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I’m assuming that you joined SDC because sex is important to you and central to your happiness. You’re probably very sexually experienced and have had lots of sex with a lot of different people. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of what you’ve been doing is mindless fucking vs. sexual mindfulness. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with mindless fucking. I’d just like you to experience sexual mindfulness and see the difference and what new levels of pleasure it can bring you. Sexual mindfulness has four dimensions. It is present-centered, non-conceptual, non-judgmental, and non-verbal. Imagine what sex would be like if it was… Present Centered – You’d be able to slow down your runaway mind and focus 100 of your five senses on your sexual pleasure. You would experience each sexual encounter with a “Beginner’s Mind”, the Buddhist term for looking at things as if you are experiencing them for the first time. Non-Judgmental – You would enjoy and accept yourself, your partner and your sexual pleasure for what they were and not judge them according to anyone else’s standards. Non- Conceptual- Instead of thinking about what was going on when you were having sex, or try to anticipate what might happen, you’d accept what was going on in the present moment and allow it to play out by itself. There would be no need to overthink anything. Non-Verbal – You wouldn’t need to say anything. Your body would communicate anything that needed to be said. Home Study Course - my Home Study Course will show you how to be more sexually mindful and increase your pleasure when you are having sex alone or with your partner(s). Personal Sexual Mindfulness Coaching - Let me train you in the privacy of your own home. I'll travel for free to 50 mile radius of Marco Island. Message me for rates and more information.
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A great way to increase your external mindfulness is to practice mindful eating. Using foods like juicy, fleshy fruits and luscious wines makes it a sensually delicious delight!

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How You See Yourself as Man, Woman, Both, Neither: Part 2 in the Series Why Gender Matters

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The most important erogenous zone related to your sexual response is located between your ears, not between your legs.

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