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Build anticipation and give your partner extra pleasure with foreplay. Get oral sex tips to give the best cunnilingus and blow jobs, and discover more advice on making foreplay exciting and enjoyable for you and your lover(s).
collection of colorful sex toys over a yellow, blue, and pink color-blocked background
30 Best Sex Toys for Adults to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Whether you’re craving spicier solo play or more orgasmic partnered sex, here are the best sex toys to check out in your favorite sex shops.

an attractive Black man wearing all black and a hat dancing over a smoky red background
Be the Better Bull
The how, the what, and the who of recreational sex with a Hotwife

a photo of a Black man's hands about to dispense silicone lubricant from a small clear bottle
The Perils of Personal Silicone Lubricant: Why Health Matters
In the realm of intimate products, silicone-based lubricants have gained popularity due to their smooth texture and long-lasting capabilities. However, beneath the allure of convenience lies a concerning truth: personal silicone lubricants may not be the healthiest option for intimate use.

book cover of An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy by Taylor K Sparks
New Book! An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy
Renowned erotic educator Taylor K. Sparks releases new book that helps African-Americans understand alternative love styles

a photo taken from above of a busty woman in white lingerie reading an open book
Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games Cover Reveal
Be among the first to get your eyes on Lexi's latest erotica!

a photo of swingers dancing at a swinger club
23 Things to Know Before Going to a Swingers or Sex Club
If you’ve ever thought about going to a sex club or swingers club, but you weren’t sure what to expect or how to approach everything, then this blog is for you!

Suze Randall Centerfold provided courtesy of the Suze Randall Estate
Meet Legend Suze Randall, Trailblazing Model-Turned Photographer
Meet the legendary "Rebel Camera-Girl" Suze Randall and world-renowned trailblazer for erotic modeling and photography

a photo of a woman comforting her frustrated male partner experiencing erectile dysfunction
Men, You are Not a Performance Machine
One of the most common reasons men seek out sex therapy is due to “erectile disorder;” however, most are simply experiencing erectile disappointment, albeit not pleasant to experience either.

a photo of a collection of sex toys for men and other people with penises over a red background
Sex Toys for Men!
Sex toys for men tend to be taboo; however, Stephanie from EYI declares 2023 to be the year of sex toys for men!

a photo of a sensual couple moaning in pleasure on the bed
Moaning in the Bedroom — You Should Do it More!
Learn why it's good to moan in the bedroom and some tips on how to gain confidence in your self-expression.

A photo of a shirtless muscular man with caramel colored skin and green eyes on a bed
Baby Bull
Read V*'s cuckold fantasy, which will appear in René Moon's upcoming book, Guilty Pleasures.

a photo of a woman in black lingerie on a St Andrews cross in a BDSM dungeon
Attending a BDSM Play Party
Mistress Cyan covers kinkster party essentials, code of conduct, and protocol behavior.

a photo of two playful women with lollipops
Lifestyle Parties with a Kandi Twist
If you take a glamorous swinger lifestyle event and mix it with the insatiable excitement of Las Vegas, what do you get?

a high-contrast black and white silhouette photo of a woman's lower legs and feet wearing stilettos
Guilty Pleasures of a Hotwife
What happens when an erotica writer gets hot under the collar by reading about the fantasies of real women?