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15511 Hwy 71 West, Suite 110, #420, Austin, 78738
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Our Festivals, Trips, and Events take place in our Privately Owned Mansions, Ranches, Yachts and Underground Venues all around the world. LIVIT is the next level experience for those in the Lifestyle. While we focus on more fun, freedom, and fulfillment, we create experiences that are unique and unusual compared to Swinger Clubs, Resorts, and Events. Some are tribal and transformational, culturally primitive, while others are luxury at a level few have experienced. Some say they encountered new meaning, new ideas, and even new beliefs. Others say they had a sexual or sensual awakening.
Anonymous May 22 2021 7:34AM
RATE: 10
Burning Mask Event
What a fun adventure. I enjoyed the four play leading up to this event. Planning my camp site and costumes. Driving from Kansas to Texas. Meeting amazing new friends. I enjoyed the mix of Tantric workshops, BDSM play and the magical toy I found with some SDC friends in their supper pimped out RV. The hosts where very genuine people with kind hearts.
SEXYNIGHTS404 May 17 2021 9:05PM
RATE: 10
Best Lifestyle Event!
Our small group went to the Revolution Burning Mask this past weekend and we all had an amazing time! In addition, every single person we met were stellar - great energy! For those of you reading this, if we hung out, let's connect, because if Marty & Jen host again, we're going back!
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