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A Hotwife, A Detective, and A Plan

A porn star was hired to perform with a Hotwife. A detective had other plans.

How much would you pay for a real porn star to do your hotwife on video?

     It’s just past ten at night on the Sunset Strip. Babes with legs up to their shoulders sporting sequined dresses cut just below taught ass cheeks parade. Aspiring actresses or wannabe trophy brides looking to make connection stroll in past my curbside table. My name is… no wait… never mind my name, who gives a shit anyway. Back in the day when I wanted to be an actor, I would have loved to tell you my name. This evening the guy at the next table wouldn’t recognize me if I punched him in the face. Big time producer probably trashed enough of my head shots to fill some dump out in Burbank. Oh, just so you know, head shot is industry lingo for your eight-by-ten photo and resume. Giving a head shot to an agent or producer is not the same as giving head, although there are many stories to go around about names you would know that have done to get a part, both women and men. Not my cup of tea. Also, not my reason for not being in a movie you’d scroll by on Netflix. I got a few parts as extras, and that sucked. Extras are ornaments moved around like furniture by bossy production assistants and never allowed to talk to ‘the talent.’ Being an actor can be a fucked-up business. So, because of my best attribute, I turned to fucking for a living. My best attribute, you may ask, well, I’m hung like a horse. I mean Johnny ‘The Wad’ Holmes and Ron Jeremy caliber. Those guys are history as Ron is an old fat man, and Holmes is dead as is the heyday of big bucks in porno stardom. Today. Porno has changed. Most of it’s free on the internet. There must be a million videos online where some guy with a cell phone watching his wife give another guy a blow job. Where are the stars? Oh, they are there, but the real wife MILF and GILF sites are all over the place. That’s where I have made a meager living of recent. Some film maker came up with the idea for average couples to have a porno star fuck your wife. Just like that show Dancing with The Stars became dancing with people you never heard of, these porno versions are fucking with people who never became porno stars but tried. If you have thought that porn is money for nothing and the chicks are free, don’t make it a career choice. Buddies I know that screw husband’s wives for a living may make twenty-five grand a year, but their agent, if they have one, screws them out of about forty percent. Yet, it can be fun. The saddest thing is the couples in dire straits who think that filming your wife fuck five guys and posting it online will make some money. The most popular tube site that brags about millions of videos may, possibly, pay as much as just over six-hundred bucks for a million views. A million views. Imagine that. So, ask yourself. Will my Hotwife made at home reality fuck videos pay the bills? If you are a guy, think about it before you ask your wife to let strangers in your bed. If you are a lady, how much money will it take for you to suck off some guy you never met, and let your husband video it? Hey, it is what it is.

     For me, it’s a pastime. Like I said, it can be fun. One of my favorite times involves a good looking forty-five-year-old wife who was finally convinced by her husband to be a Hotwife. She was hot anyway you say it, in a plan wife next door you’d never suspect type. Shelley, that was her name. Married to some guy I think named Stan. She was five-six or so, curly redhead with freckles. Her look was even more downhome as she wore librarian glasses. That day when she and her husband showed up at the house out in the valley, she was wearing a sun dress and no bra.

     The film guy interviewed them asking why they wanted this. Her husband was a nice looking guy in good shape about six-three salt and pepper hair and by the size of his hand and fingers, he probably took care of business at home quite nicely, so when asked what they wanted, she said, “We have watched porn for years and talked about swinging, but have no idea about the way to ask friends if they do that sort of thing.”

     “What kind of porn turns you two on?”

     “Your kind.”

     “My kind?”

     “We watched your series about having a porno star do it with us.”

     “Did you like what you saw?”

     The husband jumped in, “Cannot get it out of our minds. We talk about it every time we make love. The fantasy of another guy gets us off.”

     His wife nodded kind of shy, blushed some, turned to smile at her husband, receive his smile of approval, nod shaking her curly hair, gave him a peck of a kiss on the lips.

     “Does that idea in real time scare you?” The film guy asked.

     “I’m nervous she said. But really excited to find out if we can really do it.”

     The film guy looked toward the husband, “You mind if we start by seeing what we have to work with?”

     The guy sat silent, but anxious to see what would happen. The film guy unbuttoned the lady’s sun dress and pulled it back gently to reveal great looking tits. Pearly white with large dark nipples, “You mind?” the producer asked the husband, who shrugged an agreement.

    The wife said, “Don’t ask him, ask me.”

    “Just a quick sample?”

     She adjusted her seat closer to him making her breasts more available to the guy who leaned over and slowly sucked the nipple of her left breast. She breathed in visibly, turned to smiled at her husband. Looked back at the producer as her nipple swelled and formed a more erect protrusion. Her chest was dotted with redhead freckles. Made her look innocent.

     The guy then asked her, “What would you like?”

     “So far that feels good, but my fantasy is two guys.”

     She smiled again and breathed deeper, “But first show me yours. We’ve seen other wives do you, and I want to suck it.”

     “We fantasize that,” added the husband.

     “Before you meet your stars?” the guy asked.

     “Yes, take it out.”

     Before this guy revealed his manhood, you should know he is not a porno star. Maybe a realtor or stockbroker; the guy is in his fifties, bald head and just a bit pudgy. If he had six-pack abs, they were well hidden by chubby love handles. If you ask me, he started this video business to get laid occasionally when the real porno stars were busy. Maybe when the real porno guy was doggy style fucking some guy’s wife, he’d arrange to put his dick in her mouth.

     He did unzip. She slowly obliged sliding off the love seat she shared with her husband to move to her knees between porno film guy’s legs where he sat in the chair next to them. “Let me help.”

     The wife then unbuckled his belt and peeled back the waistband to open his trousers. The pleats in his pants folded over nicely and she reached into the fly. When the husband watched her squeeze and smile, she said, “Nice. Just like we saw on the video.”

     She then took it out showing his average size, “Nice head,” she said gazing at the cut orb. Then, leaned over to kiss it.

     Then she looked back over shoulder at her husband, and the guy asked, “You okay Stan, your wife is about to put another cock in her mouth?”

     “She wants it,” the husband answered

     The wife looked back up to make eye contact with the producer. No more words needed. She took his cock in her mouth. The husband’s expression became serious as sat on the love seat behind his wife. He watched the back of her curly hair go up and down on the guy. The husband sat in a position where he could not see her mouth on his cock, but seeing her head bob up and down he knew what a great blow job she was giving him.

     “Stan,” the producer looked at the husband as his hand guided his wife’s head gently up and down, “Did you teach her this? She has real talent.”

     That made her move her head up and down faster. As she got into sucking him, her hips started to hump and fuck the air as she excited herself.

     Her husband watched.

     She looked up at the producer and paused her sucking, “Actually, I taught him a few things. Stuff I did before we were married.”

     “Nobody else since married?”

     She smiled and looked over at her husband, “No. And that is the truth. You are the first.”

     Once she explained she continued blowing him.

     Her husband looked on. Just watching. His face, stoic, lost in the moment.

     “Hold on to that,” the producer said and pulled her head up. “Want to meet your porno stars?”

     “You don’t want me to finish you?”

     “You will. But let’s get you started with your dream come true.”

     With that he stood, zipped up, and opened the door.  At last, my grand entrance along with a buddy that has helped me double team a few wives. Guy has a nice cock as I remember, but he is in a supporting role as I am the star. The porno producer introduced me as Jake, not my name, he just always does that. Jake makes you jack, some stupid shit idea, I guess. Anyway, this gets to one of my favorite turn ons. The look in some innocent wife’s eyes when she gets her first glance at my cock. Love to unzip and drop my jeans. And Shelley did not disappoint with her reaction. Since I never wear underwear, just dropping the jeans reveals my cock and, in most cases, overshadows anything hubby has to offer. Shelley’s eyes locked and focused, her mouth dropping in amazement, her deep breathing. You can tell her husband is out of mind at that moment. Like a first-time freshman, she asked, “Can I touch it?”

     That always makes me smile and when I pushed the porno guy out of the way to stand close before her in that kneeling position she maintained, sundress pulled down to her waist, exposed perky tits, yeah, of course I started getting hard. Shelley took her time and let her fingers just drift over and down the length of my cock until she pushed the foreskin back. She stared. Her fingers formed around me, and she moved her fist back and forth softly, as if she was afraid she’d break it. My co-star moved in beside me and dropped his pants. He does have nice one, long enough but very thin. Shelley paid no attention to him still fixated on my cock in her hand. So, he said, “Suck it.”

     Realize he was holding his toward her vying for attention. Well, she engulfed the head of my cock instead. She was in charge, and she was taking what she wanted. Paid no mind to the co-star, the porno producer, and least of all her husband, who sat still with no reaction that you would expect from a hubby. His eyes darted back and forth from staring at her head moving up and down on me, to close ups of my cock in her mouth, like he was mentally recording the scene. It has occurred to me over many similar experiences that husbands who fantasize their wife in some porno flick and do all they can to coax their wives to agree, when met with the reality of seeing a Johnny wad size cock in the wife’s mouth, it really makes an impact. This was the case with sweet Shelly. This schoolteacher mom with glasses on her knees getting face fucked seems to have paralyzed the hubby. Some guys jack off watching. Some get mad and jealous and leave the room. I even had one guy pass out. We thought he had a heart attack and called 911. False alarm. He woke up chest pounding and breathing heavy. Takes all types. It is what it is.

     This Shelly was fantastic. She could do wonders with her tongue and the way she sucked me into her mouth ballooned my cock. My co-star suggested, “Let’s get her naked on the bed.”

     We did. We stripped her. Laid her back on the bed. The co-star decides to eat her as she continued to suck me. It was heaven. Shelly thought so. It took her less than a minute to cum hard and squirt all over the co-star’s face. He was drenched, and Shelly was blood red with uncontrollable breathing as she gasped in a deep breathy voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

     The producer said "hold her legs open so I can get a closeup point of view". Her hips were grinding the air, her face blood red as was her chest, her eyes half open were moist like staring into a lovers eyes as she looked into the camera, and the producer said, “Damn, you are beautiful.”

    He glanced at the husband, “Ever seen her this hot?”

    All he could do was smile as he sat on the edge of the bed to hold her hand and encourage her. Things really heated up as I moved between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit between her puffed labia lips. The guy moved the camera in closer to get very tight on the sight of my cock spreading her pussy and slowly go in. She moaned when it was about halfway. Her hips moved up and down, “Let my legs go,” she said to the co-star.

     With that I felt her firm long calves wrap around my thighs and she pulled me in. When I backed out she wanted more thrust and thighed her legs around my ass. Her eyes were on fire looking at me and in her world at that moment I could tell there was nothing else, no co-star trying to get her to suck him, no husband holding her hand, and no camera and producer filming.

     So, I did her over and over. The co-star never got to fuck her, but he did hold her head to direct his cock in her mouth, which she gobbled like she was starving. We got her into a steady rhythm of fucking and sucking.

     “You’re finally doing this,” her husband whispered in her ear.

     He was inches away from the cock she sucked so deliciously.

     His eyes were on my cock spreading her pussy.

     The camera producer guy was stroking his.

     Her husband sat calm and transfixed at this fantasy now a reality in front of him.

     We kept working on her until I could not hold back, and that is saying something. I have trained my ass muscles to squeeze tight enough to keep back my load long enough to be sure the lady gets all she can take; but there was no stopping her. I had to come. My load had to be released, so I pulled out just in time for a long white stream to shoot up over her stomach and spray her tits.

     I fell over.

     At last, she was done. As a courtesy, I asked the husband, “You want your turn now and do your wife?”

     His answer made me chuckle under my breath when he said, “No. making love for the two of us is private. Intimate in our own way of just the two of us.”

     Can you imagine that? Intimate? Private? The guy’s wife was just double-teamed on camera and videotaped to be put on the internet where everybody and their brother could watch. Go figure.


“Hey, hey,” I heard from Bill the cop across from me. “You here?”

     I make my real money with my friend, an ex-cop turned private investigator. He spends his days, and nights, tracking down the unfaithful for jealous spouses. Sometimes he needs to stack the deck, and that’s where I come in. my good looks and huge cock can tempt even the most faithful wives. If I can get in their pants, and bill gets the goods on film, it is money in the bank.

     “Sorry, just remembering something. Actually, looking over the room there’s a couple and the wife is kind of similar in looks to a wife I fucked.”

     Bill turned and looked, then back at me, “Damn. Funny you should pick them out. That’s our next target.”


     “Yeah. Husband is some big-time finance guy who raised funding for movies. He makes a fortune. Has a high rise on Wilshire worth six to seven million. That’s just his LA home. Has a condo in New York and Palm Beach as well. He scored that big three triangle status pump years ago to impress his friends and influence investors in the latest blockbusters.”

     “How is he our next target?”

     “He’s been married to that mousy broad all his life. College sweethearts.”

     “She doesn’t look mousy to me. Just sweet.”

     “Glad you approve,” Said Bill, the ex-cop PI.

     “How’s that?”

     “He wants to catch her fucking to get a divorce and screw with the prenup.”

     “Does she fuck around?”

     “Hey, that’s where your charm and big dick come in.”

     “How do we go about that?”

     “Here’s the plan. I have on his word that she is attending a fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Thursday. Some art auction crap for who the fuck knows charity. And you will be a part of the action.”

     “With what money.”

     “That’s the beauty, the guy is fronting the expenses. He really wants to catch her.”

     “That bad?”

     “Yeah, that bad.” 


     The day of the auction arrived, and there I was looking loaded in my pants just tight enough to advertise the goods, if you know what I mean. I introduced myself to the lady as she was the organizer. The well healed always called on her because of her husband’s connection with high rollers. She was nice enough. Very friendly, and not bad looking. About five-eight, not heavy but stacked. I thought instantly of tit fucking her.

The auction began and the most ridiculous paintings were rolled out. Then, one really caught my eye. Picasso. Yeah, I know what you think. Crazy ass shit, but not this one. He really captured my imagination with a painting of a woman in a chair looking as if she was fantasizing. Her hands on her lap looked like she was masturbating. Yeah, I like that one, so I bid on it. And bid, and bid, I beat out some old fuck and some old lady. Millions. Holy shit. That Picasso guy. He did some nice erotica, if you have the imagination to figure it out. I assumed the lady would appreciate it, so when she greeted me to thank me, I suggested we have lunch to settle the deal, and she agreed, “Mind dropping by my place on Wilshire to pick me up?”

    “I’d love to,” said I.


     Okay, suffice it to say I was impressed. The lobby was bigger than any house I ever lived in, and the guy behind the desk wondering what business I could have coming into his domain. That’s right, some minimum wage gate keeper talking down to me like they own the place. Give me a break. I told him why I was there, he picked up the phone, then looked down his nose to say, “She said to come upstairs she was not quite ready.”

     She was very trusting I thought to myself as I entered through the double doors to the panoramic view from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. “Hello,” she greeted. “I need a moment want to wait on the patio?”


     Patio, I thought, and sure enough overlooking all LA a complete patio with furniture, plants, lounge chairs, and outdoor kitchen, even one of those gas heater lamp post gadgets they use on streetside cafes. All this, and this asshole of a guy wants a video of his wife fucking to get a divorce. It is what it is.

     “Nice view, isn’t it?” she asked when she joined me.

     “Very, you ready to head out?”

     “Why not stay here? I’ll have Justine whip something up for us and we can talk about that wonderful Picasso you now own.”

     Traffic noise from Wilshire below us buzzed by, and her smile was really inviting, “That would be great,” I said and asked, “Your husband joining us?”

     “No, he is in Palm Beach this week. Ever been?”

     It occurred to me that if I said no, she would suspect that I was not the right art connoisseur she made me out to be, so I said, “Of course.”

     “Where do you stay?”

     “The Colony,” I answered mainly because I had heard the name on some Netflix movie the other night.

      “That’s nice,” she said. “We do a lot of business at the Breakers.”

     As we sat, I could not help but check out the view from the slider doors into the master suite. Two overstuffed lavender chairs form a sitting area positioned on a circular rug facing the king size bed. The thought occurred to me that someone may like to watch what happens in that bed from time to time.

     “That is quite the painting,” she said.


     “The Picasso you bought.”

     “Oh yeah.”

     “What attracted you to that,” and she said that like she was teasing something suggestive from me.

     “You mean her bare breasts?”

     “She smiled playing coy, “Maybe what she was doing with her hands.”

      The lady had now emboldened me to up my game, “Is that something familiar to you when your husband is away?”

     “Fantasy? Masturbation?”

     Just then, Justine entered the scene serving some fancy shrimp in wine sauce.

    “That looks good,” I said as a compliment to the chef as she turned back to the kitchen area.

     “It does look good,” she said, and I could almost swear she was looking at the bulge in my pants.

     The conversation brought me back to my purpose to get her compromised, satisfied, and memorialized on tape. How to get from here to that big bed, and with an on-sight employee that could catch us. I love a challenge.

     The plan became too much. She was a nice looking average woman in her mid-forties. Great tits. Damn, to just rub my dick between them up to her mouth would be wonderful. My mind was going wild. Then, she said something to stop me. “Are you married?”


     “Too bad. Marriage can be wonderful. It sure has been for us. Ever since school.”

     That was a real hard-on killer. But, she sipped her wine and looked at me over the glass half eyed and teasing.

     I just had to ask, “You never had anyone else?”

     “Only in my dreams. Like that new painting of yours.”

     “What would happen if you did, you know stray, and your husband found out?”

     “Funny you should ask. Keep a secret? He likes to sit in his chair and watch me masturbate with a toy and fantasize about seeing me doing another.”

     “Video?” I asked.

     “Sure, we watch porno. But, he has never taped me. I’ll bet he would though if he could.”

    She just smiled and it occurred to me this rich guy wanted his own video of his wife with a porno star. Just not a video that goes online. And, he’d never contact that porno producer who did advertise online for couples. It would not be good for his business.

    Something must have taken her boldness up a notch as she asked, “Did he send you here to fuck me and video it?”

     Feeling caught, I had to confess, “Not personally, he hired a private detective friend of mine.”

     She leaned her head back and laughed, “Un-real. He didn’t want a spy tape for a divorce. He wanted a fuck tape of me.”

    “But,” I questioned the situation, “he was willing to front the millions for some Picasso canvas to get his way to get me close to you.”

     “We’ve always wanted that painting.”

     “Damn. It is what it is.”

     “It is that,” she said. “You look familiar. Have you been in one of those pornos we have watched?”

      “You think you’ve seen me?”

      “Kind of familiar.”

      With that, I felt brave, so I stood up unzipped and took my cock out.

     “Oh yes,” she said. “I know you. Why don’t we give hubby what he wants and go to the bedroom? 

      She stood, “You have your little spy cam to catch me?”

     I showed her the pen in my jacket pocket, “Tiny little thing can catch a lot of action.”

     “Good. Let’s make a movie.”

     She led me to the bedroom, “Put your jacket with the pen on the back of that chair facing the bed. That’s where he sits and jacks off watching me and my toys.”

     So, as instructed the pen camera was in place and turned on. I stripped and laid on the bed, my head on the pillows, and the full view of my half hard money maker in full view so the husband could see what his wife was about to get. She put on a show of stripping for me, and her husband. Once naked, she crawled on the bed on her knees holding a breast in each hand, “Like these?” she asked.


     “They’re bigger now, when I was younger they were perky little things like pyramids with large nipples. They filled out, wouldn’t you agree?".
     She leaned over for me to suck each and that got my dick started.

     “Nice,” she said. “I’ll bet you want to rub that monster between these tits.”

     Again, leaning over me she circled my cock with her tits and rubbed me up and down until I was rock hard. She looked at the camera, “Damn, honey, this thing is bigger in real life. Bet you like seeing it. Want me to suck it?”

     All that to the camera like the thing could answer back. Whatever. She started blowing me and she was good, “You never had anyone else?”

    She took it out, “Just hubby and me. And, now you.”

    With that, she decided to straddle my face and start going sixty-nine with her face and my cock in the camera view. We did that until she came, and said, “Okay time to fuck.”

     Here’s where it gets sexier than I could imagine. She decided to sit on me in a reverse cowgirl position, so the video could see the full view of my cock going in her pussy. She slid on top slow. Moaned some. Breathing heavy, “That feels good.”

     The next ten to fifteen minutes got very intense and she rode me harder and harder pumping her hips back and forth. A lesser man would have fallen out, but she kept riding that bull like a rodeo star. Her next move drove me wild.

     She leaned back spreading her legs and moving her feet into the mattress to get in what looked like a deep squat, “Look honey.”

     I heard her say that and then, “See how stretched he has my pussy. Those big puffy lips you like to lick pulled apart. Damn, his cock feels good.”

     She started fingering her clit as she rode me, “Oh, she said. I have never seen my clit swollen so large. Can you see it sticking out. Imagine leaning over and giving it a kiss while his cock has me so stretched.”

     That was all I could take. I unloaded and it gushed out. She got off me then and left the bed and picked up the camera to do a close up. “Can’t wait for you to get back here as fast as possible.”

     She turned the pen camera off.

     It was fun, but not profitable for me and the PI. There was no ransom money. The guy didn’t want to blackmail his wife. He wanted a fuck video, but would never have the porno guy shoot it for the internet. What would his investors think? Instead, he paid millions for it with the whole art auction ruse. Of course, he did get to keep a priceless Picasso of the lady jacking off, along with the private video of his wife getting laid. It is what it is.