An Oral Story

Ask any woman and she'll likely tell you that a good lick between the legs is more than welcome on most occasions.
Ask any woman and she'll likely tell you that a good lick between the legs is more than welcome on most occasions. However, some men are adverse to the act or don't know how to properly perform when down there, so they avoid it all together. What do you do you do it your partner isn't keen on going downtown or if you wish he were a bit better at it? is here to offer some tips and advice on proper muff-eating etiquette.

Why Do Some Men Avoid It?

  • They don't like the taste of vagina. Their own partner may taste familiar, but every woman tastes different. Like with sperm, the taste of a vagina is also determined by food.
  • Having pubic hair is a little trend-dependent. However, most men appear to have a preference for a bare or at least quite trimmed Venus hill.
  • It takes too long. And that can cause proper jaw cramp. When you spoil your own partner orally, you probably know exactly how they will get excited. With another woman, what you thought would work might be the total opposite of what she actually needs/wants.
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Tips for a Successful Oral Story

  • Ask your sex partner what she likes and let her know clearly. It also turns out she's already excited. Don't hone in on the clitoris right away. Most women do not find this exciting, exceptions are made. However, she has to let you know. A vagina consists of more than one clitoris.
  • Listen to your partner. You don't need to stop every time to ask if what you're doing is OK. By listening well, you can hear if you are in the right place or you have to try something else.
  • Let your hands play. Using your tongue is the main event, but using your hands to wrap or knead a little can increase the enjoyment.
  • Does it still feel awkward or isn't your best good enough? Stop trying to satisfy your partner with your tongue and enjoy sex in another way.
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Sep 07, 2020
Show me a guy that doesn't like giving his girl oral and I'll show you my next girlfriend.