and I’m looking at her, trying to contain my laughter. Oh God, she fucked me and was now showing me the door. This woman is a player. I had been played and discarded once she had no further use for me. At least a prostitute would have been paid, I didn’t. All I received was a thank you and a “see you later.” The funniest part about this encounter was that she told the attendant that she was having a family emergency as the reason to leave early and she was able to get her money back. I heard from her about three weeks later but she gave up after showed no interest.

       Posted by PLEASINGCPL Posted on March 21, 2014 View Comments 1      
Bass player wanted
Lifestyle band is looking for a bass player. Contact me if interested.
       Posted by GATTOPARD1 Posted on March 21, 2014 View Comments 7      
Pushy or empty hands?
We been reading in a lot of profile the self description "we are not pushy " , "We respect the comfort zones " etc etc.......and even we agree that that's a virtue....we also wondering ? how many situation didn't happen just because the couples don't know how to cross the barrier of friendship to a sex level ? how many parties finish only whit people having a good vanilla time just for not to be "Pushy".....what is the best way to cross the barrier"...go to "finish" the task  without show yourself as pushy ?
       Posted by 2WILDONES Posted on March 21, 2014 View Comments 2      
San Juan Puerto Rico
We are headed over to beautiful Puerto Rico for a much needed vacation and would like to know if there are any lifestyle friendly clubs on the island. Even if the places aren't lifestyle friendly, we would like to know of somewhere (Vanilla) that we can hang out and have a blast with some sexy open minded people. Help us out. Thanks in advance!
       Posted by WILLCOOL Posted on March 20, 2014 View Comments 101      
Be honest
ok,so your profile says couple,str8 male,str8 female and you invite a str8 male over for a little fun,great.Then after a while the male half of the couple utters out how he's curious about sucking a guys cock,wow! you never mentioned that when we emailed and talked on the phone,it's nowhere on your profile, did you suddenly become bisexual in the last 20 minutes? no, you knew what you were planning all along and what you've created is a very uncomfortable situation for me,you and you're wife.if you're bisexual then more power to you, but be upfront about it so i can politely decline the invitation.maybe i should have asked but since it wasn't in the profile i didn't think i had to.,guess i'm a bit naive.lesson learned.
       Posted by JAYINARL Posted on March 20, 2014 View Comments 10      
Is the term Chocolate a bad thing?
I believe this hobby is AMAZING because you can live out all your sexual fantasies that non lifestyle friendly folks can only dream about and if you are lucky enough to b a couple, when its over you can go home with he love of your life.  I was recently lucky enough to be involved in a "Chocolate Room".  This is a place where women could satisfy their desire to be with a man or men of color, if that had one.  Just like anything else in the hobby, it wasn't everyone's desire but It was never forced down anyone's throat (if that was a pun it was unintended). I was amazed at how popular the room was given that it was populated by single men and I was also amazed how a few couples thought that the term was degrading or how we were being somehow taken advantage of be cause of the term Chocolate.  I can kind of understand how the term BBC might bother some (doesn't bother me AT ALL btw) but chocolate, really?  Ive seen many profiles on here called Slut this or Whore and I never gave it a second thought.  I know that everything isn't for everybody, but if both parties are getting what they want out the deal, how can anyone be objectified? 
       Posted by ALTEREGO Posted on March 19, 2014 View Comments 1      
Blog posting. . .have patience and faith
When posting or replying to a blog on this site, one must have both patience and faith.  Even though most things internet are immediate, when you click on that little envelope icon with the arrow when posting or replying to a blog here, it is not going to post right away.  If you click the button once, just wait a few seconds and trust that the little spinning icon on your browser will work its magic.

I myself have been tempted to preempt the patience and lost my faith by clicking the button again.  It's okay to do that, but you can check on the posting(s) afterward to see if it was posted as a multiple and delete the multiples all by yourself.  That way you don't look like a fool for having made a mistake or egomaniacal for trying to consume the system.

Just your friendly neighborhood spiderman with a public service announcement. 
       Posted by NEXXYNRAD Posted on March 19, 2014 View Comments 20      
tells a lot
Why are there so many couple pics with only explicit pics of the female half and none of the guy. Trust I understand the lady is the draw , my girl is the draw in ours. Yet its nice to let them see me the other half. Now if she free to date and fuck without him thats cool, but normally thats not the case
       Posted by SMELLSNICE Posted on March 18, 2014 View Comments 0      
Collette New Orleans
We will be in New Orleans several times over the summer but will be arriving on Monday and leaving on Friday.  Does anyone have any experience at Collette on a Thursday?
       Posted by SEXYCOOLCRAZY Posted on March 18, 2014 View Comments 0      
Wanee Festival in Florida??
We are headed to the music festival in Live Oak, FL the weekend of April 10-12th.  Anyone else going?

       Posted by BIGJOHNSON2 Posted on March 17, 2014 View Comments 0      
I guess I'm a Daddy.
I like women younger than me and who doesn't.  Joined FetLife and there are bunches of Daddies on there each with their babydolls.
Didn't know I was a Daddy but I'm not into the diapers scene or pain of any kind.  More of a orgasm giving Daddy or watching my baby doll make love to a girlfriend.