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New York, NY , New York, 10032
Our events are here, created so that those that enjoy event creativity, ambiance, and sexiness still to be injected into their public kink adventures. Do not fall prey to the diluted thoughts of the uninspired/non-creactive to dictate terms of ... there should be no theme/vibe in your event experience. We are here to destroy that narrative. THERE IS NO DIVIDE. OUR EVENTS ARE FOR THE QTPOC, LGBTQ & HETEROSEXUAL KiNKSTERS iN THE NYC oR TRi-STATE AREA/COMMUNITY including N.J & L.I. A safe space/place for all no matter if you identify as Cis, Queer, Trans, NB and every identity in between. All are welcome to join us. Please be respectful of pronouns. But do not be HYPER-SENSITIVE. A fellow guest would not know your choices unless they ask.
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes
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