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Hotwifing: NOT One Size Fits All

Did you know that there are several hotwifing dynamics?

In this exclusive video, we discuss our favorite topic — hotwifing!

We received a question from one of our followers about our approach to hotwifing. He asked if there are other ways to engage in this form of roleplay, and the answer is absolutely! You can make hotwifing what you want it to be based on your desires as a couple. Watch this episode of Sex on Your Terms to learn about our approach, other methods, and advice for exploring hotwifing in your ethical non-monogamous lifestyle.

Sex on Your Terms

"We’re Brenna and Brian of the podcast, Front Porch Swingers. Since October of 2018, we’ve shared our sexy, sometimes ridiculous, but always entertaining real-life stories with listeners from all over the world. We talk swinging, hotwifing, BDSM and so much more, in a sex-positive and honest manner aimed at inspiring our listeners to explore their own sexualities. Now, we’re joining our anecdotal knowledge, extensive research, and true passion of alternative forms of relationships into Sex on Your Terms! The goal of this project is to help others create the sex lives and relationships of their dreams, without fear or shame of “societal expectations.” Whether you’re interested in consensual non-monogamy, hotwifing, kink, an age gap relationship, or sexual liberation in general, we are here to help! Check out our coaching services at today!"
  • Anonymous
Sep 02, 2021
how do i get my wife to do
Nov 12, 2020
Great explanation. We do all in house (so far) but sometimes I’m not in the room or in another room listening to her via phone. It’s so fucking hot!!!
Jan 21, 2020
Hell yes! Thanks for explaining this. We are new to the lifestyle and are trying to figure out our label. lol We are a straight married couple looking for the right single man.
Nov 15, 2019
Love it. Great breakdown of this portion of swinging.