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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
SEXUAL FITNESS BY NATURAL METHODS! "TAO LOVE! A GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL LOVE-MAKING NATURALLY!" * is a condensed and simplified version of ancient Chinese philosophy, sexual empowerment exercises and techniques easily adaptable to western thought! Combine EAST INDIAN TANTRIC PHILOSOPHY, natural aphrodisiacs to ENHANCE LOVE-MAKING to the NEXT LEVELS! TAO LOVE! Contains theories that were discussed by the Yellow Emperor and his Taoist Physicians. Tao Love* may help loving couples extend Love-Making for longer periods of time. Tao Love* May help loving couples reach new levels of sexual spirituality. Learn ancient knowledge about human sexuality that can benefit health! Also contains useful information about Chinese herbs!. NEXT LEVEL!- "THESEXPERIMENT!" JOZEF-AUTHOR, SEXUAL FITNESS/COACH, TAI CHI, MUSICIAN DR. ADRIANA ROMERO-NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE Contact us at: THESEVENCHAKRAS@PROTONMAIL.COM
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