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       Posted by CRUSINGCPL Posted on May 14, 2014 View Comments 0      
going on carnvail crusie on may 18th on the magic any body else going
       Posted by SAVASSE Posted on May 14, 2014 View Comments 0      
A few months ago a sexy young thing told me that no woman likes to sleep with the man's leg  draped over her.  I had never thought about it, but it seems reasonable.  any thoughts?

       Posted by COASTALCRUIZEN Posted on May 13, 2014 View Comments 1      
B & B In Key West Friendly To Swingers
We're heading down to Key West over the 4th. Looking for a B&B in KW that is lifestyle friendly. Any suggestions from you guys would be appreciated !
       Posted by SEXYFLCOUPLE1 Posted on May 13, 2014 View Comments 0      
REVIEW: Celebrity Century LS Cruise May 3-11
Just wanted to give a quick review of how the LS cruise from LA went!  My only comparison is the Freedom of the Seas from last November.  So generally that was the bar to reach.

I'll start with the people.  Overall it was a much older cruise than the Freedom of the Seas but still had plenty of younger couples sprinkled in.  Outside of a few couples from Canada and Australia it did not have the international flavor that the Freedom had.  Many many more clicks on this boat than the Freedom.  If you were in them, you had fun, if you weren't, you were in your cabin.  We basically moved around from click to click because we get a cruise to meet different types of people, but stay away from the snobs, and yes there were many on this cruise. 

Maybe twice the size of the Freedom!  The bathroom alone seemed as big as the entire cabin on the Freedom.  And we had the same "style" room on both ships, so this isn't an apples to oranges comparison.  Everyone who was on the Freedom mentioned the size of the cabins.  Beds were more comfortable and the closet space was so spacious we didn't use a few!!  Again can't say that about the Freedom.

Have to admit, we didn't use the play rooms on the Freedom, just our cabin, or someone elses.  ;)  But we did take a tour of the Freedom play rooms.  We did this time play quite often in the Play Rooms and they were clean and NOT crowded at all. Yes, you have to look around for a minute to find an open spot, but we didn't have any trouble eventually finding a nice big comfy bed for fun. 

Yes, I know you don't go on a LS cruise for fun.  But you have to eat right?  Freedom was much better on the food.  The buffet on the Celebrity was the same food every night and day and generally not worth eating.  We heard of a few couples who got food poisoning.  The sit down dining food was good, not great.  Overall, the Freedom was much better when it came to food.

There seemed to be something going on constantly until about 4am on the Celebrity.  One of the complaints we had, and other couples was how much the "compass" was off on the Freedom and not as many things to do to keep people mingling.  Celebrity got it right all the time from what we could see and constantly had things going on.

The Martini bar was a hit and constantly packed after 4pm it seemed.  The nightclub on 12 was extremely hot (and I mean temperature) and had a dance floor that held about 10 couples.  Constant complaints from other couples about that.  It was the only place to be after 10pm it seemed and everyone tried to pack that club and you couldn't move around.  Also, the LS people want to talk.  You couldn't hear a word in that club because of the music being so loud.  It's a dance club, I get it, but they could have taken it down a notch so people could hear each other talking.  I mean, only 20 people got to dance at a time anyway.  LOL  Most gave up after a while and were dancing in the aisles and around their tables it got so bad.  Definitely think the Freedom had this covered better.  What the Celeb did better than the Freedom on this cruise was getting you your drinks.  I don't think I ever waited longer than 5 minutes to get a drink.  Even in a packed club setting.

This is a little bit of an apples to oranges comparison, because the excursions are so tied to where your going.  But overall I was really excited about the clothing optional excursions that were set up.  However, and to no fault of the excursion people, they were extremely tame.  So much so, the crew kept asking us if everything was ok with everyone because everyone was sitting down and not partying or taking off their tops and enjoying the boat ride.  We had gone to the front of the ship and were doing body shots.  Only 2 other couples (that we already knew) joined in.  Everyone else watched.  We all thought that we pretty much jumped on a pirate cruise with nudists who don't even like to get nude that much.  Was very disappointing. 

We didn't book any other excursions and just went into the town.  I will note that there was an excursion to a bar on the last stop.  Found that interesting.  People paid like $85 to go to this excursion per person.  I heard it was fun though.  However, we walked to the bar off the boat (about 5 blocks) and had a fantastic time with about 8 other couples on the first floor of the bar.  According to the staff at the bar, we were having a lot more fun than the people "upstairs", so I'm not sure what they were doing up there, but I wouldn't have paid to go up there and leave the fun we were having downstairs, that's for sure.

On-Boarding/Off-Boarding Process
Easier to on-board with Freedom, but that's also because of the status we have with RC.  But regardless of status you had with RC or Celeb, everyone sat in a tent for about an hour (maybe more) before they started calling #'s and Letters.  No one seemed upset or bothered.  Everyone probably enjoyed the time to M&G others.  So not a big deal.

Getting off the boat was pretty harmless.  Took about 15 minutes total.  Freedom was a lot longer.  Getting baggage and clearing customs was easy.  Again, Freedom was harder. 

Taxi line at Celeb once you got out of the terminal was huge.  They should have had a better plan than that. 

Overall, everyone is different, but we preferred the Freedom over the Celebrity.  Of course the ultimate cruise would be to combine what each does best.  :)
       Posted by FUNTBWRJ1 Posted on May 13, 2014 View Comments 4      
MandameO Weekend in Rome: 6/5-12/5/14

7/5 Woke at normal time and cleared up work stuff. Then slowly started to pack and eventually left around 2pm for Gatwick. Motorway was very slow to start with but after road works it started to speed up. Got to Gatwick and checked in at Sofitel. We were so hungry we had to eat almost straightaway at 4.30. After a satisfying meal we went back to room and at some point Rita brought up something - I can't remember what and we ended up having a row! In the end I went back to bar to cool off and then had an M before going back to room. Rita wasn't there as she had gone to find me but we texted each other and she came back to room. I was chilled and drifted off only to be woken by Rita - very horny - starting to abuse my cock. Anyway we fucked for an hour before we passed out!

8/5 Alarm went off at 7.15 and we were up and away via duty free and Pret. There was a 30 min delay but dozed most of the flight. In Rome after a long wait for luggage we got taxi to our hotel - Royal Splendide. After we unpacked we headed out via the Spanish steps to do some shopping. I bought a fedora as the sun was very hot. Then later ended up buying a mink jacket and then a dress and necklace for Rita! That evening we had dinner in the hotel roof terrace restaurant, which was a 2 star Michelin with great views over Rome at night. The meal was exceptional as was the Sangiovese. 70% of the diners were from Russian speaking countries which about says it all. Back in the room we then had a lot of fun taking loads of sexy photos of Rita in her mink plus a calendar of photos of young Vatican priests. Of course we ended up fucking a lot before we went to sleep.

9/5 We woke at about 10ish and slowly got up and left the room about midday. As we were both hungry we stopped at one of the million roadside trattorias in Rome for a meal and then headed for the Trevi Fountain - Rita thought it was magnificent - threw coins in and made wishes. I then bought a pair of shoes and we stopped for a drink before heading back to hotel as I felt tired. I dived into bed for a sleep while Rita headed off into the Borghese Gardens to take some pictures. She was only away an hour as she wasn't much impressed and her sandal broke! After another doze we then got ready and left for MadameO pre party on the roof terrace of the First Arts Hotel about a 10 minute taxi drive away. it was great to meet up and chat with old friends - J&E, C&A, F&W,H&V, M&E, J&S, A&J, as well as make new ones like E2 (E's sister and B, R and husband, D&L and S and his entourage. The evening soon flew by and we left  as party breaking up around 12.30 and took taxi back to hotel where we broke open a bottle of wine and chatted about evening till we slept.

10/5 Again didn't wake up till 11 and around midday after we had made love we headed out to buy Rita a pair of sandals for tonight's party and then via The Pantheon - again which Rita thought was amazing - to the Piazza Navona - where we sat and had a buzzy fun lunch. 2 bottles of Gavi later and some pasta we headed home via the river and Via Condotti having bought Rita a lacy, sexy top to go underneath the mink. We then went up to hotel roof terrace for drink and a snack but service was so slow we left, complained to the manager and went to Harry's Bar for some vodka martinis and a hamburger for Rita. On way back from hotel Rita saw a Thai massage place and so we both popped in for an hours very "satisfying" massage and then both in a trance stumbled into bed for an hours sleep before we had to get ready for party. Waking up was really tough but somehow we managed to get ready and then at 9pm shared a taxi with S to the party which was a good 30 mins drive away in quite a remote location.  We got dropped off at gate and I had to drag the suitcase- filled with our costumes and my 12kgs of chest armour to where we got changed. First we bumped into Miss L whom we had met at A's party the previous weekend and J&E. Rita helped me get dressed up in my outfit and then we headed across the grass to a tented area where the inside had been laid out with carpets and mattresses ready for a Roman Bacchanalia. We said hi to all our friends and we had a good chuckle about my clanking armour and admiration at Rita's outfit (well you could hardly call it that!) of silver jewellery. There were a morass of togas and swirly Roman dresses - it was a great atmosphere. Through the first part of the evening there were a series of more and more erotic acts to entertain, culminating in horses being ridden into the tent followed by one of the beautiful women artistes lying naked on her back, legs spread, right in from of us being fingered energetically by a young naked man until she continually arched her back every couple of minutes and squirted 2/3 ft into the air. By now some couples were starting to play. On the mattress I was reclining on a young woman was brought to a body writhing orgasm by a guy with his mouth buried amongst her labia. Rita was bending over toward me when Miss L - the young blonde from London - started to finger her and slap her bottom. A little later I was reclining next to E2 - I asked if she was a doer or watcher - she said doer and she asked Rita to work on her apparently shy husband B. While Rita started this mission we started to kiss and then under her toga I inserted my fingers in her vagina and stroked gently while she massaged my erect penis. At this point Rita returned upset that B had indicated he didn't want to fuck - just look at his wife being fucked. Well that brought our encounter to a sudden halt! After a short while Rita got her va va voom back and I took her to the other side of the tented area where a mini orgy was kicking off and started to fuck her. Miss L soon joined us and then both of them were sucking and passing my cock between them in turns. J&E were nearby and so we entwined as a foursome and though at this point we didn't fuck each other we fingered sucked and wanked each other for quite a while. Later on that evening the 4 of us ended up again on a mattress and then after blow jobs we did then fuck respective partners and Rita made J come with a blowjob while I fucked her from behind and whilst fingering E. During the breaks we drank and dipped into the buffet. Later Rita and another girl were writhing on the floor with 2 of the MadameO guys, mostly laughing and having a lot of fun with pussies being licked continually. A little later we ended up in centre of tent standing up with another Russian couple - she was over 6ft in flat shoes, slim, very young and beautiful. She was stroking my cock and soon Rita was bending over sucking her partner's cock whilst I gently fucked her. They suggested we move to a mattress (this was in Russian - so I wasn't party to conversation ) but fortunately the girl said her guy would satisfy Rita with her fingers. This was not what Rita was looking for so we "moved on" .
By now it was 2.30 am and party was breaking up. Rita was the approached by a young woman (25) from Athens who said she had been trying to get her attention all night. Anyway we started to pay softly and they suggested we come back to their hotel room. We were due to get a taxi back with J&E but we couldn't find them and assumed they had gone already. Anyway we piled into their small car - girls in the back - and headed back into Rome. In retrospect a crazy drive. A drove very fast as we passed the vodka and cigarettes around. At each stop we had had our fingers in the other partners vaginas and then all we could hear - and I could see when I turned round- were the groans of the girls as they lay sprawled in back, legs akimbo with each other's fingers in each other's vaginas till they came. At their hotel we undressed rapidly - took some stuff - and were soon on the bed fucking the others partners and then the girls then sucked us off . A then came over Rita's face and soon after MrsA passed out on the bed. MrA phoned for a taxi and we left and as it was now 5am, waiting nervously for a taxi because if it hadn't come we were fucked. Thankfully it arrived and 15mins later we were home. Fell into bed and I was still as horny as hell and fucked Rita like a demon till I came with a torrent. Then passed out!.

11/5 I got woken at 10am by a phone call from Spain re my house sale. What timing! Couldn't go back to sleep and so caught up with blog and validated the lovely Greek couple on SDC. Rita woke after 11am - still horny from stuff and so we fucked like rabbits till we came together. We then got up and showered and had a light lunch with a nice Pinot Grigio on the Via Veneto.  We had planned to meet an Aussie couple on SDC at 7pm, in Rome who were on a travel trip from California where they lived. Rita and I had taken some stuff which the Greek couple had given us and so after lunch we floated our way through the Borghese Gardens and then headed back to hotel at 3pm bursting for a wee before falling into bed and making love for an hour before falling asleep and were woken at 6.30pm by B and L texting us to say they were downstairs! 25 minutes later we met them downstairs and headed back to the Via Veneto for a nice early dinner and great conversation. We then moved on to Harry's Bar where we sank some very strong vodka martinis and Cosmopolitans and gradually discovered our likes/ dislikes and rules round swinging. By now we were all a little tipsy and so we headed back to our hotel room. Rita insisted L try on the mink and other clothes and we took some fun photos and laughed a lot. Rita then took B into the bathroom to shave him - lucky be didn't get his cock sliced off! We then started what was for the next 2 hours a high energy drink fuelled sex session. Rita was fisted first by L and then continually fucked hard by B. I spent a long time licking out L's pussy and then fucking her from behind. The girls then played some more. Rita then raided the mini bar and Rita and Z demolished the vodka and then the gin. The girls were now very tipsy! Rita was fucked some more while I fisted L to orgasm and then fucked her - missionary. After she blew me she then climbed on top and rode me with her back to me. By the time we had finished, B had come and Rita had collapsed and curled up in a ball fast asleep and so we called it a day and I said fond goodbyes to B&R as they headed back to their hotel around 12.30am. Rita was flat out and so I caught up on blog for an hour before starting to sleep.

 12/5 I woke just before 9 and Rita soon after. I showed Rita the pictures from last night to remind her of what went on as her recollection was hazy. She collapsed laughing as the memories slowly returned. We then tucked hard till we came. We then got up and showered and packed and checked out around 11ish. We headed for the Vatican and on the way visited Burger King for breakfast. I then bought a couple of scarves, a linen jacket and cotton jeans - really cool - Rita said so anyway! It was a nice walk through the city until we saw the queue for the Vatican. Then decided to book a guided tour to include Museum and Sistine Chapel as we though this might bypass some queuing. The English tour was an hour away starting and so we had a snack lunch before heading into the Vatican and eventually tour started. We both got the giggles about how the Italian guide pronounced behind (B(emphasis) EYEN DER(emphasis)) - you had to be there. About an hour in we didn't seem to be making much progress so we escaped and walked as quickly as we could through the teeming crowds through the Museum - seen one marble artefact you have seen them all! Then into Sistine Chapel which was magnificent - particularly when you realise Michelangelo was 60 when he painted the Final Judgement in over 300 days over 4 years. The into St Peter's Basilica which is either amazing or just bad taste dependent on your religious point of view. As we left we found a taxi to take us back to hotel to pick up our luggage and then on to the airport. Speedy check in and chilled for an hour in lounge before boarding flight back to Gatwick. Luggage all arrived and home an unpacked by 11pm. Tea and bed!

       Posted by SAVASSE Posted on May 13, 2014 View Comments 10      
Shorthand for high school dropouts
We just had a chat with some guy "how r u" "u r?"  We had a laugh until we realized this person either:  1. spends most of his day texting on a cell phone or:  2. Is a high school dropout and he is doing the best he can.    While we are not Angelina and Brad and we don't expect our friends to be models,  some semblance of intelligence does not hurt.  It would seem that if someone wants to know something about our profile that the person would at least not insult our intelligence with this shorthand jabber. I didn't work my ass off and study for years to get my degrees years ago (I might add) to insult anybody.  I doubt that there are many illiterate people using this site which might explain the word chopping.  Am I the only one that gets pissed off with this?  Maybe its just not my day.
       Posted by FUNANDGAMES Posted on May 12, 2014 View Comments 13      
The differences between men and women
Wife and I were once told that the if you wanted to sum up what the differences between what men and women wanted you could narrow it down to two things. 

For men it is about:
1. Phyical attention
2. Being revered, appreciated.
For Woman it is about:
1. Financial security
2. Emotional security. 
Of course there are exceptions to the rules but we have to say that in our experience it has been pretty darn accurate. Feel free to provide your opinion or rant. 

       Posted by BLUELOVE412 Posted on May 12, 2014 View Comments 0      
Visiting Boston
The Mr. here is currently in Boston, MA at the Omni Hotel until Friday for a conference and is in search of females or couples interested in meeting up. Contact if interested.
       Posted by KANDR12 Posted on May 12, 2014 View Comments 0      
Any girl?
xxx Kate 
       Posted by NICETIME241 Posted on May 12, 2014 View Comments 7      
Hosting Parties.
Hey everybody we were just looking for input from other people in the Lifestyle about hosting parties or events.  We haven't hosted anything more than a one couple at any given time.  We were just wondering how people go about organizing a party and any themes or games you use to get the party going?  We are very interested in getting some great ideas for having a very sexy and memorable night!  Anyways we would love any input and ideas as far as themes, games, scenarios etc.  
Thanks :)

       Posted by MAN44 Posted on May 12, 2014 View Comments 0      

Hi! I would like to get in touch With People in the lighting industry!

       Posted by ALLSPORTS1992 Posted on May 11, 2014 View Comments 0      
Anyone been to Temptations?
Hi there... We have traveled to Desire several times, but it can be hit or miss as to the age group.  We have researched Temptations and it would seem it's more our age group (25-45) and a little rowdy, but we like the party atmosphere.  Most people tell us that only a few women go topless, and no full nudity is allowed.  This could be ok with us as long as there are people that are willing to full swap..... We are looking for others experiences, and also to see if anyone is interested in going there in late July with us!!
       Posted by TROJAN Posted on May 11, 2014 View Comments 0      
UK War against swingers

First the Tories banned 'rape' porn without properly defining it, meaning that people who are engaged in consensual acts can be prosecuted, now there is a concerted attack on sex clubs:

**Fantasy Video / Mr B's** (depending on when you're talking about) is on Islington's hit list: [Fantasy Video][]

As is **[Abcat][]**

Note, Islington first granted licences to sex cinemas after seven men died when their original policy of not granting licences drove premises to operate underground and one caught fire. Because there was no licence, Islington (or anyone else) was unable to enforce clear exits and other fire prevention measures. How long until this new policy leads to someone (or ones) dying in another fire? 

The story about the cinema going up in flames is here: 

The fact that the council granted the licence in response to that fire, can be read about here:

Both under attack by the same councillor that opposed a stripping licence for <b>the Flying Scotsman</b> in King's Cross because, amongst other things, he 'regularly spotted exotic dancers outside on the street smoking with very slight clothing barely 

covered by overcoats or other coverings'. Quite why **Councillor Convery** thinks he has the moral high ground on how women should dress - strippers or otherwise - is beyond me. His full 'disgusted of Islington' speech is here: 

This is the sort of attitude that inspired the Slut Walks of a couple of years' ago.

And there is more: The Naturist resort, **Kestral Hydro**, near Heathrow, is being pursued  by their local council with the main objection being that the local council’s regard it as inappropriate use and development of greenbelt land, despite the facility having operated for over 10 years without a single complaint from local residents (you can sign the petition to keep it open if you like). More information on this one, here:

Note, the author of this post is aware of other moves to shut down swinger's clubs and sex cinemas. You can bet your bottom dollar that once that is done, they'll be back to banning 'immoral acts' like anal sex, same-sex sex, and so on. 

It's hard to stand up and be counted because - guess what - you can lose your job in this day and age for being open about your sexuality, but if people do feel that they can be object then please do sign petitions and write to councillors like [Paul Convery][] stating, politely (and I do mean politely - ranting gets us nowhere), why you think they are wrong. 

Do you know of other attempts to stop swingers enjoying themselves?
       Posted by MBEACHSW Posted on May 11, 2014 View Comments 3      
Hotwife convention in July( in FL, who's going?  Looks like fun 
       Posted by AXXX Posted on May 10, 2014 View Comments 21      
DO's and DON'Ts: A Perspective of a Niewbie
After nine weeks on SDC as a single guy, I decided to share some of my observations and experiences with the new coming single guys. the following list of Do's and DON'Ts should not be taken too seriously (Its all in good humor, and I hope no one will get offended) 

1. Do: Look like Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling. It is the only way you will get the chance to meet an attractive couple. Of course, if standards are not you thing, you can always be the sixth guy inline in a gangbang with a slightly used and overweight soman long pass her prime in a seedy motel room which smells of STDs and desperation
2. Do: Your other option is to be a large African American gentleman with a foot long kielbasa. Despite the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, there is still a considerable population, of mostly sizable ladies, that strongly believe in affirmative action
3. Do: Take a picture of your junk next to a random object to make it look good in comparison; It seems to be the thing to do. Remote controls, soda cans, shaving creams, cell phones, cheese puffs, peanuts; use whatever works and make you look like you are a Cockzilla about to embark on humping Tokyo
4. Do: Declare you straighthood loud and clear. Do not pay attention to the laws of mathematics and ratio. Hundred percent straight is not the limit. Two hundred, or even thousand, percent straight is much better, as it clearly indicates that you are as twice, if not ten times, as straight as the other guys. Also, do not pay attention to the statistical and biological improbability showing 9 out of 10 women on the site to have gay inclinations, while virtually all guys are self declared homophobes (some of which consistently message me :)... Thank god for social pressure to conform and the comforting darkness of the closet
5. Do: Be flexible. Even if the couple contacted you on your mothers' birthday with only two hour notice you better comply or you will be shunned forever. 
6. Do: keep the mystery. When contacted, do not, in any circumstances, share any meaningful details about yourself. No one cares. You are, at best of scenarios, a piece of meat. Your background story, hobbies, cultural preferences and  philosophical views are irrelevant.
7. Don't: Believe photographs too much. Today, with the easy editing technology, every chunky thigh can be transformed to look like it belongs to Angelina Jolie. Every Pimply face cab be transformed to look smooth as marble. Pictures are an ideal, biased self representation, a snapshot in time. Some individuals are more photogenic then others. From experience, I have meet individuals who looked much better inreality and vice versa. I am also sure some of them felt the same about me. 
8. Don't: Try engaging the couple/single lady in a meaningful conversation through email. Yes, she might claim she "really appreciates your willingness to try and know her better as an individual" and  say she is "thankful to you for not sending her a picture of your penis like everyone else", but what she really means by that is: "Hey, what's is wrong with you, why can't you send me a picture of your junk (preferably photographed next to a cheese puff) like everyone else?"
9. Don't: Try to be funny or clever. Despite what one might assume, swingers are surprisingly a humorless lot. refer to the rule "the less you say the better".
10. Don't: Give-up.Despite the ironic tone of this post, I know for fact that there are many high quality individuals in here. Some of which will even give you a  chance.

       Posted by BEACHBI48 Posted on May 10, 2014 View Comments 9      
T users
This is not BS but the truth. I've been on T for 3 years now and my cock has grown from 6.5 to 8 inches since I started the T. The good part is I'm now the owner of a BWC!! The bad side is it's getting too big for my wife and she is having some discomfort during sex. Have any of you other men using T had the same growth as me? One friend of ours said he has had the same type of growth but not a problem for his far.
       Posted by 43SEXYFEMALE Posted on May 10, 2014 View Comments 0      
Ribs and Dots Condoms
new to me anyone tried them and any good
       Posted by RODIMUS75 Posted on May 8, 2014 View Comments 11      
MMF thressome
Has any guys participated with couples in a MMF thressome, being safe and wearing condoms of course? I was asked to be in one with a really hott couple, but only if I would let the husband fuck me in the ass while I'm fucking his wife. As you know from my profile, I've been butt fucked before but it's been over 25 years. I've heard that if the other guy is fucking you right, and hitting the prostrate correctly, that when I cum it'll be amazing!!! Thinking about trying this, especially since they already know I won't kiss another guy!! I havr to say I'm very intrigued, plus the wife looks amazing, and looks to have a tight pussy, and said i coukd fuck her in tge assif i wanted, and when i'm ready to cum,she wants my cum in her mouth. What do you guys that have done this think? Should I taje the plingte and open up my back door and see what happens?
       Posted by HORNYNHOLLYWO Posted on May 8, 2014 View Comments 4      
Foursomes, who else is a big fan?
We love foursomes where the girls start off playing with each other and then allow the guys to join in. I love watching my wife be pleased while she watches me. Having her pleased from both ends is the best of  all. 
Ok, now that we are all horny, we need to find a sexy couple to jump on...