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In our hearts, Tulum, Mexico
We have an amazing relationship (not just on a sexual level) and we want to share this beautiful/magical connection with other couples and hopefully inspire them to feel even more love and pleasure for themselves and for their partner to enhance their relationship on all levels: trust, communication and so on. We will be live streaming frequently and every time we will address a specific topic, talk about the theory, prepare our body and mind thru some meditating/intentional exercises and then we'll start the practice.  Please note that we are not sex slaves so there is no point in asking for sexual fantasies. Some of the topics will be : heart-to-heart connections, synchronized breathing, sensual awakening, tantric massages, sexual polarities, all types of orgasms, all Kamasutra positions, g spot stimulation and squirting, de-armoring, semen retention, relaxing the mind, opening up and letting go etc... Tantra allows everything as long as it’s coming from a place of love, consciousness, respect, and consent. We might have hot sex but always with warm sex before. We are not gurus, we just want to humbly share this connection and discover what nirvana is about. We are looking for open-minded/hearted people who are willing to explore new ways of expressing and sharing their sexual energy in order to connect on deeper levels. We want to build a community that grows on a very high vibrating state not only in sex but in all aspects of life. Let's spread the love guys! :)
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