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55 11 2251-0226
Rua Kuikuros, 186, Praia da Juréia , São Sebastião , Brazil
The most desirable hotel by the segment, with easy access for those whom coming from any city in Brazil or the world! Come explore all sensuality and eroticism, without limits. Located on the north coast of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil, the Kumplices Klub Beach Hotel is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, with a beach of soft white sand. A refuge for you to fulfill all your desires. The hotel has 27 rooms, two heated swimming pools with wet bar, one with a glass roof, two heated Jacuzzis, sauna, playgrounds for adults, nightclub, sexy lounge, cigar shop, International restaurant and Sushi Bar. Perfect for you to enjoy your moments of pleasure. Ideal place for you to enjoy your moments of pleasure.
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