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Sexy Mayan Neon Lady SSX 2021 SDC Swinger Event
SSX 2021 — Live Events are Back!
Sexperience 2021 had the sexiest crowd ever, ushering in the return of live and in-person swinging lifestyle events, parties, and more!

SDC Something Positive for Positive People Podcast You Me and HSV
Passion in Action — You, Me and HSV
Guest You, Me and HSV shares their story and what inspired them to create an HSV information-sharing social media brand.

Quick Start Guide to Smart Erotica & The LIC
Are you ready to learn how to practice Smart Erotica? Start here!

SDC MysteryVibe Tenuto App Sex Game Toy Pleasure Product
Supercharged Pleasure for Couples: A Unique Sex Toy Experience
Designed for male pleasure, but ecstatic for all involved! Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Tenuto sex toy.

SDC Lexi Sylver Sexting Advice Foreplay Communication Couple Relationship NonMonogamy
Share Your Fantasies | Sexting 101
Communication isn't always easy face-to-face/ It might lessen anxiety to bring up your desires through a naughty text and see the response. When we don't feel nervous, we can convey what we want much easier!

Checkmate NYC Swingers Club
Re-Opening April 2nd, 2021! The Checkmate Manhattan Experience: Beyond The Velvet Ropes
One lucky couple gives their firsthand account of a night at one of New York City’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs that was so amazing, they sought a repeat performance the following night.

An Orgasm SO Intense and Pleasurable, It Sparked an Entire Company
Could you imagine? An orgasm so intense it propelled you to invest in building an entire company to help others experience the same pleasure you did?

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Dirk Hooper BDSM Dominant Safety Precautions
Basic Bondage Safety Precautions for New or Old Dominants
Dirk Hooper guides you through the basics of practicing bondage domination responsibly.

The Most Liberal States, Cities and Countries
If you're looking for an open, accepting place to live, you'll want to check out these, the most liberal states, cities and countries.

SDC Sex on Your Terms Hotwife Safety Advice Roleplay Swingers Open Lifestyle
Safe Play for Hotwives
So, you've found your guy. Now, follow these tips to make the most of your experience.

SDC Member Story Hottest Hotwife Experience Amateur Erotica Threesome Bisexual Male
A New Kind of Relationship
Jeff met a couple on SDC and entered a new dynamic — like dating, but with a deliciously fun bi twist.

Smart Erotica: The 7 Conversations of LIC #3: Conflict
Dr. Jay and Liseth explore the truth about Conflict — its role in love and the why, when, and how to do it well based on the art and science of love to enrich your relationship rather than implode it.

SDC Katherine Kayteezee Zitterbart Healing Tao Taoism Tantra Meditation Mental Health
The Healing Smile: Taoist Tantra Guided Meditation
We can all benefit from the soothing power of healing ourselves, and Kayteezee is here to guide us into our bodies.

Threesome Tricks of the Trade
Relationships can be challenging, and navigating such delicate territory with a partner must be done with increased levels of communication, honesty and mutual respect.

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Impact Play BDSM
The Art of Sensual Impact Play: From Consent to After Care
If you're looking to explore the more sensual side of BDSM and learn how you can get out your own kinks, listen to this podcast with Pink Heffs and Black Heffs creator King Heff.

SDC Checkmate NYC LA Swingers Club
Ladies First! Checkmate Beverly Hills Coming Soon!
Lexi Sylver interviews Checkmate NYC swinger club owner Gianni for insider info on this swanky lifestyle destination and its expansion into LA.

SDC Dr Jaime M Grant Therapy Coach Sex Positive Children Teaching Guide
10 Ways to Raise Radically Sex-Positive Kids
How do we affirm and grow a healthy sexuality in our children when it feels like they are inundated with misinformation and an oversexualized commercial culture?

SDC Global Protection myONE Perfect Fit Condoms
5 Reasons Your Penis Deserves Custom Fit Condoms
Yes, there really is such a thing as custom fit condoms!

The Lifestyle of Tantra with Mary Anne Marlow
Here at Sex with Dr. Jess, we recently became acquainted with Mary Anne Marlow, author of Pursue to Paradise.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Swingers NonMonogamy Advice Threesome Unicorn
Q&A: How Can We Have Better Luck with Unicorn Hunting?
This is one of their most popular questions. Watch to find out the answer!

Queer couple standing intimately
American Sex Podcast Episode 77: Queer Porn Goes 'Straight Curious' with Shine Louise Houston
From pay inequities to identity policing, this episode dives into queerness in the adult entertainment industry.

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© Copyright 2021 SDC All rights reserved