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Did you know that foot fetishes are the most common type of fetish? Expand your kinky knowledge about different kinds of fetishes, how to meet local kinky swingers, how to find fetish parties and fetish clubs near you, and more.
AlexOkami Artist Illustrator PinUp Nude Fetish ASN Lifestyle Magazine
The Art of AlexOkami
Here's a glimpse of illustrations by German pin-up, nude, and fetish freelance artist AlexOkami, as featured in ASN Lifestyle Magazine and shared with us here at!

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Swinging Gangbang Swinger Club Exhibitionism Squirting Anal
Mind-Blowing Gangbang
Hannah sought more freeing sexual experiences and found them — and so much more — at a swingers club.

SDC My Sexiest Valentines Day Swinger Stories Writing Contest Unicorn Threesome Maid Fantasy
Maid Service
She decided to switch careers and create her own maid service, and now she gets bi-weekly threesomes with one of her clients. Good luck finding that in the medical lab!

SDC My Sexiest Valentines Day Swinger Stories Writing Contest Fetish Party Bisexual Male
First Fetish Party at Wasteland
This newbie couple was ready to expand their sexual experiences and jumped at the chance to attend a fetish party — twice!

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little Foot Fetish
Fun Facts about Foot Fetishes!
Whether you share it or not, foot fetish is one of the most popular non-genital sexual affinities. Learn more about it from professional companion Alice Little.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Cuckold Swingers Threesome Bisexual BDSM
Playing with Kinky Couples: A New Hobby
What started as a nude drawing class turned into explorations of a lifestyle she didn’t even know existed.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Cuckold Swingers Couple Fantasy Fitness Fetish
Left Her Alone for Only 15 Minutes...
She has a thing for young, fit men with huge cocks, and she got her fill — and a full load — in Florida while her cuckold husband watched.

SDC Member Story Amateur Erotica Lifestyle Vacation Swingers Bisexual Couple
Me & Em
This couple shares their four-night foray into the lifestyle scene in London.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine Casey Carter Sex Educator Erotic Adult Entertainer
Introducing Sex-Positive Edutainer Casey Carter
Read ASN Lifestyle Magazine's interview with sex education and adult entertainment industry powerhouse Casey Carter.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine Alice Little Luxury Companion Sex Worker
Meet Alice Little
Luxury Companion Alice Little shares her story and what her life is like as a modern sex worker.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine Dr Ziggy Swingers Double Penetration Group Sex
Double Occupancy: Tales of Multiples, from DPs to DVPs
It seems like multiple explorations and penetrations are on the rise, as women are more willing to experiment and experience novel modes of sexual interactions.

me time you time main picture of girl running in red dress
Swinging Myths and Concerns
The seven most common myths you’ll probably hear about swinging, and the seven most common benefits you actually get from it!

SDC ASN AnnaRea Sex Towel Lifestyle Accessories
Inside the Creative Mind of the Founder of AnnaRae
Read the story of the founder of AnnaRae luxury sex towel and accessories and how she supports the LGBTQIA+ and sex-positive lifestyle communities.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine TJ TheG00dFellaz Swinging Fantasy Single Male Sex Workers
I'm TJ, Founder of TheG00dFellaz, and This is My Story
TJ has an honorable approach to the lifestyle and has curated a team of Men of Color to help fulfill a range of fantasies. Read on for his story and to learn more about TheG00dFellaz.

SDC Member Story Hotwife Experience Winner Hotel Threesome Fantasy
Hotwife Story WINNER: My Hotel Threesome
Here it is, the winner of SDC's "My Hottest Hotwife Experience!" erotic writing contest!