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Virginia Beach, 23452
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This is a private residence that holds exclusive invitation only parties for body-positive nudist and sex-positive lifestyle friends alike. VB Eros is where you can indulge yourself without judgement, enjoy our serene privacy, and forget about the worries of the world. Not all Nudist are in the Swingers Lifestyle and not all Swingers are Nudist. However, we believe that these two demographics can co-exist together. To keep it simple: Nudist activities by day – Swingers Lifestyle activities by night VB Eros offers a safe and relaxing environment to enjoy the warm sunshine and cool refreshing water. Our guests are able to unwind, unplug, and rejuvenate their own Life Energy in this "Sunny Place for Shady People". While we laugh at the phasing of that quote, there is nothing "shady" about enjoying nudity and a clothing-free, body-positive atmosphere. We at VB Eros are simply offering what mainstream Europeans have been enjoying for years, in the health and wellness of a clothes-free, co-ed, public Mineral Thermes. (On any given day in Europe you'll find thousands of people enjoying the hundreds of public bathhouses and outdoor oasis locations across the map.) VB Eros is the first of its kind to bring a clothing-free oasis to the Virginia Beach, VA area. VB Eros is open one to two weekends a month on Saturdays from 1pm - 7pm for naturalists who enjoy a clothing-free environment. Once the sun goes down we open our home from 7pm - 12pm midnight to those in the lifestyle who want to dress sexy, flirt, dance and play with other like-minded people. Please plan to be at VB Eros by 7:30pm. We will lock the door at 8:30 pm. So if you can't make it by then please do not make your reservation that week. No one will be let in after that time. We are not some huge corporate location or club, just a couple who used to be stationed in Germany and loved the relaxing co-ed naked mineral there's there and swingers lifestyle clubs. We wanted to bring a little bit of Europe back to the USA in a non-pressured purely relaxing environment.
11AM - 12PM
Club Size 15000 square feet
Max. Occupancy 68
Food Available Yes
On premise sex allowed Yes
Outside Area Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Smoking Allowed Yes
Private Rooms Yes
SDC Members get a 10% discount. Military, Veterans, and First Responders always get 20% discount. We operate strictly off donations so please be a cheerful giver and please give what you can. All money goes back into the club. No salaries.
RATE: 10
A Great Group to Party With!
We enjoyed very much attending one of their house parties while visiting the area. Sexy hosts and wonderful company. Hope to attend more on the future.
Anonymous Oct 4 2020 10:16AM
RATE: 10
Repeat Attender
Every party has new gorgeous faces that I love laughing and playing with. This group has made me feel welcomed with no pressure included. Keeping the numbers low gives it a more personal feel and screening whom may attend makes the picking plentiful. I'll be seeing you guys again soon. If you are seeking a fulfilled night check them out.
RATE: 10
So being brand new to the area and having come from a LS heavy area (clubs, etc) VBEROS were so welcoming and made us feel included! We’re really looking forward to getting to know everyone much better ??
Anonymous Aug 31 2020 4:57PM
RATE: 10
A Quality Group...
We have enjoyed getting to know this group and its hosts. They are open, friendly and welcoming and most importantly very sexy. C&D
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