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       Posted by NIKNIK2213 Posted on September 27, 2011 View Comments 3      
Active or Passive
So, maybe this question has already been asked but i couldn't find it somewhere. Most of the people here are looking for couples or single female. And mostly it's mentioned for single male 'we will find you' so my question is: would being passive work better for me, or i should be actively reaching out for those couple,who are ok with another male around them, like pinging them, trying to get them on messenger etc.?
       Posted by SPORTYCOUPLE69 Posted on September 11, 2011 View Comments 0      
Was couple, Now single (She died), What advice can you give?
About five years ago, I met a beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly sexy woman through a normal dating site (D). We hit it off immediately and it was non-stop love, mentally and physically from there on. Not very long ago, D died unexpectedly and suddenly. We had spoken about what we would want for the other if something like this occurred and we both agreed that we would want the person to continue to live life to the fullest. So, here I am posting this topic. I don't know how this blog thing works and whether anyone will stop by and read it, but any help or advice is appreciated. (You can see from our validations that we were a real couple.)
Before meeting D, I had a girlfriend take me to Trapeze (a swingers club in Atlanta) for my birthday. I had never experienced such a thing and was blown away (no pun intended). We barely interacted with anyone, but it was so hot, so sexy. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt there, not uptight about being naked, and of course, it was a huge turn on.
I told D about my experience and she was interested in seeing what it was all about. Well, it was unbelievable with her. She enjoyed it and we interacted with others. We continued in the lifestyle by going to Trapeze, Little Wings, and getting together with other couples outside of the clubs.
During this time it was us and other couples only. We went to Trap on a single guy evening once, and were creeped out by the guys with their dicks in their hands trying to get close to her. It seemed that they were there because they couldn't get any sex any other way.
I have never had a difficult time finding a woman to go out with, but now that I've experienced the lifestyle, can't imagine seriously dating a vanilla girlfriend again. What advice would you give? Sure, I'm comfortable with interacting with other couples as a single guy, picking up a woman at a bar or on a dating website, but ultimately, I want someone I can settle down with.
What are the tricks to finding a single woman who is into the lifestyle? It seems so much harder than finding a single woman. Thanks.
       Posted by MAXDANE Posted on May 27, 2011 View Comments 3      
Why are their so many cliques and haters with single Black men?
Lets see< I know swinging is for open-minded individuals and couples with No drama. Supposed to be right. Me being a Black guy, single, educated, and self-employed. I dont follow the " wolf pack " I dont mind small groups. Disliking other guys especially black men among themselves is ridiculous and ansinine. Its just sex, friendships, fantasies and networking with couples thats it. I'm not in the Hating business. Bad-mouthing about other people to couples so you can get yours is defaming to the person's character.  I just hope when people do that their conscious is well thought out. Always think before you speak . Have the facts of any parties involved. Speak to the individual or couple if you or them feel uncomfortable with a persons status about any issues. Karma does come around. I believe in it.  P.S. I can respect people's wishes and preferences. Negative people I dont deal with. Life is hard enough.   
       Posted by GLUP Posted on February 26, 2010 View Comments 4      
como empezar
  Como empezar

Nos cuesta mucho arrancar

Somos una pareja despareja 54 y 24, hace 4 años que estamos juntos y hace mas de un año y medio nos dio ganas de conocer el mundo Swinger, Flor tenia la fantasia de ver otra pareja haciendo el amor. Asi nos metimos en los sistemas de internet, y comenzamos a concurrir a algun boliche Sw. Fuimos soltandonos hasta hacer el amor en medio de todos en la sala de desnudos, con algunas caricias y mimos entre los presentes, pero no avanzamos mas de alli. Nuestra fantasia es conocer a alguna pareja e ir de a poco, salir a cenar o a tomar unos tragos, bailar y luego ir viendo como se va calentando el ambiente y avanzar con sensualidad, mimos y juegos y ver hasta donde se llega. Quizas no intercambiar la primera vez, pero hacer el amor los cuatro en la misma cama. Hasta ahora no hemos tenido suerte en encontrar la pareja que nos motive, parece todo muy palo y a la bolsa. Les mandamos un beso, Gracias por leer nuestro Bolg. Flor y Daniel

       Posted by ELECTRICLOVERS Posted on February 6, 2010 View Comments 0      
actually I have a alternate story

I am a recently divorced man, I am divorced because my former wife and I become far apart and nothing i common. Nothing worked and the life we had while was upscale was not lovin and fun. What I actuallly want in life is maybe something not to be had, can you build up my hopes and give me a spirit of hope in finding that special one. I am very sexual and do swing some, why cause like all of you like sex. However what i really what is what we all want but if I had a special lady I woul be forever happy.
She would be an attractive lady, self confident in her skin wearing a evening gown or blue jeans. She must have that attraction and make me want her physically but being attractive and sexy, but not a stripper type. A everyday woamn you might find in a grocery store, one who love life, children good mother, cleans house and loves her role as woamn of the home. Also a lady who would love to sit on a park ebnch sipping coffee and being happy sitting there with me cause we both know we love each other. One that when we kiss in a soft manner that stops the world from turning  and gives you chill bumps from a simple kiss. Someone who can look sexy and dress any part, maybe a seductive lady in a short sh=kirt, maybe a evening gown with gardners underneath and no panties, maybe no bra and with jeans on wearing a t shirt on the back of my harley, or just laying on the couch with her head in my lap on a rainy fall day listening to the rain hit the dry leaves with that fall chill in the air knowing I love her dearly while i stroke her face.  I want total love and the whole heart, but I want to show the same for her, I want love late in my life, if we want to have a lifestyle weekend fine if not fine, as long as we are toatlly honest, truthful and hides nothing from eachother we will be always best friends. i want a best friend and incredible sex.
I am successful and semi weathly but without love, nothing else is worthit without this special lady.
Are they out there, are they for real, are they on tis site, I promise I am truthful and honest about this and only here to find her or fill the missing areas in my life while being with others on this site. God please bring her to me. anybody know where she, tell her to come and contact me cause I am looking for here. I live within 50 mile radius of columbus ms.

       Posted by KENNETH69 Posted on January 23, 2010 View Comments 3      
Frozen stiff in Wyoming
  Ok her is on that may stump the couunselor.
  I bet a lot of guys keep some condoms in the glove box of thier
auto. But when I went out a few weeks ago here in Wyoming the temps wer 20 Below zero F.  
I would like to know if there is any harm done to condom from these temps.
It dose not seem to have any effect
       Posted by SKCOUPLE Posted on July 28, 2009 View Comments 3      
From internet to real meet, how does it work out?
We've been swinging for quite some time now but have never met anyone in person that we have connected with on the internet. Generally we meet people at straight clubs, have a party at our place after the bar closes, and work on finding sex partners from there. We have been very successful to this point and have never met anyone else in the lifestyle.We get the opportunity to meet people in a closed environment without any pretense of sexual activity so we get to bond with people first and move on from there.

My wife has left me in charge with finding a club to go to on our one night outing to montreal this weekend and this question has once again popped into my mind: how does one drop any expectation before the meet? We have had "dates" with people we know in the past and never felt like we were going out to have sex with these people, sure we were hoping :) but never felt there was any pressure. When we exchange emails with people, the excitement of meeting someone in the lifestyle builds up quickly, I can't help but imagine what it feels like when you actually make a plan for a direct meet with someone.

We are so used to meeting people in a non sexual fashion where you have the opportunity to see what they look like, hear the person talk, see how they act in public etc: and then you get to make your own decision if this is someone that you would like to sleep with. Over the net it seems that you first look to see if you would like to sleep with them and then decide if you would like them later, seems like theres a lot of room for heartache or at least blue balls lol

What can we do to make sure we present ourselves accurately in our profile and our emails so that when we do meet people, we are as advertised, without throwing discretion out the window? We are pretty open with people we meet about our lifestyle however for our childrens sake we try and keep our profile (and internet life in general) in check as to not end up on school billboards etc.

I'm hoping that we won't disappoint anyone that we meet but for the first time, in a very long time, I'm getting that shy butterfly feeling, and shy would probably be the last word you would ever use to describe me lol

Thanks in advance

       Posted by DREAMFLIGHT Posted on July 26, 2009 View Comments 0      
Female for Desire!
I would like to visit Desire in Cancun, but as a male only it's not possible to visit. I am looking for a nice and warm female who will join me to make this possible.

Just step into writing and rest w'll see!

Johan X
       Posted by JIGSAW Posted on July 17, 2009 View Comments 0      
Any swingers club in India ?
       Posted by JIGSAW Posted on July 17, 2009 View Comments 0      
swinging clubs or parties in India ?
       Posted by LUV2PLZ Posted on May 26, 2009 View Comments 11      
Singles on SDC


Just wondering what your advice to single guys on here is.  I am a bit frustrated by the treatment singles guys get.  I understand that many single guys may be total jerks but I don't appreciate being judged by how someone else behaves.  There are many couples that are equally as bad or worse and all couples don't get judged by the actions of the bad ones.  Why should single guys?   I try not to let it bother me but I am a bit frustrated by the second class treatment.   Appreciate your advice.  Thanks!

       Posted by RUSSIANBABE1 Posted on May 25, 2009 View Comments 0      
1 st time on ibiza
hi going to ibiza for 1st time. ll not go as a couple. just me fem.  looking for some fun just not sure of beverly club. may be some sex parties in there? .x
       Posted by MAC5 Posted on May 14, 2009 View Comments 1      
shy indian cple ,needing advise

hi we are a sexy attaractive indian cple,just got my wife to go the swinger clubs after many many years,up to know she has been very reluctant but resently she has looked keen and forward going to them,not yet started swinging,as she thinks it is wrong but have noticed a major change,she is now keen to meet swinger cpls only as friends and after drinkin she starts to flirt and shows her tits,i would really like some insight from other females wheather my wife who was very shy turning to a hot wife and how will she change and once she starts soft swinging what can i expect.


       Posted by AMANDISIMOS Posted on May 4, 2009 View Comments 0      
Any swinger in San Miguel Azores?


We will visit San Miguel Azores at the end of May. There is any swinger couple in San Miguel?

We are a couple, open-minded, and would like to find someone else in the island.

There is something we can do to find?

Thanks a lot

Amanda and Miguel

Thanks again


       Posted by HUME65 Posted on April 4, 2009 View Comments 4      
some left jealosuy

We have long discussed and practised swinging as a way to spice up our sexual life and in fact it has actually improved our own non-swing sex.

After a few years of swinging (normally every 4-6 weeks) however, she still feels some jealousy when she sees him having sex with another woman and is a bit nervous the evenings when a meeting or a club visit is planned.

Do you have any suggestions?


       Posted by RUSSIANBABE1 Posted on April 4, 2009 View Comments 1      
i need a help!!
hi we v been together for 4 years and swing. now we split up for good. all wat we planed ll never happiend. i love to swing and meet people who love same. dont now how i do that if i am ll be as a singel girl?? thank u .
       Posted by LADYNICHOLS20 Posted on March 29, 2009 View Comments 4      
I am a married woman that needs to get some understanding as to why am I craving the touch of a woman.  I was in a committed relationship with a sexy woman about 8 years ago. But now I cant seem to get this feeling out. Don't get me wrong I love the way a man can make love to me but to have a woman caress  you with their hand and to have them tickle you with their tongue is just like heaven. And how can I get my husband to join in.
       Posted by YAMSIKISS Posted on March 26, 2009 View Comments 1      
Older, and losing younger partner because of emasculation
This is an age question, very frustrating.  I am an older guy, 58, but stilll able to hold my own.  For the past 6 or 7 months, I have been involved with a younger 40 Year old, very hot, blonde, who although a fairly recent devotee of the lifestyle, it has completely dominated her life, and has been her dream. I am committed to helping her realize this dream, and sex between us has been great. UNTIL, she started becoming very active and has really broadened her circle of ls friends.  She is very intelligent, and knows what she wants, the problem, we can't swing together because of my old fashioned set of morals and values. I have accepted everything, except the thought of her in another mans arms, then I start becoming emasculated, to a point of not being able to have an erection.  How can I overcome this one problem, it is devesatating our relationship, and I have tried everything.  I am content to let her play alone, but this one factor is ruining the whole thing, anyone else have problems like this, if so, PLEASE help.
       Posted by HERE2DARE Posted on March 23, 2009 View Comments 1      
desire passes

hello counselor.

how does the day or night passes work at desire?

       Posted by PARDOM Posted on February 28, 2009 View Comments 1      
Nos gustaria saber si en sao pablo brasil hay playa nudista y cuales son y cual lugar swinguer nos recomienda y si conoce alguna pareja socia para que nos la recomiende