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Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Kate Maxx, professional naked person! I am a featured dancer across stages in Canada doing wild over the top stage shows with LED lights, showers, whipped cream, paints, and nerdy themes. I am a multi-published nude model and actor. I also am an online personality; you may know me as Carli from Naked News. I now am a content creator with videos on Youtube where I have my channel Life Uncovered where I try all kinds of new things and share reviews. I am also a content provider for more sexy and explicit style videos on Only Fans. I also host and MC nude pool parties and events at Young Swingers Week at Hedonism Resort. I've recently developed a Lap Dance class that is for relationship building and intimacy; I love teaching people sexy tricks from my trade. You can often find me on nude beaches, lifestyle clubs, strip clubs, and anywhere else freaky people hang out. My partner and I have recently started a podcast called The Long Distance Lifestyle, which covers anything from living long distance to lifestyle events to living in a relationship with cancer. I'm an affiliate of many sexy events and products and am always exploring new and exciting ideas. Call me a naked Jack of all trades — I'm here to help you live your life to the sexiest!
Kate Maxx Professional Naked Person Exhibition Dating Social Media SDC
If your job was to be naked, do you think dating would be easier or harder?

Kate Maxx Professional Naked Person Exhibition Modeling SDC
Being naked for art is far different than for yourself and your partners. Kate Maxx shares the details of her first experience baring it all for the camera.

Kate Maxx Professional Naked Person Exhibition Actor SDC
It's one thing to pose for a photographer. Acting is so much more! Here's the story of Kate Maxx's first experience.

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