Living a Sex Positive Life Episode 32: Understanding the Evolution of Gender Language

Vern Phoenix is a person who grew up as a blue-collar conservative Christian in Alaska most of his life, holds no college degree, and still came out a flavor of trans and queer. He is unlike a lot of queer folks in Portland, who generally grew up with liberal/wide scope knowledge, morals, and had more financial support and access to education. He did not have those inherent privileges to be on top of their politics and language that surrounds queer culture. Vern knows the struggle and the feelings of unnecessary shame about not having your script perfected, but was raised with the ideology to look past what a person is saying, and look to their heart and willingness to learn; and then educate them lovingly.

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Living a Sex Positive Life
On Living a Sex Positive Life, we explore all aspects of human sexuality. We talk about the good and the bad, the health and healing benefits, the adventures, the relationships, as well as the crimes and tragedies. We strive to be an advocate & an empowering force in the fight for sexual freedom. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and talk about that touchy topic that affects us all — sex.

Angelique Luna is a Certified Kink Aware Professional from the Kink Aware Therapy Certification Institute. She is a relationship & sex coach, educator, entertainer, sexual abuse survivor advocate, & a tantra & Tai Chi practitioner. Her mission is making Living a Sex Positive Life a reality for everyone. She is a wife & mother to a strong warrior who has overcome the harrowing experience of sex abuse. She is a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality and offers Tantra healing services. Angelique Luna is the host of Living a Sex Positive Life podcast with her husband John C Luna where she discusses all aspects and effects of sexual relationships.

In his original career, John was an entrepreneur, author, professional educator, and software developer. After 12+ years in the swinger, fetish, and BDSM lifestyles, he has started a new chapter of his life educating others on alternative relationships and human sexuality. He lectures on non-monogamy, bisexuality, safe sexual practices, BDSM, and other kink-related topics. He is a tantra & Tai Chi practitioner, a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality, and offers Tantra healing services. He coaches those seeking to become more comfortable and confident in their sexual identity, sexual attraction, and/or alternative lifestyle. Along with his wife, Angelique Luna, he hosts the podcast Living a Sex Positive Life to be an advocate for sexual freedom and encourage others to be their authentic selves.