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Toying With Your Affections: A Look at Modern Sex Dolls

Hyper-realistic dolls are evolving along with the mind-bending speed of technological advancements. Here’s what Alice Little has to say about today’s synthetic sweethearts.

Technology has made huge, mind-bending strides over the past ten years. Don’t believe me? Well, ten years ago, Instagram and the iPad didn’t exist, Uber was just months old, and smartwatches were really not that smart. Things that were not around are now staples of our marketing departments, morning routines, travel plans, and more. The sex toy industry is capitalizing on these new advances, and customers are benefitting from this brand new marketplace.

Technology is certainly shaking up the world of sex toys, and sex dolls are no exception. If you’re picturing the inflatable, surprised-looking dolls from years ago, you might just be blown away by what’s on the market these days. Hyper-realistic, and occasionally virtual-reality compatible or AI-driven, the sex dolls that are available now put the old versions to shame, as technology so often does. These toys make imitation relationships available to those who may not have the option for in-person connection.

Sex Dolls: What They Can Do For You

Sex dolls are great for anyone suffering from loneliness, social anxiety, or other disorders that prevent them from seeking a more traditional relationship. Some people are simply too busy to carve out the necessary time and energy that go into finding a date. Others may be recently bereaved, and the thought of meeting and wooing another person can be too much to bear — but they still miss the feel of sleeping next to someone, and the act of intimacy. For these and many other people, sex dolls can help during tough times, and the stigma that surrounds sex dolls is nothing short of cruel.

Sex dolls provide a necessary service, and the people who use them are filling a need. Knowing what you need and going after it is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something that we can all aspire to. Carving out some happiness in an otherwise difficult situation is a good thing.

Sex dolls can also add a sense of play to sexual recreation time — and play is so often absent from adult life. There’s something whimsical about a life-size doll that you can bathe, dress, and have dinner with. It’s a fun throwback to a simpler time in your life when your favorite companions were Barbies or action figurines. And oftentimes, people can experiment with more extreme fantasies and feel less ashamed of their sexual desires with a doll, before (or instead of) attempting to create these fantasies with another person.

Since sex doll interest usually springs from some form of loneliness — whether short or long term — the user experience is of the utmost importance. Modern sex dolls can be expected to look, feel, smell, move, and sound quite lifelike. The experience of interacting sexually with a doll is more intimate than masturbating alone or with porn, and some sex dolls can deliver realistic sexual companionship on top of the satisfying physical experience.

For instance, the Sexy Real Sex Dolls company offers sex dolls that are not only surprisingly realistic but also customizable. The price ranges have options for most budgets, and you can choose your preferred breast size, height, ethnicity, hair color, material, and gender. Yes, you can get a male sex doll if you like! All of these dolls are body-safe and cutting-edge.

Another benefit of sex dolls — or other toys, like pocket pussies — is that they do not lend themselves to death grip syndrome. Death grip syndrome affects many men and can make masturbation, orgasm, or other sexual pleasure difficult or impossible. The urge to squeeze tighter and tighter during masturbation can lead to decreased sensitivity, frustrating the syndrome-haver and their sexual partners. Sex dolls give you consistent stimulation without the super-tight squeeze and can help sufferers of death grip syndrome slowly gain sensitivity again.

Sex Dolls: What They Can’t Do

There’s a limit to what sex dolls can realistically provide. Just like anything else in life, sex dolls can be liberating, or they can be used to reinforce harmful mindsets. While they offer a certain amount of company, they aren’t a substitute for all outside connection. And if that’s important to you during intimacy, sex workers or casual, hookup-focused dating sites might turn out to be your best option.

Parts of human interaction can’t be duplicated — and one crucial element of human interaction is compromise. Another is surprise. Sex dolls offer compliance without compromise; they meet needs without needing in return. They don’t disappoint, but they also don’t surprise. Nothing about that part of sex dolls is authentic to social contact, and no amount of AI can replicate the feeling of being needed, or finding a middle ground, or receiving something unexpected from someone you genuinely care about.

Also, if you’re a virgin or someone who hasn’t experienced penetrative vaginal sex with a woman, know that this won’t exactly replicate that feeling. You will likely enjoy the experience, but so many variables are involved with partnered sex that it will be quite a bit more simplistic.

Some Final Thoughts

Sex dolls are best used as a complement to your sexual and social life, and as such, they serve an important purpose. They can help you bridge from a period of grief by serving as an ersatz partner, or help you enjoy masturbation by adding some companionship to the act. But, they should not consume your sex life completely. Incorporating a sex doll can be an emotionally and sexually healthy move, just make sure you don’t give up on humans while you’re at it!

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This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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