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PO BOX 680683, COLUMBIA, 29209
We are a swingers group in Columbia SC. We are open to all shapes, sizes and colors. We are a Non-Judgemental, Non-Pushy laid back, fun environment group. We are a group that is open to Newbies as well as experienced swingers and Lifestyle members. We have a solid base out of the Charlotte NC area and surrounding.. We host travel trips, play events and larger themed events. Always wanted to learn? Well we are the group for you. We don't Host hotel takeover events. Our events are more close and friendly. Private location in the Columbia. We reapect your privacy and are a more discret Club. We have multiple memberships for those who only want to attend once to those who plan to attend every month. We host 2 events per month. 1st week of the month and 3rd week. Themed events may vary. Please check out our website for rules and additional details.
Club Size 2500 square feet
Max. Occupancy 80
Playroom Occupancy 5
Food Available Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
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