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Poly Anna believes conversations and collaborations have the power to build bridges and redefine what most consider normal. She is a podcaster and sex subculture ally with two weekly shows: Sexploration with Poly Anna (Tuesday), and The After Chat with Poly Anna (Thursday). Poly Anna is a bisexual, polyamorous, swinger (PolySwing) who explores human sexuality, love, and relationships with intelligence and compassion. She was the shy black sheep in a strict conservative family of community influencers. Today she’s found herself and her voice in big ways and shares it boldly with you.
In this exclusive video with Poly Anna, she shares what could be considered one of the most important aspects of Polyamory, and that is Relationship Hierarchy.

Poly Anna explains the many ways that people relate to and categorize their gender(s) in this exclusive video.

There are many dynamics within Polyamory, as the rules and boundaries are as varied as the people in these relationships.

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