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       Posted by THUNDERNGREY Posted on July 24, 2014 View Comments 6      
feeling invisible
I have to say that I feel it is very rude to delete an email without even the courtesy of a "sorry, not interested" reply.  Yes, I would like to know why, but at the very least a reply so I don't sit and wonder if it was an error then look like a fool trying again.

Especially when we match just about everything the other couple is looking for and we reach out to them just to have our email deleted.  I don't get it.  Like the single guy stated earlier there seems to be a lot of judgmental, mean people swinging these days.  Yes, you can be picky, it is your right.  We have our likes and dislikes too and have told others we weren't interested.  One time yes we said we weren't interested and the couple was very mean and snappy about it, but that doesn't happen often. 

Be courteous.  We are all people and quite frankly, swinging doesn't mean we don't have feelings.

       Posted by FIREBURNING123 Posted on July 24, 2014 View Comments 12      
SDC 3.1
       What does everyone else think of this new version of SDC ?

It deleted my private picture groups and albums. I don't see a way to correct the problem without re downloading all my pictures. I have contacted the Webmaster twice and only got a commercial telling me about the new features but nothing about fixing my problem. Anyone else having the same problems ?  

       Posted by CURIOUSCPL10 Posted on July 23, 2014 View Comments 1      
Our new podcast...
Hey guys,

Check out our new podcast we created about our adventures in the lifestyle.  We've started from the beginning so it may be perfect for the noobies and also fun to listen and relive for the more experienced.  Its called the curious couple for the curious ear.  We'd love to get some feedback and help spreading the word about it.  

You can find it at: 
on itunes just search for the curious couple for the curious ear and play on your podcast app

T & A
       Posted by HOTSUN Posted on July 23, 2014 View Comments 0      
Swinger club
Hi all,
We are visiting London for a few days and would appreciate any recommendations to visit a swingers club on Friday 25th July 2014. 
       Posted by HOTKOPPEL94 Posted on July 23, 2014 View Comments 3      
Wij zitten vanaf maandag 28 juli in toremolinos. Iemand leuke ideetjes of plaatsjes om naartoe te gaan? kisses
       Posted by LUCKYLYNDY Posted on July 22, 2014 View Comments 0      
upcoming fuun Splash Party !

only a couple days now until the fun Splash Party starts here on Thursday !

Please stop and see us in the vending room !  We carry a line of affordable sexy club wear and hand made non pierced nipple jewelry ! We have many show specials and we are giving away three nights at Hedo compliments of Castaways Travel.  We possibly might be looking for one more model . if you are up for it, kindly shoot us a note !

       Posted by SXYCPL727 Posted on July 21, 2014 View Comments 16      
Struggling to like the new blog layout
Who else thinks the new blog layout needs a little improvement?  Here are the two big things bugging me.

1) The site is now showing the entire original poster's message, which would be fine if OPs only wrote one or two sentence posts, but when they write several paragraphs, the system should not print all of that unless you click on the topic.  Please just show us the title and let us choose whether we want to read the rest.

2) Once you click on a topic it defaults to showing the oldest message first.  This is easier the first time you go into a post, but that's the only time.  After that, if you are trying to keep up with a post and look at new posts, it would be better for the latest post to be on top and get older as you scroll down.

Does anyone else agree with either one of my nits about the new blog layout?

       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on July 21, 2014 View Comments 3      
Back to Normal Week after Cap?: 13/7 to 19/7
13/7 We slept like logs till late morning, then made love till Rita came a couple of times, and then got up to get ready to lunch in London and to The Coliseum to see The Ballet Russes show on Diaghilev. The show was probably the best they had put on with the highlight for me, a leading Marinski ballerina dancing solo to Saint Saens "The Swan". We then headed home and Rita packed for her trip to Moscow tomorrow and then we watched the FIFA final. After that we both fell asleep - still catching up from Cap D Agde!

14/7 I woke at 8 and dozed through till when Rita woke at 9. We cuddled and then Rita had to get up and get ready as taxi was picking her up at 11.15 to take her to the airport. After she left I popped to local cafe for some bacon sandwiches and then home for a catch up call with an account manager that lasted an hour. Called Rita who was by now on plane waiting to take off. I then went for a run and did some weights and then showered and worked through till 4ish. Finished some ironing from the holiday for Rita, had an early supper and then started to watch some pre recorded TV during the evening. Watched a good film and then headed to bed and sleep after chatting with Rita who had arrived safely and got to her Mum's for late supper with her brother.

15/7 Woke at 8 - read Times, did emails and exchanged some emails on SDC. Also struggled to pay for a Norwegian private party in September as none of my banks could recognise BIC code sent by the organiser. Morning mostly spent on work related stuff and then did some weights and after showered and went by office, to sign a few things. Then caught tube into London at 2pm. Spoke to Rita who had by now got her internal passport and as it was so hot had bought a bikini and headed to Olive Beach in Gorky Park to sunbathe and chill. Weather warming up here today and even an empty tube was hot - will be impossibly hot by end of week. Went into Harrods to pick up body cream and perfume for Rita (always enjoy the eye contact the women assistants give you as you pass through!) and then on a bus to High St Kensington to go Whole Foods - first for a delicious maki roll, shrimp tempura, miso green salad and Asahi Dry beer in one of their restaurants and then to pick up some crab meat and avocados for Thursday when Rita is back. Had a long chat with Rita by phone over lunch who was staying at Olive Beach till 7.30 and then going back to her parents. Then hopped on a No 9 (one of the old fashioned ones with a conductor - much cooler than the one man buses in this weather) to Green Park and tubed home and back by 5. Made an arrangement with a couple on SDC speed dating to meet up on Saturday. Spent evening watching TV and chatting to Rita over the phone. Fancied some scrambled eggs and so exercised my culinary skills - quite a tasty result! Then bed. Woke at 3.30am and couldn't sleep and so read for a couple of hours before dropping back asleep.

16/7 Woke just before 9 and spoke to Rita. Then got up and did some weights and around mid morning drove to Post Office to see if a package I was expecting was there - it wasn't. Then took car for a valet and bought some wine. At home had a quiet evening and spoke to Rita who was stuck in a Moscow traffic jam wondering if she'd get to the airport on time. She made it and the plane only left some 25 mins late. Watched film "Capt. Phillips" before leaving to pick her up from the airport. Chaos at Thurrock bridge with accidents and arrived as Rita came out of airport. I was hungry so we stopped at McDonald's for a snack. Then drove clockwise round M25 to avoid bridge. Home before 1am and was so tired I slid into bed soon followed by Rita. I had an instant erection and we spooned with my cock inside her but too tired to do much more and so we both fell deep asleep.

16/6 Woke at 9 with another erection and we made love and then later had late breakfast in bed. Watched the start of the Open on TV while booking another night at Home House for weekend after next. Rita popped out to get her hair done and some shopping and then back home to do a foot spa. Finalised some contracts for work - good sales day. Then got to grips with Spotify Premium for Rita - much better than iTunes. Spent some time after 4pm in the garden with Rita - it was still very hot. Early evening we decided on a naughty night and so started on the fun. Chatted and Rita couldn't stop laughing. At one part of the evening we fucked and continually played with the toys with each other and watched porn in the background. At varying times I smoked some M and eventually after 2am tidied up the lounge and went to bed. In bed we started to play and at the end of the session I knelt between Rita's wide stretched legs and as she fucked herself with 2 fingers I wanked vigorously until eventually, in a ball of sweat (such a hot night) I came over Rita's fingers in her vagina. I collapsed at that point and took us both some 5 mins to recover (this led to a funny lost in translation the next day as I mentioned to Rita that I think I must have "wanked a kilo" off in weight, to which she said - when did we "drink tequila" - we both collapsed laughing). Then around 4am we fell asleep.

17/6 Woke at 8.30 with a phone call and then past out again till we both woke up after 11.30. For brunch we finished the crab that I bought in Home Foods and then showered and popped into office. Decided to close office as the heat was getting oppressive and sent staff home as it was just as easy for everyone to work from home. Picked up some lemons, limes and fruit on way home. At home Rita decided she wanted to stay at home and watch Despicable Me 2 (which we bought and tried to download last night - but there was an error and so couldn't watch it - we were so high!) which was now working. Went out into the garden with a bottle of Prosecco and sunbathed mostly under the umbrella as the temperature was hitting 30c. Laughed and reminisced about night before and discussed plans for next trip to Moscow for Rita's Mum's 70th. Rita's youngest came home early and was giving Rita the silent treatment - perhaps we were too noisy having fun last night!! Work wise a very quiet afternoon as probably most public sector workers clocked off early due to the heat! We invited V&I round for drinks and they arrived at 7pm and we had a really fun, chatty evening. After midnight Rita popped outside for a smoke and I kept her company and were entertained by a neighbour opposite, who with the windows open because of the heat, was making a huge amount of noise as she was being fucked! Except Iv, we all had fun and around 1.30 am Iv was tired so as they were walking home we joined them as it was such a warm night. We had a drink with them and then walked home smoking M. We had a lot of cheerful remarks from a group of youngsters who could smell it as we passed them! Got home and hit the bed and then fucked and played for over an hour before we fell asleep.

18/7 We woke at 11.30 and had brunch in bed. Mooched around through the day and just before 5 left for London to check in at Home House. Bumped into S in the garden and heard that Giovanni now had a baby! Dropped into R's room and had a drink and chat with her and her Norwegian boyfriend for an hour before heading to Sanderson's for a meal before meeting F and C. Disappointingly they had closed their  Malaysian restaurant and the menu was English banal. We were hungry and so had a token course but never again! Soon after F&C arrived. We drank and tried to chat but music was too loud. R dropped by and soon after we encamped back to Home House and R said she would meet us in Bison Bar there. Had a drink in bar - R didn't turn up. Showed F&C around HH and then ended up dancing for an hour. Then decided to go to room for a little rest and relaxation. The girls got undressed and showered together and then the four of us got naked on the bed and while the girls kissed and played,  F and I fucked our partners from behind. Rita sensed that F wasn't interested in perhaps swapping and so after we had finished we got dressed again, after I showered, and we headed down to The Vault to dance. F&I left after an hour and we carried on till just before 3am. Rita and I shared an M before we hit the bedroom and then spent the next hour or more continuously fucking. Eventually we stopped - both spent.

19/7 We didn't wake till midday and we both had a quiet afternoon and evening watching TV before we hit bed and slept.

       Posted by PICASSO469 Posted on July 20, 2014 View Comments 0      
Fantasy Football
I am doing the fantasy football league again this year. If anyone wants to play, send me an email. It is always fun to involve couples and singles. You do not have to be from Texas to join the league. 
       Posted by BAGLE Posted on July 20, 2014 View Comments 3      
las vegas
       Posted by MAXNMILFY Posted on July 20, 2014 View Comments 6      
Squirt Action
I am interested in squirting. How does it work. I have never squatted before, that I know of. However, I am multi-orgasmic. Please tell me the squatting secrets….
       Posted by SXYCPL727 Posted on July 18, 2014 View Comments 8      
A male grooming question from a guy
I have a question - mostly for the ladies - about male grooming "down there".

I have noticed that most guys I've seen while swinging shave their entire pubic region including that "triangle" area on top regardless of how much other hair they naturally have.  While that works for some guys who have very little hair to begin with, does anyone else think that looks kind of funny when the guy has a bit of tummy hair above that point?
I'm not real hairy, but I do have a little bit of that "tummy hair", and so my thing has been to shave "the boys" and trim the rest very very close - leaving just enough hair on the "triangle" area to not look like that lawnmower accident (in my opinion).
What looks better, in your opinions, and would you be turned off by finding 1/4" hairs in the "triangle area" if you were about to play with another couple?

       Posted by HORNYNHOLLYWO Posted on July 18, 2014 View Comments 3      
Anal in private
Mrs Horny is a big fan of a Shlong up her tiny little butt, but only in private (so far) any others out there who enjoy it, but only with their SO? 
       Posted by SXYCPL727 Posted on July 18, 2014 View Comments 10      
Will a quality massage table take a pounding?
We're thinking about picking up a massage table, and while the one we're looking at says it''s rated for over 500 lbs, I suspect that rating is for "static weight" of someone laying on it and a masseuse applying normal pressure.  

Has anyone used a massage table for sexy fun?  Will they take a pounding if, say, two humans totaling 300 lbs together are frolicking on one?
The bases look a little flimsy to me.  Wonder if maybe we should build our own -- or maybe start with a pre-made one and beef up the base.
Has anyone here broken a massage table having fun with it?

       Posted by SEXYCHOCOLATE1 Posted on July 18, 2014 View Comments 3      
what to expect for our first time please comment
We are new to this and have been to a swinger club before. So we are just trying to feel our way through this with each and try to decide about soft swing or full swing or can soft swing lead to full swing and what to expect for our first time.
we are
       Posted by TOMANNALONDON Posted on July 18, 2014 View Comments 0      
Tantric Massage
Any recommendations for classy Tantric massage sessions for couples in London welcome...
       Posted by FUNFANTASYFREE Posted on July 17, 2014 View Comments 9      
Cosmetic surgeon in South Florida
OK, there is no doubt some of the beautiful women on here has been under the knife.  Can anybody recommend a cosmetic surgeon for breast implants and tummy tuck here in South Florida (Miami/Ft.. Lauderdale/ Palm Beach area)?  Thanks in advance.  Also any experiences you want to share would be appreciated.
       Posted by NNAPLESCPL Posted on July 17, 2014 View Comments 4      
 A female friend has expressed interest in a BBC group party in the Ft Myers, FL area. Does anyone have any information on such a group Thanks, Mike 
       Posted by NICK6657 Posted on July 16, 2014 View Comments 0      
Out of my mind
I was wondering, how many bloggers post erotica here ? taking in account most people in SDC are quite in tune with their sexuality, and they are quite open mind being in the lifestyle, seems like a perfect venue for this kind of thing.