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Our First Real Cuckold Experience

Read the story of how one of our members realized he was born to be a cuckold.

I am writing this blog in order to vent off some adrenaline steam. :) We are not hardened swingers, nor do we see the lifestyle as anything more of a pleasant break in our daily routine. In fact, our experiences are very, very limited for a variety of reasons. For quite some time we have been inactive, and it was a surprise that my wife brought the subject up, as in, let's do something crazy.

Beyond Couples & Single Females

Over the years, we met excellent couples but never got to the point of any intimacy with them. We have also met some females, and the jury is still out about how satisfying the experience was with a couple of them. This time the surprise was bigger because I was given instructions to look for a single gentleman. And I did. I clicked with this really nice guy, and we went out a couple of times without any real action apart from the stress and friction that come with such endeavours.


The Date

Last week, she requested that she meets him alone (which is something I have always wanted; that is, for her to meet her partner on her own terms). So I went ahead and set it up so that after dinner with me they meet at a certain hotel while I'd continue my beer-drinking night nearby. The first electric shock came when she sent me the room number so that I knew she was safe and comfortable, and, of, course she was going to have sex with another man. The second message was informing me that they already did it once and were filling up their energy reserves for a second round. It was an exhilarating feeling for me.

Goodnight, Indeed

At that point, I understood that I was born to be a cuckold. I could not hold myself any longer, so I went and parked outside the hotel, waiting for my beautiful wife to join me. An hour later, I saw her coming, accompanied by her lover. The hair salon hairdo was long gone, and that was a good sign. She kissed him goodnight and entered the car. I spent most of the night cleaning up for the first time in my life. I know this is not for everyone, and I doubt that it fits even the very few, but it did it for me, and I feel happy, and so does my lovely hotwife.

Member Stories

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  • Anonymous
Jan 25, 2021
We played with ladies several times. One couple a few times but no swap. I offered and requested mmf several times and she always said no. Time went by and she said she wanted to try cuck, I declined. When she asked me why not it was a simple "Im not a cuck...not sitting off to the side all by myself. Later on she brought up hotwife...I again said no with "it doesnt do anything for me to know you are out getting yours and I'm left to me own devices." I asked her if she really wanted to be alone with another man would she be willing to allow me to seek other lady friends on my own as well. She said never...and we didnt persue any of it. Few weeks later she didnt come home one night. Took me one day to find out she had already been eating her cake way before she approached me about other guys. I kept the house, the camper and the dogs. I have no idea what became of her...
Nov 20, 2020
We have done it several times, until the 2nd or third time I played hubby ok I did no idea Hubby a cuckold but he liked It , a aha moment
Jul 17, 2020
Cuckold wannabe here enjoyed it. Thanks
Jun 11, 2020
Just starting our first time. Thanks for the article
Dec 07, 2019
We enjoy cuk couples/hot wife's (FMF). It's a great alternative to the sometime impossible 4 way connection