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What could happen to you if you did fulfill just one fantasy? Not just any fantasy, but hot erotic, delicious, and nasty sex you would never admit to… but would love to try. Erotic author Anne Sherril scores again with a new Hotwife series that answers what happens when people you know act out in real life those ideas that were only dreams. This new series of 26 adventures answer the bet to get you wet, read what happens to the 26 Hotwives from A – Z. From Anna to Zoe, follow the explicit erotic series with new releases featuring each Hotwife in her own exclusive story. Her books include another full series, The Mask series of four hot wife books, show that theme of romance and passion. Anne Sherril is a proud member of our SDC community! The love of hotwife novels, short stories showcase her vivid imagination. Check out the author page here for new explicit short stories. Leave a comment and I'll send you one of my published books on Amazon FREE as a special thank you for your thoughts. For the articles, look on the SDC Homepage listed under Kink Hotwife. -or-
Save a bundle and get the collector's edition full paper back edition at Amazon. Four complete books for discounted price. Available in Kindle and Paperback. Check out the latest discounts from Amazon by taking a look at my hotwife books on my website. Cheap Thrills. Beware the Spills.
As Thomas grew older, he had to have help to satisfy his hotwife Sandy

SDC Hotwife Story Anne Sherril Erotica Swingers
John's wife spent the weekend with Peter at a hotel in a nearby city. The drive home is interesting as she reveals how life is now that she is a real hotwife.

A porn star was hired to perform with a Hotwife. A detective had other plans.

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