SDC MYHIXEL Climax Control Device App Male Sexual Health Pleasure
Learn How to Increase Sexual Pleasure with MYHIXEL TR
Male sexual pleasure is essential to enjoy more in bed for men and their partners.

SDC Katherine Kayteezee Zitterbart BDSM Dominant Submissive Red Flags Advice
Dominant Red Flag: Rudeness Toward Service Providers
If you’re out on a date and your potential dominant disrespects the waitstaff, be wary of taking things further. Here’s why.

Checkmate NYC Swingers Club
Now Re-Opened! The Checkmate Manhattan Experience: Beyond The Velvet Ropes
One lucky couple gives their firsthand account of a night at one of New York City’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs that was so amazing, they sought a repeat performance the following night.

SDC Ofacez Podcast Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Websites Events Dating Playmates
Finding Playmates with SDC and More
Mr. & Mrs. Mocha discuss swinging lifestyle websites, events, and more ways to find potential playmates.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little BunnyRanch Nudist Experiences
Alice Little’s Clothing-Optional Experiences
Alice Little from the BunnyRanch Resort shares her top picks for nudists, whether it’s an intimate hot tub evening or an adventure in nature and nothing but your birthday suit.

MysteryVibe Lifestyle Crescendo Adult Sex Toy Pleasure Product Tech
Bend Over Backwards for Pleasure: From Crescendo to Climax
Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Crescendo sex toy, designed to bring the best of health, pleasure, and technology together.

Dr. Jess in Grande Prairie
Dr. Jess passed through Grande Prairie to participate in HIV North Society's 25th anniversary!

American Sex Podcast Episode 26: Anne Hodder - Owning Your Sh*t
Anne teaches us about breathwork and how science and the spiritual can come together to help us "own our shit" in sex, relationships and all areas of life.

SDC Something Positive for Positive People Podcast HSV Diagnosis Shoshanna Raven Living Brave
Learn Your Capacity Then Work Backwards From There
Guest Shoshanna Raven shares her Living Brave empowerment coaching wisdom about finding power in that which shames us.

SDC ASN AnnaRea Sex Towel Lifestyle Accessories
Inside the Creative Mind of the Founder of AnnaRae
Read the story of the founder of AnnaRae luxury sex towel and accessories and how she supports the LGBTQIA+ and sex-positive lifestyle communities.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto App Sex Game Toy Pleasure Product
Supercharged Pleasure for Couples: A Unique Sex Toy Experience
Designed for male pleasure, but ecstatic for all involved! Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Tenuto sex toy.

SDC Dr Ava Cadell Self Love Mental Health Manifestation Meditation Guided Video Audio
Alphabet Meditation with Dr. Ava Cadell
The benefit of this manifestation meditation is to cultivate your awareness and focus on what you really want in your life that will bring you love, peace and happiness.

Vaginal Health: Health Tips For Your Nether Regions
We only have one vagina, ladies; so taking care of the one you have should be a top priority.

SDC SeXXXperience Hotwife Taylor Gabriel Mann Swingers Dating Advice Safety
Hotwifing Tip: Have a Safety Plan
Put your minds at ease by building your own protection strategy with inspiration by Hotwife Taylor and Gabe Mann.

SDC Travelling Goddess Period Sex Menstruation Sexual Health woman-red-heart
Period Sex: Fetish, Ah-mazing, or a Plain No?
Menstruation is a basic and healthy bodily function, and half the population is “blessed” with it. Unfortunately, somehow, it’s still somewhat of a loaded subject, even in lifestyle circles. When it comes to period sex, the eyebrows raise even higher.

SDC PSI Medical Group Anti Aging Sexual Wellness
The Fountain of Youth: New Approaches to Anti-Aging
Look as young as you feel with PSI Medical’s innovative, natural, and effective medical techniques.

Preparing for a Lifestyle Event
Brenna and Brian from Front Porch Swingers share their tips to help you prepare when attending a lifestyle event.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Ashley Caballero Bisexual Women Swingers
To All the Girls I’ve Loved... Before I Knew I Could
Many of us were not raised to expect ourselves to have any sexuality other than hetero, so it can hit hard when someone realizes they’ve been living life without an entire aspect of their being. Here’s an open letter from one woman about her bisexuality.

. . . And Wisdom to Know the Difference
When relationships become challenging, it can be difficult to know when to practice acceptance and when to let it go. Dr. Liz Powell provides words of encouragement in this uplifting and guiding piece.

Can Shy Couples Be Swingers Too?
Are you a shy couple looking to experience the swinging lifestyle, but don't know where to start? Dr. Jess seeks out her swinging friends at PlayboyTV to offer you some insight.

SDC Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Webinar Virtual Dating
Swinging 101 Series, Part 2: Virtual Dating Dos and Don'ts
Let Lexi guide you through virtual dating etiquette in Part 2 of her Swinging 101 webinar series.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved