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His and Hers: Erogenous Zones

Maddy V     
Men and women are built differently, physically and mentally, which also means we get turned on differently.
Men and women are built differently, physically and mentally, which also means we get turned on differently. takes you through the different erogenous zones for both men and women.

What is an Erogenous Zone?

It is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and/or orgasm. Erogenous zones are located all over the human body, but the sensitivity of each varies, and depends on concentrations of nerve endings that can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated.

The Head

The skin on the top of the head has a lot of nerves and that makes the scalp extremely sensitive to touch. So, run your fingers through the hair, stroke the scalp, give a nice head massage. It's both relaxing and stimulating.

The Ears

Moaning, whispering and breathing softly in the ears... for some people it's extremely pleasurable. And don't forget licking, biting, caressing and kissing the whole area.The ears contain so many nerve endings that almost everybody experience pleasurable responses to the brain.

The Lips

Of course, a common known pleasure area: the lips. The most visible of all erogenous zones and also packed with a ton of nerve endings. They can be stimulated by kissing and licking. Kissing enhances intimacy. Not everybody in the lifestyle wants to be kissed on the lips, especially when they don't know their "playmate" well. For some reason, people find kissing too intimate and reserve it for closer friends or even only their partner.

The Neck

The neck, clavicle area and the back of the neck are very sensitive, and one of the sexiest places of the body. For both males and females it is almost always a turn-on. Licking, kissing, even gently biting... Just ask your partner what they desire and what makes them shiver.

The Nipples

Both men and women find that intense nipple stimulation may result in a surge in the production of oxytocin and prolactin. Those hormones can have a significant effect on the genitals. You can even achieve an orgasm through nipple stimulation! What's the best stimulation? That can be anything from gently massaging the breast with one hand to biting and stimulating with a vibrator.  Just try, and watch the bodily cues to determine what she or he likes best.

The Clitoris and Vagina

Of course, these women parts need to be on the list of erogenous zones. Especially the clitoris. The vagina itself is not especially sensitive as a whole; one-third of the vagina is though! Not every clitoris is the same, and so many women have just as many ways they want to be stimulated. Some like light pressure from fingertips, others need really strong stimulation. Use fingers, mouth and/or toys! And when needed, use some lubrication.

The Penis

Stimulate the sides of the glands and penis, the side of the scrotum and the perineum. Hard or soft, with mouth, fingers or a vibrator... watch the bodily cues as well to find out what turns him on.

A Note on Squirting

First of all, it is not pee! The moisture is coming from the female prostate gland. It might feel like peeing because it comes out through the urine tube. However, there are French scientists who claim that when women ejaculate, they are indeed urinating. Scientists agree that female ejaculation is usually the result of prolonged G-spot stimulation. This might do the trick for one woman, but another needs clitoral stimulation or some form of vaginal penetration. Every woman is different and reacts differently. All women need time to be able to squirt. Forget about the porn movies where it all happens in less than a minute. We found some tips that might help make a woman squirt more easily. Share yours! Join SDC and find friends in the lifestyle.

Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
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