SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry
Crown Your Clitoris with Jewels of Pleasure
For sexy holiday celebrations or for any occasion, offer her a clitoral jewel, a sexual jewel — a jewel of pleasure!

SDC Ofacez Podcast Mr Mrs Mocha Swinging Lifestyle Stories Hedo Johnny Starry NYC
Swingers Johnny and Starry Enter the Ozone!
Listen to the amusing antics of this swinger couple from New York City and some of their first swinging experiences.

Living Sex Positive Life Podcast Count Boogie Musical Comedian Perverted Podcast Sexual Health Educa
A Word from the Perverted Side
Musical comic and co-host of Perverted Podcast, Count Boogie is a life-time sex-positive adventurer.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little Sex Worker Advice Safety Social Distancing Pandemic COVID
Safe Sex During Social Distancing
Alice Little shares her tips on how to stay connected to your sexuality while in self-isolation.

SDC Travel Second Location Plans Members
SDC: How to Add Travel Plans & Second Location
Traveling to other places in your country or abroad is an adventure. If you wish to open up a world of possibilities, there are some good options you can consider adding to your SDC profile.

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto App Sex Game Toy Pleasure Product
Supercharged Pleasure for Couples: A Unique Sex Toy Experience
Designed for male pleasure, but ecstatic for all involved! Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Tenuto sex toy.

Steps to Take When Doubting Your Relationship
All relationships go through ups and downs. But you knew that already.

Member Questions Series I
Getting into the lifestyle can be equal parts intriguing and terrifying.

SDC Member Stories Swingers Lifestyle Threesome Couple Single Male Oral
A Shining Light from the Dark
He arranged a threesome for him and his wife with an anonymous man, and the experience awakened them to the world of swinging.

What To Do When Your Kids Walk In On You Having Sex!
What happens when your kids walk in on you having sex? Dr. Jess's Facebook followers weighed in on their experiences.

SDC MYHIXEL Climax Control Device App Male Sexual Health Pleasure
Learn How to Increase Sexual Pleasure with MYHIXEL TR
Male sexual pleasure is essential to enjoy more in bed for men and their partners.

SDC Kitty Chambliss Loving Without Boundaries Consensual NonMonogamy Open Polyamory Relationship
Consensual Non-Monogamy: Is it Right for You?
If you're curious about opening your relationship, watch Kitty Chambliss' video for her helpful questions to ask yourself and your partner.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little BunnyRanch Nudist Experiences
Alice Little’s Clothing-Optional Experiences
Alice Little from the BunnyRanch Resort shares her top picks for nudists, whether it’s an intimate hot tub evening or an adventure in nature and nothing but your birthday suit.

SDC Member Story Swinging Hotwife Experience Erotica Couple Hotel Threesome
The Forbidden Fruit
This couple finally found their other man and fulfilled the hotwife fantasy of their dreams — an evening of building desire, sensual massages, and pleasing her forbidden fruit.

American Sex Podcast Episode 49: Jimanekia Eborn - Sex After Trauma
This episode is jam-packed with ideas for working through trauma, helping friends and partners heal, and includes (low cost!) therapy resources.

SDC Checkmate Swingers Lifestyle Club NYC Coronavirus COVID19 Cleanliness Sanitation Measures
Checkmate NYC to Re-Open with On-Site Rapid COVID-19 Testing
Swingers’ Club Checkmate NYC will be the first club in the world to re-open with on-site rapid COVID-19 testing.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Swingers NonMonogamy Advice Oral Sex Safety STI STD
Q&A: What About Safe Sex Risks and Oral Sex?
Once you know what to watch out for, you'll feel more ready to practice safer oral after watching this.

Smart Erotica: The 7 Conversations of LIC #3: Conflict
Dr. Jay and Liseth explore the truth about Conflict — its role in love and the why, when, and how to do it well based on the art and science of love to enrich your relationship rather than implode it.

SDC Sex Positive Me Angelique John Luna
New Year, New Branding! But Always Sex Positive
John and Angelique Luna had a big 2019, but they're ushering in 2020 with a fresh brand and a year full of events and growth.

9 Signs You Might Just Be a Swinger
Sure, there are plenty of myths surrounding swingers the lifestyle, however, there are also a few real tell-tale signs you might just be a swinger.

Swinging 101 Miniseries Lexi Sylver SDC Livestream
Swinging 101 Miniseries — Exclusively on!
Swingers, get set for swinging success with tips and tricks about swinging and the swinger lifestyle, for newbies and experienced swingers alike.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved