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SDC ENM Magazine Polyamory Kennedy Curse Relationship
How Polyamory Has Forced Me to Confront My Own Masculinity
Kennedy Curse learns of new struggles with his masculinity when his partner starts a new relationship with another male partner.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little Sex Worker Advice Safety Social Distancing Pandemic COVID
Safe Sex During Social Distancing
Alice Little shares her tips on how to stay connected to your sexuality while in self-isolation.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Jackie Melfi Openlove101 colette Clubs Swinging Open Relationship Couple
Building a Strong Relationship Through Pain
Jackie Melfi of Openlove101 and colette clubs discusses how she learned to reframe pain as a stepping stone to pleasure.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Bridgitte Swingers Quarantine Pandemic
A Tidbit with Bridgitte: Quarantine Life
Bridgitte finds beauty in co-quarantining with her hunny during the pandemic.

SDC ENM Magazine Nolan Lawless Security Attachments Relationships NonMonogamy
I'm Calling Security
Nolan Lawless takes a look at how we form security based attachments in our relationships and how we can get more from our ENM Connections.

SDC Marie Claude LArcher Hypatia Polyamory Compersion NonMonogamy Relationships
Compersion: Introduction to an Unknown Topic
Marie-Claude L'Archer introduces us to polyamory and to the virtually unknown topic of compersion.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Taara Rose Sex Uninterrupted Swinging Open Lifestyle Advice
Women Wanna Know: How to Be Open During a Pandemic
Taara Rose from Sex Interrupted shares her COVID-conscious advice for people practicing consensual non-monogamy.

SDC Sex Down South Virtual Conference 2020
Sex Down South Con Going Virtual for 2020
Join the first-ever Sex Down South Virtual Con! Learn more about this year's event and how to register.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Tales of the Fox
Tales of the Fox in Vegas
Foxy walks us through a weekend in her life as a model, ambassador, and sales rep in the alcohol, cannabis, and sex industries.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Swingers Tom Bunny Couple Sex Health Vagina Orgasm
Dear Tom & Bunny: Why Doesn't My Wife Orgasm Every Time?
Tom and Bunny give their advice to a concerned husband who wants to help his wife of 24 years reach climax every time they make love.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Michael Bell Mental Strength Relationships Non Monogamy
What Mentally Strong People Do NOT Do in Relationships
Here are eleven thoughts and behaviors to avoid to build mental strength and confidence in your relationships.

SDC Colin Richards Sensual Massage Erotic Touch Couples Intimacy Matters
A Smorgasbord of Erotic Touch
Colin explains the differences in the psychology of sexual intimacy and arousal in men and women and why men taking the time and expanding their talent changes everything.

SDC Amina Peterson Atlanta Tantra Listen to Black Women Summit Black Lives Matter
Listen to Black Women, a 4-Day Summit July 28-31, 2020
On July 28, 2020, Black women and the people who love, celebrate, and support us will converge in a digital space where we will explore the intersections of Black womanhood, pleasure, love, justice, activism, and liberation.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Madison Winter Sex Worker Escort
Interview with Sex Worker Madison Winter
When corporate office life wasn't doing it for Ms. Winter, she decided to take the leap into escorting and never looked back.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Swinging Downunder Cate Hotwife Hotwifing Open Lifestyle
Do You Need to be HOT and a WIFE to be a HOTWIFE?
One of the fastest-growing trends in the Consensual Non-Monogamy community, Hotwifing is a hot topic in the media. Here's Cate from Swinging Downunder's twitter experiment about what it means to be a hotwife.