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Adele Shares Wants to Be a Hotwife

Here’s another selected Hotwife sample from Book One of the four editions in the collector’s set of The Mask Series by Anne Sherril.

Two decades passed since that night. Adele has a new last name. Walker. Adele Walker. She and her husband, Jason, found their niche together. Now, she is tempted to become a hotwife.

Will Adele become a Hotwife? Selection from The Mask Series Book One: "Under My Mask"

    Two decades passed since that night. Adele has a new last name. Walker. Adele Walker. She and her husband, Jason, found their niche together. College sweethearts that married young, they raised a daughter who has headed off to college on her own. Jason runs an investment firm with two partners and that profession has created a very comfortable life. His work requires travel, which leaves Adele alone a great deal. The daughter made those times easier. Now, the thought of an empty house threatens her. The two have always been faithful with Jason being the only man she's ever known for sex. In bed, he's good at what he does, not as big as the first cock she ever saw, and that was the only other one she had seen. That proves that size isn't the most important thing to Adele. She does not know for sure if on any business trips Jason could have wandered. Didn't matter as she figured anything she did not know, would not be an issue. His lovemaking was hot enough to convince her she was all he needed. And, for her, she wanted him to be all she needed.

     The morning drags by as she waits to meet her cousin for lunch.

     She sports tight jeans with sequins sparkles on her butt pockets, cork platforms, and a tight yellow blouse that shows enough cleavage to prove her breasts really did grow beyond her teenage years to become perfect soft mounds with puffed nipples that Jason adores.

     Adele parks her Audi Roadster convertible on the outskirts of the lot at the beachside restaurant overlooking the Jupiter Lighthouse across the Loxahatchee River. She parks this way to ensure some asshole doesn't ding the red paint job. Besides, she likes the walk.

    Her cousin, Lisa Boffa, sits at a table on the dock sporting her long red hair, designer sunglasses, and holding a glass of dry white wine. She sees Adele and waves her over to take her seat. Lisa grew up in New Jersey instead of sharing Adele's roots in Florida. They became close cousins on family trips every summer in the Carolina mountains. Lisa is a street-smart strong woman, not shy of speaking her mind.

     "Hey cuz," they both say, hug and kiss cheeks.

     "Beautiful day," says Adele.

     "Beats the shit out of Jersey."

     Lisa and her husband, Alberto Boffa, made the move on a whim, actually, truth be told, he had to leave Jersey. The year and a half here makes them act like Florida natives.

     "Al's been busy," says Lisa.

     "He still in the import business?"

     "Don't ask, the fewer questions I ask the better off our life is."

     "Okay, fine."

     "How about you two. Still lovebirds?" asks Lisa.

     "We're great. You know how good Jason is to me."

     "I know he's gone a lot. If he's anything like my Alberto, he's probably dipping his wick in anything that moves."

     "Jason?" says Adele. "Never."

     A loud horn blast interrupts.

    "Damn!" says Lisa.

    "Just the bridge horn on U.S. One. Must be a tall sailboat coming through."

     The two sit as the salt breeze blows their hair. The drawbridge slowly rises to cut through the bridge making way for the comings and goings of expensive sea craft. Sunlight bounces off the women's sunglasses.

      The large sloop slips its tall masts quietly through the open bridge.

     "Look at that," says Lisa. "Lifetime of importing shit to get such a boat. Bet the owner gets lots of sucking and fucking with that toy to dangle."

     "Lisa, not everyone is like that."

     "Please, you mean you wouldn't blow the guy that owns the yacht if you could take a spin?"

     "And you would?"

     "I'd blow the captain and the whole damn crew right now on the deck for everyone here to watch. And, you know what, just about every damn woman on this dock would be jealous to take my place on their knees."


Here’s another hot sample from Book One of the four editions in the collector’s set of The Mask Series.


     The two get quiet, sip their wine, and Adele eases the question, "Would you really do someone other than Al?"

    Lisa chuckles, "I've had my moments."

     "Really. What would Al do if he found out?"

     "Oh, he'd most likely cut the guy's dick off and you'd never find my body either, I guess."

     Adele's eyes open wide at the thought, "Damn."

     "Yeah, damn. No shit," says Lisa.

     Lisa swigs her wine, "What about you, get any strange from time to time."

     "No, never. Jason's the only guy ever."

     "Now that is just pitiful. One cock only. You never, I mean never, truth or dare question; ever had another?"

     "What's the dare?"

     "Finish this bottle of wine and show your tits to everyone here."

     "Okay fine. I'll go with the truth. Only one time right after high school. A guy I met up at Lake Lure one summer."

     "Oh yeah, I remember our summers up there," says Lisa. "So this local guy got your cherry?"

     "No, no. We just made out. I jacked him some and he came really quick."

     They both laugh.

     "Would you have fucked him?"

     "I don't think so. Like anyone else, I wanted to see what sex was all about but at that age, going all the way was too scary. I was so innocent. Being with that boy, John was his name, wasn't the same feeling as my feelings for Jason. I fell in love with Jason first before we did anything. Plus, John was stuck there in North Carolina, and I was leaving. There would be no future."

     "Ever tell Jason?"

     "No, what would be the point in that?"

     "Some guys like to hear details. Turns them on."

     "Really? You think Alberto would want to hear details about you and some guy when you just said that he would castrate some guy if he knew. Doesn't sound like he'd enjoy being the voyeur to hear about what you've done?"

     "He's way too old school about jealousy and the big double standard," Lisa answers and continues. "The person I'm talking about is a friend of mine here in the Gardens, and she tells me some things that will make you wet."

     "Like what?" asks Adele.

     "Her husband loves to hear her tell explicit details about her old boyfriends. Gets him super hard and he fucks her better. She even says that sometimes she gets on top and rides him as she talks about sucking the other guy's cock. The more she describes in detail, the hotter he gets. She'll say shit like, fuck me harder, fuck me while I suck his cock over top of you," Lisa breaks into a laugh.

     Adele rolls her eyes, "Damn, crazy."

     "Whatever makes your boat float. I actually do think of other cocks when Al fucks me. I just would never breathe a word about what I am thinking to him. He'd shit."


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Sep 20, 2022
One hot story. Wish my wife would open up to sharing some of hers with me.