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       Posted by UPINUS Posted on August 20, 2014 View Comments 1      
Saved for Her / Him
The wife and I were having a conversation last night. So the question came up. When in life style  and playing is there any thing special that you as female or male does not do say just do with your partner ONLY ??? As my wife wi not let guys cum in her mouth or pussy says that it is only for ME!!!  This includes any thing. Kissing anal doggy style ECT....  All input would be great. 
       Posted by DARKSNOW Posted on August 19, 2014 View Comments 0      
Lanzarote in early September
Will be visiting Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen) with my vanilla friends from the 4th of September for one week. Will love to meet up swingers while holidaying
       Posted by LUCEROTIC Posted on August 19, 2014 View Comments 3      
       Posted by COLETTECOUPLE Posted on August 19, 2014 View Comments 0      
Considering a Threesome...
When it comes to threesome, what is your biggest concern ? Jackie & I have created a video series to teach the Ins and Outs of a threesome. We tried to answer questions like......

  • Who is it for?
  • Where to start?
  • How does it work?
  • Our first threesome experience.
But please let us know what do you want to learn more about ? 
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on August 18, 2014 View Comments 1      
Film Week! 9/8 to 17/8/14
9/8 We both woke just after 11am and started to make love. Then got up, packed and had brunch in HH before heading home. At home we had a quiet afternoon and in the evening we watched "Noah" and then headed to bed early and made love before falling asleep.

10/8 Both slept like logs and didn't wake till past 11am. Made love and then got up and left the house before 3pm to meet my middle son and girlfriend at The Fox at Kinsbourne near London. It was great to see them and we had a good lunch, though Rita had to send back her lamb as it was too chewy. Left about 6ish and at home we watched some TV before another early night.

11/8 Monday morning - a real struggle to get up and going! Spent day on office stuff and while Rita went shopping I went for a run and did some weights. We had an early supper and watched TV and then the film - The Butler. Then bed and sleep.

12/8 Didn't wake till 10am - can't believe how much I've been sleeping. Headed to office to interview a trainee support technician and then had meeting with one of suppliers. Home by 3ish and Rita got back soon after from shopping. Early evening we decided we'd have a naughty night. Watched Nymphomania on TV - boring film! Rita then decided she wanted to go play in the bedroom and so upstairs we played a little with toys but mainly fucked very hard in a variety of positions - Rita came multiple times and when I came it was explosive. I then collapsed for some recovery time around 2am. We dozed fitfully - cuddling and stroking each other

13/8 I woke at. 9.30 and a little later made love to Rita. We then had brunch in bed and mooched around in bedroom till lunchtime while doing a few business calls and a little trading. Booked to see the new Planet of The Apes this evening. Went to TGI's for an early supper and then to cinema. Thought film was disappointing and when we got home opted for an early bed.

14/8 I woke at 8.30 and Rita at 10 when an incoming call woke her. Soon after, we got up as Rita was having lunch with E at Langhan's and about an hour after she left, I left to meet Ar at the Arch for 2pm. Had a good catchup and then headed back home for 3. Heard from Rita who said she was going to have a drink with Ox and later rang me from Zuma where she bumped into F who spoke to me to say my Decree Absolute had come through today / hurrah!! Single again! Celebrated by watching The Hobbit on Netflix. Rita got home after 9pm - a little tipsy- and so we headed to bed and Rita was soon asleep.

15/8 We woke after 9 and all morning the phone rang. At midday I went for a jog and after I got back and showered Rita and I went to the shops after a quick visit to the office. Stocked up with food and drink we headed home. We went round to V&I's for a drink at 7pm - I made margaritas, we chatted and left for home after 9. At home we started a few films but discarded them all as boring, We went up to the bedroom and with the film Dorian Gray as background we made love and fucked for a couple of hours. I ended up smoking a small M - leaning out of the window - and then we fucked hard till we came together in a large orgasm. Soon fell asleep after.

16/8 I got woken up just after 10 with a rare call from my youngest announcing his new promotion in charge of both UK and Middle East - with concomitant rise in salary and expense account! We said we'd meet up for dinner later on month to celebrate. Rita and I then had brunch, watched TV and made love 3 times before we climbed out of bed. I thought about going for a jog and Rita popped round to corner shop. Rita came back and I was feeling tired so, abandoned the jog and decided on a doze. 3 hours later Rita woke me! Had a little supper and then got ready and left home for Sanderson's at 8pm to meet up with Ve a girlfriend of Ox's. Ve turned up with a boyfriend H. Met P and D and his Peruvian girlfriend. We stayed and chatted till 11ish and then the 4 of us taxied to Home House. H was getting more and more pissed off as his expectation of the evening was not the same as Ve's who like Rita wanted to party. Around 2am we went down to the vault and Ve was now high and drunk and she and Rita entertained me with a clinch of a dance, kissing each other on dance floor. Had a few drinks on the house which was nice. We met an attractive couple - DandS - who were involved with new a Club - The Library opposite the Coliseum. They asked if we had a room at Home House as they wanted an "after party" - sadly we didn't as they would haven fun to play with. Left our contact details if they wanted to get in touch again. We left at 4.30 am and taxied home where I had an M and Rita some fun. She was immediately high and we spent the next 2 hours till 7am chatting, laughing and fucking till we passed out.

17/8 Woke at 1.30pm and made love and after Rita spoke to E about the growing problem on dual nationality for Russians which is concerning. Went downstairs for food at 4pm. After we cuddled on sofa and watched a couple of sci-fi movies and drank wine. Then had an early night and were both soon asleep.
       Posted by CLUBTWOPLUSTWO Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 2      
2+1 Party
Couple + extra Person
       Posted by BIGJOE Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 7      
Rooftop Esort Hollywood Florida
I wish I could write a good report for the rooftop resort becouse the last 3 times I stood there we had fun.But.things have gone downhill.We went July 13 to 20 and had no maid service our entire stay.We had to hunt down the girl and beg for clean towels.The girls were only intrested in cleaning the club ,playrooms and hallways.Nobody cares about the guest at all.We were told to just leave the garbage outside your room.They closed the pool tuesday till friday at 4pm to recement the pool deck.Nobody said anything when we booked our room or when we checked in.We go to the rooftop resort to be on the rooftop not the hollywood broadwalk.The manager said we could use the part of the pool deck not being cemented for nude sunbathing or smoking.But the security guard said we cant be on the roof.When we told him the manager said it was ok,he wanted to know where we were from.When we told him we were from new york he said no wonder.The manager said he was sorry and would do something for us at checkout.Becouse we could not use the pool,sand from the beach was on our floor.We had to find a porter and borrow his broom to clean our floor.All 7 nights the bed was never made.The pool reopened on friday.Friday,saturday and sunday the pool was filthy.Not cloudy from salt water but things floating in it.At checkout they did  nothing for us.Our flight back to new york was at 5:30pm.We wanted to keep the room till 2pm.We were told sure for 40dollars more.I dont know if the margaritaville beach resort has anything to do with the way they treat returning guest or not.Most people think rooftop is not going to make it once margaritaville opens in 2015.So maybe thats why they dont care about returning guest.As for us we dont have to wait for Margaritaville to open we are done with the rooftop.Sorry Joe n Luisa
       Posted by CLEOCEZAR Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 5      
So many couples on sdc where female half is bi or good to be true?
Hello all,
Melita is truly bi lady.That means she could play with other truly bi girl for hours.
So, that is what is for us meaning of true bi lady.
We would like to hear from couples who played with a lot of couples from sdc society where lady was stated as bi or bi curious how that sex encounters really turned out regarding girl on girl play?
As fresh sdc members we can not share our experience yet.Will do that very soon after we realize sex encounters with couples where lady is stated as bi or bi curious.

Looking forward to long time sdc members sharing their experience with us on that matter.

Melita and Dejan
       Posted by CLEOCEZAR Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 5      
Pros/Cons playing at swinger clubs vs private foursomes
Hello all,
after a month of membership time for our first blogs.
Be free to share your views on pros/cons on topic playing in clubs vs playing in private foursomes.
Before we state our arguments and verdict we must say that swinger clubs scene is not so rich in the country we come from so that can maybe affect our verdict.

As major con regarding swinger clubs we see great disproportion between single guys and couples/single girls at clubs at the expense of couples/single girls.You can say clubs organize couples only nights and events where entrance for single guys is limited.True, but in our experience such a nights/events are by far and few between, aren't they?Second con is the fact that some clubs have very strict rules regarding age.We simply do not understand why some clubs are so rigid regarding ages upper limit.To be honest wasn't a problem for us as much but it was for some older couples then us.Final con is that is some clubs staff is not on good enough level.What we mean by that?Let we illustrate by example.We went to club with a couple, regular swinger partners of us.When we reported to the staff that we dislike other couples and single guys approaching us as separate couples while we were together staff reaction was a mild one.We didn't like that at all.

And now regarding private foursomes.We can host couples at our home so we have more experience with private foursomes then with clubbing.To be honest again if you invest time to know the couples with whom you gonna play in foursomes well, first online and then in live meetings before actual sex encounter then we do not see any cons at all from our experience.On other hand, if you rush things a bit, what we do not do, then it may happen that you do not share similar sexual wishes and desires and that can sometimes affect the quality of foursome in a major way.

So our verdict would be:
prefer thoroughly prepared private foursomes

What is your view and verdict driven from your experience?

Melita and Dejan
       Posted by TOMANNALONDON Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 0      
Tantric Massage
Hi...any recommendations for hot Tantric massage work shop in London with a small group of hot couples?
       Posted by SHARKING24 Posted on August 17, 2014 View Comments 1      
We are new to the lifestyle how do we find the right couple to play with or the right women. Do I let my wife pick the couple or women she wants or do I pick. What rules do you play by in order not to screw up your relationship 
       Posted by JAISY Posted on August 16, 2014 View Comments 10      
This one's for the girls
A lot has been said about SQUIRTING!  I don't squirt every time I cum and I don't cum every time I squirt. Do you?  Some men, are so obsessed , it feels like they are drilling for oil :( and they don't seem to believe, i can reach orgasm and enjoy it until I squirt. Has this happen to you ?
       Posted by CARMAD73 Posted on August 15, 2014 View Comments 5      
Dipping our toes
Hi all, brand new to here and a possibly to the Lifestyle.

We are heading to Amsterdam and planning to go to Fata-Morgana on a Friday night.
Neither of us have done anything like this before. though we have been getting more adventurous over the last number of years.
But want to see where this brings us.

Any advice or ideas welcomed. 
       Posted by DUNEMEL Posted on August 11, 2014 View Comments 5      
Hola amigos,
queremos ver si esta fantasia puede comoenzar a gestarse en el mundo real..
Como pareja, ya hemos tenido algunas experiencias, tanto swinger, como en el resort Desire, pero me gustaria que mi esposa pudiera experimentar nuevas sensaciones.
Ella atiende al sport city ( de nuestra ciudad) y en mi fantasia se me ocurrio contactar a algun caballero que inicie un juego de seduccion adentro del gym. Que a haga sentir rejuvenecida y deseada, con respeto y complicidad.
!Creo que esto la haria feliz a ella! y !empezaria a convertir en  realidad mi fantasia!
?creen que esta muy descabellada la idea?

       Posted by JEEP39 Posted on August 11, 2014 View Comments 5      
Sitting here enjoying life!
Today was such a good day, that I felt like telling somebody.  I hope you are enjoying life too!  
       Posted by GOODLUVN Posted on August 11, 2014 View Comments 14      
Who eats pussy better?
OK girls! Who eats pussy better?
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on August 11, 2014 View Comments 1      
Great Party at Home House: 6/8 to 8/8/14
6/7 Slept well and a good job too as it was a busy day work wise. Got a disappointing text from A retracting her party invitation as one of her best friends had taken a dislike to Rita and, using the excuse of "tension" between them (Rita wasn't even sure what she had done), she appears to have put pressure on A that Rita being there and resultant tension would spoil the party. Not a particularly mature way to handle a problem I thought ! Rita was understandably upset and it spoilt her day. Anyway the day passed quickly and we had an early bed and cuddling Rita brought her to a finger orgasm before she fell asleep. I couldn't sleep and reflected on day.

7/7 Woke at 7.30 and Rita brought me tea, after which we made love a few times at the end of which I quickly came. A bit later I sent off an email to them and also got a nice email from EandJ, based in Caribbean and at MadameO party. Booked taxi to take us to Home House Summer Party tomorrow. Left the house at 11.20 to meet my youngest son, T, in Soho for lunch and a catch up. London was hot and T was late because of tube and so had a beer waiting for him. Met Tom and had very chatty lunch at a small noodle restaurant called Bone Daddies- food was amazing and T reckoned it would soon be a chain. Then I went to Home House to pick up tickets and then home - tube was getting very sweaty. Back home for gone 3pm. Rita then spoke to L and after a long conversation she then arranged that we were going to spend the night there and so as I had nothing much on for tomorrow, we packed and took a taxi at 6pm down to Canary Wharf. Traffic was heavy and took nearly an hour. As soon as we arrived the girls started with their verbal diarrhoea and I quietly chilled. Around 2am we went to bed and fucked like demons for over an hour before fitfully fixing asleep.

8/8 Woke at 10 and carried on fucking and then booked a taxi for 11.30 to go to HH. Traffic was very heavy and an hour later we arrived and headed to the restaurant for a meal. By the time we finished our moules with chips followed by Hake and Duck our room was ready. We popped out to buy a few incidentals and then back and had a sleep. Rita met D at 6.30 for a drink. Rita got back just after 8 and we started to get ready for Home House Jungle Party -Rita looked great in her feathers and I had a tiger Morph suit. House was beautifully themed as usual and continually through night got comments from people on how great our costumes looked. We drank, danced, chatted and partied till 3am before heading to bed where our own private party began. Rita was in a very sexy mood (put video on web site) and we fucked each other continually till we fell asleep as dawn broke.