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       Posted by OHSOGOOD Posted January 28, 2013 View Comments 4      
thailand swingers resort
everyone should be aware that the only swingers resort here in Thailand was busted by the police the other day "Rama Kien Resort". The police said they found used condoms and sex toys there and people were in various stages of undress. So a big setback here for the lifestyle. Of course right down the street you can go to any any club and pay for a girl for the night or boy. It seems the offence was that consenting aldults having sex out of their room constituted a crime

by NOVITA on March 26, 2013
We just visited Ramakien resort, the only different thing now is, that for the time being, they don't organize parties. But in your room (or outside) you still can have all the fun!

by CELTIC239 on January 28, 2013
I have to agree with Romans. I have never been to Thailand but was stationed in the Philippines in the 70's where whore houses were stacked up on each other and the cops were shaking down both legit and illegit busnesses. This looks like a classic shake down given that Thailand has quite a reputation bein a sexual holiday destination and that a swingers resort is pretty low on the "sexual deviate" scale.

by ROMANS500 on January 28, 2013
  Bad news for Thailand goers, has the resort shut down. May be resort owners did not bribe the police........

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