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Sex In The World Of Comic Books

Dr. Jess     
Sex is everywhere even in comics… Now I see the fascination for comic nerds!

Sexuality in comics can be seen in the fetish-inspired costumes, the racy story lines and the killer curves that are drawn onto the characters.

Sex is everywhere even in comics… Now I see the fascination for comic nerds!

You can see fetish inspired-costumes on characters such as Catwoman.

She wears a skin-tight leather cat suit that could easily be seen on any working dominatrix. Her claws are made to cause pain and her whip to whip the bad guys into shape.


Her badass, take-charge, play-no-games attitude completely mimics a dom and she oozes confidence and sex. She has been played by some of Hollywood’s sexiest such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry and most recently by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is an amazon woman who also carries a whip… and a very generous bust line. Wonder woman was one of the first popularized comic book beauties and since her entrance into the comic world she has spawned a new generation of comic vixens.

Sex and Comic Books... Not New

A roster filled with busty women who use their sexuality just as much as their super powers to destroy the hearts of men (and sometimes women) and their enemies can be seen in every comic book probably ever made.

After reading a few comic books I saw that they are a little bit soft-core porn mixed with some action and drama thrown in.
It makes you wonder what people really read these comics for.

Besides the costumes and persona of these characters sexuality is displayed in comics through same sex sexual encounters and characters that have a long list of bedroom buddies.

Superheros Open about their Sexuality

Some of these ladies and comic book men are known to get around with everyone and anyone.

Batman is probably the worst culprit for sleeping around. He has had sex with almost all of the women pictured in this post.

Most of his female nemesis have also been in his bed. That’s the definition of a love hate relationship. They do say sex is the best with someone you hate.

Recently DC Comics released Green Lantern as an openly gay, which caused a huge stir in the comic book community and also shows how forward comics are willing to be about sex and sexuality.

Comic books and sex… I’ve think I’ve found a new hobby

About the author: Symone (AKA Kitty) is an aspiring sex and relationship therapist and a freelance writer. She is extremely interested in the world of sexuality and finding ways to bring a more positive and open minded view to the world on the topic of sex.

Dr. Jess

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