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       Posted by FULLSWAPFRIENDS Posted on August 26, 2014 View Comments 2      
Expanding Boundaries
I believe that most have similar experience as we do in exploring with relative strangers. I mean that we have met people in the lifestyle and become friendly with them. And we have met a few singles that were basically picked up and we have become friendly. But I suspect most do not share with really good friends. The kind that are life long and have no idea that you are in the lifestyle.

We had a recent experience that reminded us that it is unusual and that we have stepped out with very good vanilla friends a couple times.

Our last experience two weeks ago was like the others...very unexpected. I attended a wedding with a life long friend. She is an older woman and until recently when she started hormone therapy, had written off sex and intimacy. I'll make the story short.
After getting wickedly drunk at the reception, I convinced her to come home with me and that we'd pick up a guy for her to lay. She was agreeable but only because she was wasted and didn't believe I could pick up a guy for her. Things didn't go exactly as planned.  I ended up screwing the guy and she layed my husband. After much paranoia and guilt I have managed to reassure her that it was okay and that it was soooooo okay she could go to bed with my husband anytime. I think she's contemplating it.

The first time we did this was with a guy we new for more than 10 years. We knew him when he was married and then single from divorce. He had actually worked for my husband at one time. And by chance on a Saturday morning he dropped in unexpected. This wasn't unusual but this time the bell rang and i was in the middle of sucking on my husband. We got the door and let him in. It was kind of obvious that something was up as it was 9AM and I had a short dress on and some come fuck me heels. He was an alert guy and after some hints and inuendo he got the picture. And after some loose talk and recognizing that john was taking peeks up my dress on the couch, I pressed the issue with him. My astute husband went to the kitchen and I seduced the poor guy. After convincing him that it was my fantasy to have a threesome, he had no idea how many I had already had, I told him that I wanted to do it with someone I trusted. He didn't have a chance! How could he refuse.

After sucking on him and a rough and nervous start, we got him to the point of watching my husband and I fuck. He masturbated and watched. He seemed satisfied with the show and yet we sensed that he wasn't sure whether or not he coud cum, like there were some secret rules about threesomes or watching. I eventually offered my pussy to him and he knew what to do! I can't imagine the tension he felt. He put it in and within a few seconds he got to cum in the warm pussy of a friend. It was an instant beautiful and intimate connection. I'm so glad we did it. Since then I have screwed him once when he gave me a ride from the airport. He knows the boundaries and so do I, so we have a closer connection from it.

Would you share with long term non lifestyle friends?
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on August 26, 2014 View Comments 1      
Bank Holiday Week Fun: 18/8 to 25/8/14
18/8 Monday morning and after we woke we had breakfast in bed and then I headed out to Osteopath for a session on my neck. After I got back I got ready to go for a run but as I left the door the heavens opened and so abandoned run and did some weights. Checked out things were set up for a new starter tomorrow and then heard my senior account manager was leaving on 12/9 which is a problem. Fairly quiet afternoon and in evening watched The Quiet Ones - a horror film on Sky.

19/8 Had breakfast in bed and a fairly uneventful day. I ran into local town, to drop a cheque off, and then back for some exercise. Later we decided on a naughty night. We got naked in lounge but later decided to encamp to the bedroom and had an M and fucked each other with toys, watched some porno and fucked till we both had amazing cums and orgasms. Kicked off Rita's period!

20/8 Came too mid morning and Rita suddenly realised she had to get up and meet Ar at 2pm in London and then do some shopping. I did some weights and then headed to the office, had a client conference call and then later dropped off the car at the garage for a service and MOT tomorrow; walked home and got back at same time as Rita. Had a quiet evening as Rita was tired and had a small eye infection and we were in bed for 10ish. PP dropped of some stuff at 11pm and then I slept.

21/8 I woke at 8 and then was on conference call at 9. After we had breakfast in bed and we caught up with bits and pieces till 1ish. Then got up and went for a run. After I got back Rita went out shopping and I then got a call from garage to pick up my car. Jogged there and drove home via office. We had another quiet evening and watched a good film called "Odd Thomas". Then bed early and we both soon fell asleep.

22/8 Woke and had a long client conference call and had brunch in bed with Rita. Quiet day with office stuff. Rita popped to doctor to get some stuff for her eye infection. Did some weights and around 7pm V&I came round for supper before we all headed to cinema to watch a horror film - Deliver us from Evil, which turned out to be a great film. V bought some fun which we shared before and had a little after we got back. We had some tea and cake before V&I left. Rita and I had a little M and headed for bed. We started to make love and started by fucking her doggy style. Rita then sucked my cock and I mouth fucked her and then lay her on her back and fucked again. Rita came multiple times before we eventually slept.

23/8 We woke at 8.30 and almost immediately started to make love. After a variety of adopted positions Rita climbed on top of me and had her final orgasm on top. She then beautifully got me some tea and toast. Rita then dozed off and then I did. I woke after midday and moved car as roadwork were moving in! Then watched the F1 qualifying. Left home at 5 to go to Home House where we were staying overnight. On the tube we saw the Italian couple - "en famille" - we had played with a few weeks back - we smiled and waved and after wondered what the chances of that encounter would be. Checked in and after a couple of drinks we had a meal in The Octagon restaurant. We then left just after 9 and got a taxi to Sanderson's. We only stayed till 10.30 as the atmosphere was a bit flat. Back at HH we had some fun and then at 11 Le - woman who had got in touch via SDC - arrived and after a couple of drinks was chatting away in Russian with Rita. We then chatted, drank and danced and around 1am we went back to the room where L had some fun. We were about to go back to dance when L suddenly felt unwell and we spent next 45 minutes taking care of her till she felt a little better. By then the 3 of us were naked in bed and Rita and I had some fun. L gave me a blow job while Rita had a smoke and I was then so horny I called Rita back off the terrace as I was desperate to fuck her. Soon after while L was on her back. After she came - doggy style - she lay on her back beside L and I knelt between them and fingered them both as they squirmed in pleasure. Rita then suggested L might like to be fucked and so I obliged. L then knelt in front of me, whilst on my back, and gave me a blow job while she finger fucked my prostrate. I had some M and at that point L was not 100% and started to sleep and didn't take much further part in the proceedings. Rita and I were both feeing extraordinarily horny and so we fucked each other with a double dildo, then had a sexy 69 and fucked in a variety of positions, finishing off at around 4am when I came a 2nd or 3rd time ( I can't recall) in an explosive ejaculation.

24/8 I then passed out till 7.30am when Le left to go home and Rita and I then made love a couple of times before falling asleep till 10.30. We then slowly got up and had Bloody Mary's and brunch and then headed home. Exchanged some emails and texts with An - a single woman who had got in touch with us through SDC. Arranged to meet her and her French boyfriend at HH for 2.30 tomorrow. Home sweet home and after unpacking I watched Belgium F1. After we both took a little fun and lay naked in sofa and fondled each other watching TV. Went to bed early and watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral before we both fell asleep.

25/8 Woke at 8.30 to the morning screams of next door neighbour - back from holiday - I wonder if she knows how loud her sex is? Pouring with rain - typical UK Bank Holiday! Read paper, did emails, reviewed markets and then got a nice email from D&C offering to meet us off flight at Oslo, as they are also going to mountain chalet party that week. Rita didn't wake till 11ish - how she can sleep! Anyway we headed into town, in the pouring rain joining the crush of people on the Central Line heading for the Notting Hill Carnival and had lunch at a gastro pub quite near Home House – we were starving! Met Fe - not An- as it turned out her name was at 3pm. Rita seemed to have continual interruptions on her phone from her youngest son throughout the whole evening. I was fed up with it and we discussed how to deal with it later on the way home! Had drinks and chatted and headed off to Bloomsbury Hotel to meet her boyfriend M – a French actor working in London. After about an hour we headed to his bedroom and had a fun time with a lot of soft playing, cunnilingus, blowjobs and finger fucking as well as fucking our own partners through to about 10ish when we said our adieus and left for home. Bed, made love and then fell asleep.
       Posted by ATHLETE13 Posted on August 25, 2014 View Comments 5      
Health Fitness & Wellness Tip: Part 2
One of the biggest questions people ask once they find out you work in the health & fitness world is what is the best diet.

Well the answer is a simple and complex situation. The best diet is the diet you are willing to stick with for life. People want to over think the obvious, but when it comes to food, just eat. Yes certain foods are better than others, but most foods are not bad. Just like guns do not just walking around killing people, food is not just going to hop in your mouth and say eat me. Everyone is different and people should spend more time figuring out how certain food products effect their own personal body, and adjusting their meal plans according to that experience.

For example, do certain foods sit heavier on you after you eat them, do you have gas issues after specific food, your skin/nails/hair condition if you missed eating certain food, and other signs of nutrition changes.

If you truly are interested in your health nutritional wise, go get a blood work done (SMA-20, or Chem 20). Find out where you stand on micro nutrients, hormones, organ function, blood cells, and so forth. The grasp of this new found knowledge, shines some light on how your body handles food, but knowing is not power, the ability to apply knowledge is power. So once you know where you stand on your profile, ask a dietitian, or someone with a strong nutritional background to help understand the lab reading. Remember most doctors although they are doctors, have no real nutritional education. Maybe an elective they took once in undergrad, but honestly they probably will just give you a pamphlet to take home and read.

In my professional opinion, it makes no sense to take the shotgun approach to supplementation. If you know you are low in one nutrient, take that nutrient as a supplement or better yet eat actual food if it is just as beneficial.

Everyone knows to eat leaner cuts of meats, more vegetables/fruits, and less processed foods, but really it comes down to it understand how your body personally deals with food. You have to establish a relationship with your body. Basically being your own chemist. Most importantly be happy with your body, and who you are as an individual.

       Posted by DARKSNOW Posted on August 25, 2014 View Comments 0      
Lanzarote in early September

Will be visiting Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen) with my vanilla friends from the 4th of September for one week. Will love to meet up with other swingers while holidaying

       Posted by AUSSIETOURIST69 Posted on August 24, 2014 View Comments 2      
New York
Can anyone advise where the best swing clubs are in NYC for well mannered guys can attend
       Posted by COUPLESFUN1 Posted on August 24, 2014 View Comments 0      
hi we r indian couple visiting bkk from 5th sept to 8th sept.lookin for some fun.mail me if any one interested.
       Posted by ATHLETE13 Posted on August 24, 2014 View Comments 7      
Health Fitness & Wellness Tip:
Before you do anything regarding fitness/health you need to make a plan. If you dont plan for success you are planning on failure.

1. Set goals and objects to help along your health/fitness journey.
a) Make these goals short term (day to day, to 3 months), Medium term (3 months to half a year), Long term (1 yr to multiple yrs)

2. Within these goals be as specific as possible for yourself, and also permit your self to have wiggle room. You will not succeed at every turn of your journey. Step backs are bound to happen especially if you are working like a MONSTER!! Understand it's ok to fall down as long as you get up!

Example: if you are new to fitness a great goal would be to make it to the gym 8 times in a month. Instead of going Rambo style and trying to make everyday and beat yourself into the ground, give yourself time to adjust. The more things you try to change at once the hard the new lifestyle change will be for you.

3.Once you have set goals, assess yourself. Now yes it does make more sense to assess yourself first, but many people have a false sense of how great they are vs were their actual weakness start. When in doubt, find a professional, or educate yourself by reading books from your local library. A great internet source I recommend students to is

4.Once you have assessed yourself re-evaluate your goals to see if they meet your needs. Wants are amazingly awesome to have, but you do not want to built dysfunction on top of dysfunction. Expect mediocrity to happen when you do that.

Example: If someone desires a 300 lbs bench press, and currently has impingement/other shoulder issues, the 300 lbs should be secondary to the overall health needs of the shoulder. Developing a stronger healthier shoulder complex will help to progress that individual onto their 300 lbs bench goal. Understanding the body's limitation, and improving upon them first will ensure you keep progressing towards your goals.

5. Nutritional changes in my personal opinion are generally harder for people. Putting a jet engine into a Ford Pinto does not make the car fly. In short going out to buy all these fancy new supplement product lines will not necessary boost you to your goals. Supplements are what they are, supplemental to your diet. If your diet is garbage time to start there first. Get blood work done to find out what you need help in regards to nutrition. Not all vitamins and shake are created equal. It is a money game, so beware they want your money, not to improve your health.

That being said, everyone knows by now you need more fruits & vegetables in your diet. Quality sources of protein, and moderate intakes of fats, and starchy. So start there. Again keep it simple. You can make your life simple and easy, or complex and hard. It is all a personal choice.

6. Most importantly have fun. If you are not having fun some of the time, you lose track of the important of the journey, and often times will quit. Remember we are not all the same, so do not expect to develop or be treated the same. It is your journey enjoy it for what it is.

Peace out.
       Posted by MAN44 Posted on August 23, 2014 View Comments 0      
Does anyone knows of a good club in London that allows singel guys? Thank you in advance!!
       Posted by MAN44 Posted on August 23, 2014 View Comments 0      
Does anyone knows of a good club in London that allows singel guys? Thank you in advance!!
       Posted by FULLSWAPFRIENDS Posted on August 22, 2014 View Comments 10      
A Case For Swinging
My husband and I have always thought that more couples should adopt the lifestyle. There are a lot of reasons and all have been discussed here as well as in the public media. Here's an example that showcases the sharing alternative:

We swing as a couple and on ocassion my husband allows me to step out on a hall pass and explore. We've done it a few times. It is exciting, erotic, and sometimes we make a good friend that we eventually include in threesomes. By-the-way girls, the best way to have a tthreesome is to go out on town and pick up a guy. We use high end hotel bars. You get the pick of the litter and most of the time the guy is way open to join in a threesome. Don't use swinging sites to find a third. With that said, this last Christmas my husband created a profile for me on Ashley Madison. This site is for discreet encounters by cheating spouses. We thought it would be fun to see what kind of men I could attract and have some NSA sex if a hot one came along. The profile was honest. I basically presented as a wife with a hall pass and wanted some fun and didn't want to change or ruin lives.

The response was immediate. Let me tell you there are a lot of cheating men out there. I know...there are a lot of cheating men here too. After a few lunches I picked a guy that I was attracted to and definitely wanted to fuck. Our first date was a quick afternoon rendezvous. He stopped by on his way home to his wife. Basically he was nervous and in a rush. He claimed it was his first time. I basically opened his pants in my living room and sucked on him without much conversation or foreplay. When he was hard for me he pulled out his condom and fumbled with it. By the time I had pulled down my pantyhose he managed to get the thing on and of course he was limp. I knew this was going to happen. I went back to sucking his plastic covered dick and nope, it wasn't going to happen. I think the nerves were getting the best of him. So, I removed the condom and went back to sucking him. I sucked and sucked and after kissing his mouth, telling him nasty things, and jerking him...he was ready. I told him that I couldn't get preganant and bent over the couch. He understand what was to happen and penetrated me. He had no problem screwing me after that. We eventually moved to the couch and got off together.
Of course he had to tell me that I was the first since being married for 9 years. He liked it I think.

We ended up screwing many times until recently. It was always a bit rushed but I got off, he got off and we got very dirty with each other. He claimed his wife was not doing the things I did. I always sent him home happy after cunting his release. We even did it at the mall. Once in a family/baby changing room and once I snuck him into a stall at Macys and let him bend me over for a quick fuck. Anyway we did it a lot...lunch quickies, in the car...yuo get the idea. He had it bad for me and my pussy.

We were supposed to meet last week at an adult video store and for the first time he didn't show up. I texted him and no response. My first thought was that he had been caught. After he got over what must have been a very difficult day, he called me. He was distraught. The dumb SOB was upset because some chic had contacted his anonomous profile on Ashley Madison. It was his wife! Ha! She had sent him access to her photos and there the boring wife was in all her glory. She wanted discreet rendezvous' with no strings attached sex.

I told him that he should probably keep his mouth shut and start giving her the same thing he was giving me. I ended our relationship with some very good to her about swinging as if you just had an epiphony.
       Posted by MINGLESCLUB Posted on August 22, 2014 View Comments 2      
Single Ladies complaining there are no single men in Essex ? It's true !
I never thought I would ever hear myself say this but at the club we genuinely have a distinct lack of single men ! I know ! shocking isn't it ?

Wondered whether it was the area and Essex had a higher female occupation that males but I'm not so certain.  

So am thinking how can be advertise for sexy eligible men who want to meet sexy, beautiful women ? answers on a postcard please...there must be some out there somewhere..

The gorgeous guys that attend the club already have told us it certainly isn't the price of membership or entry, they think because we are such a luxurious club new guys may feel a little intimidated..our poor current single guy members are getting increasingly tired from all of the demands being made on them...come on boys...where are you...there are some sexy ladies here at the club just waiting to Mingle !

Seriously though if you are a single guy who would like to come along to the club we would love to see you...just say hi and we will let you know how to join us.
       Posted by BEBINICE Posted on August 22, 2014 View Comments 14      
Your opinion on interracial sex
Hello everyone

I seem to observe that the trend of interracial sex, looks set to increase, possibly because in large cities, there is a great mix of people, women and men of different races.

It may not be a big group, which practiced interracial sex, but what if very striking to see two people practicing interracial swin.

It may be a new trend that is growing, or really more exciting?

As at the time, there was a preference for Asian women, it seems now, the mixture is heterogeneous, but one stands out among all the black guys with white women.

Also in some clubs, I noticed that the gifted, black men are used quite a claim, for women who attend parties.

I am not sure, that amount of interracial sex is practiced, but if you have a great advertising.

I would like to hear from people who have practiced with the fantasy of it sometime, and also those that do not like or have not ventured into this variant of sex.

Thank you, in advance, the comments and opinions, I hope, and desire, exposed on this topic.

Best regards and sweet kisses of an Anglo-Spanish girl. Bebi

Please input on this topic
. I will explain later on various other practices, to know your opinion. It is very nice to share all the best in the world, and the good things that make us tick and enjoy life.

       Posted by CHOCOLATELEGS Posted on August 21, 2014 View Comments 5      
To Work the Floor or not Work The Floor
Okay y'all I have a question... primarily for the ladies. If your husband or boyfriend receives a call from one of you Good ol' Friends from way back and they was on the phone laughing and chatting. Now, your friend used to own one of the hottest clubs around, he tells your guy that he was going to open a new spot "strip club" in your area and he wanted your man to come aboard as a club manager to "Work the Floor" for him a couple of nights. When you and your man barely goes to strip clubs.... WHAT would YOU say to your guy when your guy tells you this? Please tell me!
       Posted by ARTHUR1972 Posted on August 21, 2014 View Comments 1      
then and now
'Am I beautiful?' 

I'm looking at her. A hot blonde lying in bed. Hot as hell. Besides all, she's one of the most intelligent women I've ever met. Intellectual, fun, open minded and all. 

One of the things I've learned in this world is that, most of the women are not aware of how hot they are. 

Especially if they're not the popular type in their young ages. It's about some traumatic experiences in their younger ages. They were not popular - not the one that the boys run after. 

Some women discover the true woman in themselves in their late ages. Some women get hotter and hotter as they age. Just like a fine wine. 

But the perception remains. They still think they're still the ugly swan. But they're not.

Same might apply for men. Honestly don't have an idea. 

But it always comes strange to me.  


       Posted by CHARIZMA Posted on August 21, 2014 View Comments 9      
Trapeze Atlanta...where to stay
Hello...Im going to Trapeze in Atlanta and not sure which hotel is the best option to stay ...the country INN in Smyrna or the one by six flags ....please locals let me know :)))
       Posted by UPINUS Posted on August 20, 2014 View Comments 19      
Saved for Her / Him
The wife and I were having a conversation last night. So the question came up. When in life style  and playing is there any thing special that you as female or male does not do say just do with your partner ONLY ??? As my wife wi not let guys cum in her mouth or pussy says that it is only for ME!!!  This includes any thing. Kissing anal doggy style ECT....  All input would be great. 
       Posted by LUCEROTIC Posted on August 19, 2014 View Comments 5      
       Posted by COLETTECOUPLE Posted on August 19, 2014 View Comments 2      
Considering a Threesome...
When it comes to threesome, what is your biggest concern ? Jackie & I have created a video series to teach the Ins and Outs of a threesome. We tried to answer questions like......

  • Who is it for?
  • Where to start?
  • How does it work?
  • Our first threesome experience.
But please let us know what do you want to learn more about ? 
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on August 18, 2014 View Comments 1      
Film Week! 9/8 to 17/8/14
9/8 We both woke just after 11am and started to make love. Then got up, packed and had brunch in HH before heading home. At home we had a quiet afternoon and in the evening we watched "Noah" and then headed to bed early and made love before falling asleep.

10/8 Both slept like logs and didn't wake till past 11am. Made love and then got up and left the house before 3pm to meet my middle son and girlfriend at The Fox at Kinsbourne near London. It was great to see them and we had a good lunch, though Rita had to send back her lamb as it was too chewy. Left about 6ish and at home we watched some TV before another early night.

11/8 Monday morning - a real struggle to get up and going! Spent day on office stuff and while Rita went shopping I went for a run and did some weights. We had an early supper and watched TV and then the film - The Butler. Then bed and sleep.

12/8 Didn't wake till 10am - can't believe how much I've been sleeping. Headed to office to interview a trainee support technician and then had meeting with one of suppliers. Home by 3ish and Rita got back soon after from shopping. Early evening we decided we'd have a naughty night. Watched Nymphomania on TV - boring film! Rita then decided she wanted to go play in the bedroom and so upstairs we played a little with toys but mainly fucked very hard in a variety of positions - Rita came multiple times and when I came it was explosive. I then collapsed for some recovery time around 2am. We dozed fitfully - cuddling and stroking each other

13/8 I woke at. 9.30 and a little later made love to Rita. We then had brunch in bed and mooched around in bedroom till lunchtime while doing a few business calls and a little trading. Booked to see the new Planet of The Apes this evening. Went to TGI's for an early supper and then to cinema. Thought film was disappointing and when we got home opted for an early bed.

14/8 I woke at 8.30 and Rita at 10 when an incoming call woke her. Soon after, we got up as Rita was having lunch with E at Langhan's and about an hour after she left, I left to meet Ar at the Arch for 2pm. Had a good catchup and then headed back home for 3. Heard from Rita who said she was going to have a drink with Ox and later rang me from Zuma where she bumped into F who spoke to me to say my Decree Absolute had come through today / hurrah!! Single again! Celebrated by watching The Hobbit on Netflix. Rita got home after 9pm - a little tipsy- and so we headed to bed and Rita was soon asleep.

15/8 We woke after 9 and all morning the phone rang. At midday I went for a jog and after I got back and showered Rita and I went to the shops after a quick visit to the office. Stocked up with food and drink we headed home. We went round to V&I's for a drink at 7pm - I made margaritas, we chatted and left for home after 9. At home we started a few films but discarded them all as boring, We went up to the bedroom and with the film Dorian Gray as background we made love and fucked for a couple of hours. I ended up smoking a small M - leaning out of the window - and then we fucked hard till we came together in a large orgasm. Soon fell asleep after.

16/8 I got woken up just after 10 with a rare call from my youngest announcing his new promotion in charge of both UK and Middle East - with concomitant rise in salary and expense account! We said we'd meet up for dinner later on month to celebrate. Rita and I then had brunch, watched TV and made love 3 times before we climbed out of bed. I thought about going for a jog and Rita popped round to corner shop. Rita came back and I was feeling tired so, abandoned the jog and decided on a doze. 3 hours later Rita woke me! Had a little supper and then got ready and left home for Sanderson's at 8pm to meet up with Ve a girlfriend of Ox's. Ve turned up with a boyfriend H. Met P and D and his Peruvian girlfriend. We stayed and chatted till 11ish and then the 4 of us taxied to Home House. H was getting more and more pissed off as his expectation of the evening was not the same as Ve's who like Rita wanted to party. Around 2am we went down to the vault and Ve was now high and drunk and she and Rita entertained me with a clinch of a dance, kissing each other on dance floor. Had a few drinks on the house which was nice. We met an attractive couple - DandS - who were involved with new a Club - The Library opposite the Coliseum. They asked if we had a room at Home House as they wanted an "after party" - sadly we didn't as they would haven fun to play with. Left our contact details if they wanted to get in touch again. We left at 4.30 am and taxied home where I had an M and Rita some fun. She was immediately high and we spent the next 2 hours till 7am chatting, laughing and fucking till we passed out.

17/8 Woke at 1.30pm and made love and after Rita spoke to E about the growing problem on dual nationality for Russians which is concerning. Went downstairs for food at 4pm. After we cuddled on sofa and watched a couple of sci-fi movies and drank wine. Then had an early night and were both soon asleep.
       Posted by BIGJOE Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 8      
Rooftop Esort Hollywood Florida
I wish I could write a good report for the rooftop resort becouse the last 3 times I stood there we had fun.But.things have gone downhill.We went July 13 to 20 and had no maid service our entire stay.We had to hunt down the girl and beg for clean towels.The girls were only intrested in cleaning the club ,playrooms and hallways.Nobody cares about the guest at all.We were told to just leave the garbage outside your room.They closed the pool tuesday till friday at 4pm to recement the pool deck.Nobody said anything when we booked our room or when we checked in.We go to the rooftop resort to be on the rooftop not the hollywood broadwalk.The manager said we could use the part of the pool deck not being cemented for nude sunbathing or smoking.But the security guard said we cant be on the roof.When we told him the manager said it was ok,he wanted to know where we were from.When we told him we were from new york he said no wonder.The manager said he was sorry and would do something for us at checkout.Becouse we could not use the pool,sand from the beach was on our floor.We had to find a porter and borrow his broom to clean our floor.All 7 nights the bed was never made.The pool reopened on friday.Friday,saturday and sunday the pool was filthy.Not cloudy from salt water but things floating in it.At checkout they did  nothing for us.Our flight back to new york was at 5:30pm.We wanted to keep the room till 2pm.We were told sure for 40dollars more.I dont know if the margaritaville beach resort has anything to do with the way they treat returning guest or not.Most people think rooftop is not going to make it once margaritaville opens in 2015.So maybe thats why they dont care about returning guest.As for us we dont have to wait for Margaritaville to open we are done with the rooftop.Sorry Joe n Luisa