There's a Perfect Swingers Cruise for You!

Living in a world rich in history, culture and stunning physical beauty, many destinations in the world deserve to be explored. Those happy in the swinging lifestyle who love to travel know that cruising is a very relaxed way to explore sites and experience new adventures together with lots of like-minded couples. 

Whether it’s strolling through ancient cobbled streets, lounging on beaches or waking up each day in a new and exciting port where sensual activities take place during the day as well as at night to keep you very much entertained all throughout. 

This is where the adventures of the previous night still lusciously linger in the back of your mind, and where the pool party and playshops await you as do your old and newfound friends.

Throughout the years, more providers have entered as well as left the scene, for instance Original Resorts/Desire Cruises who have jumped on the wagon just recently. Some opt for those massive, lower class ships with simple itineraries, like BLISS cruises and the recently added, Temptation Cruise. Others prefer a more intimate, 5-star luxury setting, attracting another level of swingers that love to be pampered while playing and where you can still find that one irresistible couple that caught your eye at check-in.

It’s all about the choices!

Pricing and itineraries vary as much as the organizers themselves; some have ample experience in organizing such specific events, while others perhaps not so much, resulting in a different experience altogether. You may end up on the same ship, yet end up in super awkward situations.

It really pays to Google where the cruise of your liking is being advertised, as well. Do you hit many nudist sites along the way? If you wish to surround yourself with swingers only, that may be quite a challenge for you then. It’s also good to read the fine print, as hefty add-on charges on your final bill can make for a less than pleasant surprise! You will also find that many providers of seemingly the same product put quite a different price tag on your holiday.

What does SDC do?

SDC has been organizing 5-star, luxury swingers cruises ever since 2010.

Famous for not only the quality PlayShops, the Foam Parties, the Theme Nights and Entertainment but also for the very pleasant, friendly and dedicated team that shows time and again, they absolutely love what they’re doing. 

SDC offers multiple luxury lifestyle cruises to various destinations and all are geared to create your unique vacation dream, while making sure the lifestyle portion is very well catered to. On the website you can find many reviews by real couples from all over the world and read about their past cruise experiences.

Where does SDC go?

The next upcoming Cuba Cruise is from 4 – 11 December 2018, which is a dream come true for many leaving from Miami to Key West, paying vintage Havana in Cuba an overnight visit, then off to some island hopping and shopping in Nassau and Coco Cay before returning to Miami, where South Beach is beckoning, as well as the many hot parties at the many clubs this city is known for. 

A much sought after itinerary is coming up in 2020 when SDC leaves on its Mediterranean Cruise from August 29 – 5 September, departing and arriving from Venice, Italy, visiting epic destinations in Croatia and Montenegro in between. You may want to secure your spot early as this one is already flying off the shelves!

SDC Cruises

Ship class
5 stars
Number of Cabins
Cabin Types

All non-smoking, ranging from Interior to World Club Owner Suites with private butler service

From Buffet Style to Service Style and 2 Specialty Restaurants”

You can book SDC cruises for swingers conveniently and directly through our Travel Page with a few simple clicks or just send the TRAVEL profile a message. You are welcome to send an email to or call us at
+1 919-283-4414

SDC pledges itself to conduct its business with integrity to treat clients in a courteous and professional manner, and to strive to perform to clients’ expectations, again and again without exception.

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The Travelling Goddess
Years ago, I was stung by the Wanderlust (the first documented use of the word occurred in 1902 and no, it wasn't me) bug.

Wanderlust has different meanings in Etymology, Sociology and Psychology.
1. "seeking unity with nature"
2. "strong desire to travel"
3. "an intense urge" to experience the unknown, confronting the unforeseen to touch upon the unfamiliar.

Guilty as charged, since this sexy trinity describes me to the T with a resounding yes, yes and yes!

Desire, Lust and Travel is an intoxicating combination indeed! I travel a lot within the most beautiful of Lifestyle circles. A world shrouded in mystery and seduction and for those in it, mostly a hidden part of their public lives. How delicious, it's like going through life with an aroused mind lingering on the times you can shed your power woman office outfit for a sexy mask and irresistible lingerie. Much like an inserted sex toy that is being controlled by your partner at will, yet no one's the wiser. It's all part of the immense attraction to lifestyle circles which are growing explosively, so when you read my bits, reader discretion is advised...or not!