Extreme Fantasies

Fantasizing is completely normal and completely healthy, but there are many different types of fantasies, and here are just a few of them.

[00:00:08] spk_1: Highway and charlie and arian with sex discussing extreme you take us for it was about eighteen. Yeah, yeah, covers so much. We try to cover alive with you medium, looking at things differently now, being terrible, we want to counter all sides of everything. So we talked about extreme fantasy. Some of these things that are disgusting, they’re not gonna be a big problem to a lot of people, please, we’re just kind of going off the status quo lt’s questions way recently had a question there. Something there. So less first. Only yeah,

[00:01:05] spk_0: collins. Not a problem at all. But there are some definition that you need to know about what’s. How getting a reputation when you do, i think that your experiences. It’s. Only

[00:01:20] spk_1: it’s not working. Wait. Parts. Second part. You find yourself. Please. With drink. We’re through. You’ve seen the difference.

[00:01:49] spk_0: You know, you’re stopped processing that’s turning we want, but it is abusive, and there is something but something definitely. It’s. Impacting your date. This is a personal relationship. Yes.

[00:02:08] spk_1: That’s it there’s been some research done on extreme fantasies. Just fantasy. Researchers found man don’t always go here conditions. And that women are able. Tio wasn’t able to separate. Fire’s. Just fantasizes about it doesn’t mean they actually want to do it. You may have. We like to work for women. A feeling is something right? There’s a. Linda

[00:03:07] spk_0: yeah, which one? Which one is no? Okay, essential fancies are tied. Tio r round the network and desires.

[00:03:20] spk_1: Honey, hey, you know what she said is not linear. Not same. Are you saying you’re not feeling? It’s. Not a little way. Talking about things. A lot of you. No. Firing.

[00:03:48] spk_0: Really? There. Thanks. Just like what we find, it’s got it. Your fantasies. So trying to put this into some type of equation.

[00:04:05] spk_1: This is a man. Yes, fortunately, shavers, you are. Thanks. Shane it’s. Just the first. Change no. Shame is by nature. You weren’t yourself elected to be fixed. When you’re spending a great deal of time doing that, what happens? Things around you, attachments around. You are nearly as important. So when he comes to fantasize, has become is not something that’s, always inclusive, especially here in an intimate relationship with chain and in a relationship contract. Yes, so.

[00:05:04] spk_0: Let’s, talk about talk about freud. A lot of time, yeah, is politically relation. He believed that unwanted fantasies are unwanted wishes. Our

[00:05:20] spk_1: that’s. True, that reality. Yeah, usually, you know, pioneer awesome. Six. No. Jewel

[00:05:48] spk_0: cheers. Therefore, here. I think that st get charlie and aaron with six. Get this loose talk, right. The article, in greater detail on this

[00:06:03] spk_1: particular particular way, get asked this a lot about a tree. So it looks up in sex because dot com.

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Dr. Charlie and Dr. Arienne Williams have specialized knowledge and training around the diverse ways in which people choose to explore their sexuality and/or gender. This will enable the person to feel accepted and understood, without judgement, and free from unnecessary questioning to clarify their understanding.

As discrimination is sadly still common surrounding sexual diversity, people may find it difficult to come to terms with their choices and preferences, which can lead to deep feelings of shame. These feelings can lead to difficulties in relationships, and internal conflict within self. Seeking support from Charlie and Arienne of SexBecause.com can help explore these feelings without any fear of the therapist being perhaps shocked or not understanding for example terms and/or slang which may be used in non traditional sexual lifestyles.

Dr. Charlie and Dr. Arienne have over 27 years clinical direct care experience dealing with PTSD, sexual trauma, relationship and couples therapy as well as grief support and substance abuse. They have trained over 200 therapists in experiential and cognitive behavioral therapy and worked with over 3,000 patients directly and are themselves clinicians.

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