Hotwifing Dynamics

Did you know that there are several ways for a couple to engage in hotwife roleplay? Here are some to try.

In this exclusive Sex on Your Terms episode of Front Porch Swingers, Brenna and Brian cover some of the ways to explore the role of a hotwife. They share how their own dynamic has evolved during their lifestyle practices, as well as some of the other methods that they've learned about from other hotwifing couples.

Front Porch Swingers

"Nothing we do is the norm. From meeting on Craigslist Casual Encounters (RIP) to participating in a BDSM dynamic to swinging, we are far from what most people would consider ""The Norm."" That being said, you would be hard-pressed to find people in a more healthy, communicative relationship than us. We talk about everything, we work through any and all concerns regarding our play, and we are committed to one another on a level that some would fail to imagine. That has not been the case in previous relationships for us. Between the two of us, we have 5 failed marriages under our belts. We found ourselves over and over again in unfulfilling relationships, unable to be our true selves for fear of judgement and/or rejection. We feel strongly that the less than positive experiences in our pasts have prepared us well for happy and enriched lives together going forward. We understand what it takes to develop complete trust and honesty in a relationship, and we are passionate about helping others attain it. Our podcast, our blog, and our future coaching provide us an opportunity to share our failures as well as our successes with other like-minded folks. Our goal is to create content based on not only our personal experiences, but also the vast amount of research we have done on subjects including BDSM, swinging, polyamory, and so much more. We are passionate about providing insights on how to live your most fulfilled and adventurous life possible!"
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