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Dr. Rich is not a swinger. He is an SDC author/contributor who has written books and developed self-help courses that will help members of the SDC community enhance their sexuality and relationships. He is a a noted author, teacher, trainer, and coach. He has helped thousands of students and clients from across the globe improve their sex lives. He is a world-renowned expert in understanding how the mind and body work together to enhance sexual pleasure. He is a retired Professor Emeritus from William Paterson University in NJ, where he taught Human Sexuality for 28 years. As a nationally-certified Coach (BCC), Counselor (NCC), and Health Education Specialist (CHES), he uses the best practices from these disciplines to help you get the most out of your sex life. He is one of the pioneers of Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching, an approach that helps you become more psychologically-flexible and unleash the power of your sexual mind to get the most out of your sex life. Dr. Rich is also certified in Naikan and Morita, two forms of Japanese psychology that use mindfulness and acceptance to help you shift your focus off of your unhelpful sexual thoughts and feelings, and onto acting in ways that enhance your sex life and relationships. He is the author of several books, adult-learning courses, and training materials that integrate this approach into the field of human sexuality.
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Una excelente manera de aumentar su atención externa es practicar la alimentación consciente. ¡Consumir alimentos como frutas jugosas, carnosas y vinos deliciosos lo convierte en un placer sensualmente deliciosa!

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Ser más consciente de su diálogo interno sobre su sexualidad lo ayudará a comenzar a ser más receptivo y menos crítico con usted mismo y con los demás.

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La respuesta sexual es una interacción compleja de factores psicológicos y fisiológicos que comienza en su cerebro y se extiende por el resto de su cuerpo. Esto es lo que está pasando en su cuerpo.