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HWP COUPLES & SINGLE FEMALES AND SOME EXCEPTIONAL , SELECT SINGLE MEN We are one the original and FIRST Hotel parties in the tri state area. Doing parties for 20 years now successfully and going strong with the best reputation for the hottest parties. People drive hours to our events up and down the East Coast for our Hotel Takeovers! Come see why! We never post publicly our locations for YOUR privacy as well as the integrity of our guest list to keep it private & "Selective" as Friction is known for. We maintain real & sexy selective couples, not just state it. We would rather have accurate guest lists then huge lists filled with fakes & anyone wanting to add their names without being verified! If you are looking for one of those events that just have high volume numbers filled with just "anybody's" and lots of "body's", then we're not for you! All RSVP & Ticket sales are done on our site at WWW.FRICTIONPARTIES.COM - Register there today We have tons of certs & a long history of attention to details Stylish, attractive, well groomed, classy couples. You do not have to be a model or "model material" BUT do care about your appearance and all of the above HWP Our parties are for people who are anywhere from the "curious" beginners to the seasoned lifestyler's. FRICTION is a NO Pressure, edgy, sexually charged, safe experience to be with others like you. Stay and Play, no need to drive home Our parties do NOT end with last call!! They go on all night if YOU wish PLEASE HAVE YOUR PICS OPEN TO US, INCLUDING FACE PICS, WHEN contacting us OR YOU WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE! If they are locked and you sign up for an event, please open them or let us know when they are or we will not send event info to you! NO exceptions! IF YOU ARE A FREE MEMBER, WITH NO PICS OR CERTS, you will have to "register" and go to our site for instructions on how to become a member at WWW.FRICTIONPARTIES.COM ALL PHOTO'S IN THIS PROFILE ARE FROM PAST PARTIES OF ATTENDEES & HOSTESSES - THIS IS A PARTY PROFILE! Not a personal profile! We are a attractive, very friendly couple that Love meeting new people but do not like and will not tolerate attitudes and rudeness. Dress code for parties: Very Sexy & Hip Please! A lot come in theme, especially women but theme is never required. Girls wear anything from sexy dresses, club wear, to nice jeans with sexy tops, Lingerie, etc. YOUR STYLE AND DRESS CODE SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Please dress amazing! We expect our guys to be well groomed, sharp & dressed to the tee! Think dressy fabulous or GQ! Look hot for your FrictonGirl. No sneakers, t-shirts or baseball hats permitted. If you arrive dressed poorly, you will not be able to enter! We have a stripper poles,DANCE CAGE, DJ and serve Hot Pizza late night after all parties. Please visit our site for more details, info, party locations and pics Register at Its FREE to register and be a member.
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