How to Feel Sexier!

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Are you ready to feel beautiful, confident and sexy today?

Morgan’s Top 5 Tips For Feeling Beautiful, Confident & Sexy Today!

Many of us have been trained to believe that our bodies and/or looks are “not good enough.” However, there is a remedy! If you have ever waged war on your body, beauty, age and/or wrestled with low self esteem, here are my top 5 tips that have helped thousands of my clients experience expanded levels of esteem and confidence  so they can live their sexiest, most turned on lives!

Believe that you are not broken

In our culture, we have been subtly taught that we are broken – which is why we need creams and diet pills, botox and breast augmentation. However, the truth is that YOU are not broken. Instead, it’s our society’s outdated and damaging views that are broken.

Know that you are (YOU)nique

No one else on the planet is exactly like you (even if you are a twin!) so trying to look exactly like someone else or trying to fit into an illusive, intangible mold of “perfection” is not only inauthentic, it’s also next to impossible – because you already are perfect, as you are right now!

Be authentic

If you want to feel good, you have to be the real, genuine you - in every way you can - from the way you dress to the way you speak (to others and yourself!) to the way you dance and even to what you do for a living. When you are authentic you glow with truth – which is beautiful, confidence boosting and, not to mention, incredibly sexy.

Take responsibility

In this culture we are bombarded by a LOT of messages that tell us what to think and how to behave with respect to our bodies, beauty, age and more. Most of these messages are not positive or self-affirming. However, you can choose to disregard any of the messages that do not make you feel good. Instead, you can choose to believe messages that empower and uplift you! You have the power – you just have to take responsibility in order to use your power to your its potential!

Know that you cannot not get sexy right... or wrong!

When you embrace the fact that you are unique and show up authentically as the gorgeous creature you innately are, you will understand that you can only get sexy right! After all, sexiness beauty and confidence are not only for the ultra wealthy or elite. Instead, having a healthy sense of esteem and confidence is as simple and as easy as breathing!

About the author: Morgan Toombs, RN, BScN, is a charismatic speaker, change inspiring educator and pioneering expert in the interconnection between body, health, and esteem. As the author of the book, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. Morgan has inspired thousands of women around the globe to ignite the confident power of their authentic sexy in order to experience increased confidence, improved relationships, positive body image and boundless levels of passion and joy. Morgan offers private sexuality and body image counseling, exciting live events, transformational online training programs and VIP retreats at locations around the globe.

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