General Party
Date Nov 19, 2020
Time 21:00
Address 231 Mutual Street
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Tonight, we examine open relationship styles from swinging to open marriages to ethical non-monogamy. Whether you are new to multiple partners and/or playmates or want to share your experiences with us, we invite you to join us explore the beauty and challenges of extending your relationship past traditional monogamy. Tonight we'll be delving into the topic of jealousy! 6:45pm Meet and Greet: Socialize and get to know each other 7pm So You Want to be a Swinger? Join us in Centre Stage 8pm Free play Now that we've gotten all hot and heavy, feel free to stick around and play together. Cum and join in the online fun on the Oasis Aqualounge Virtual Club. Your membership includes fun, complimentary parties from Sunday-Friday, with the opportunity to purchase tickets towards exclusive Saturday night, themed events. Meet hundreds of members, all over North America, who are looking for expressive, sex and kink-positive experiences. Enjoy flirting and playing with others online in our chat rooms 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Our sexy parties are hosted by the Oasis AquaFlirts who love to host on a variety of themes. Nudity and sexuality is always encouraged and if you see someone you like, feel free to approach them for a private video chat. Once a month, we will be offering an exciting, weekend-long party that will bring together clubs and communities. If you want to double down on your sexy fun, be sure and grab a ticket that will cover both the Friday and Saturday events. Check our event calendar for more info! HOW TO ACCESS THE CHAT: 1. TO ACCESS THIS EVENT, PLEASE CLICK THE EVENT FLYER AND THEN 'ENTER CHATROOM' This event is within a dedicated video chat room, NOT the regular site chatroom. 2. TO ACTIVATE YOUR CAMERA, CLICK THE RED BUTTON (Top RIGHT of the chat room). Alter settings using the settings icon on your video screen on the righthand tab. 3. PLEASE USE FIREFOX OR CHROME BROWSERS WHERE POSSIBLE. There are some known conflicts with microphones on Apple iOS devices using Safari when Apple makes an update. 4. USERS ON A TABLET OR SMARTPHONE MAY FIND THE TAB ON THE RIGHT (SHOWING ACTIVE USERS) IS HIDDEN. CLICK THE TAB ARROW TO OPEN. 5. A PROFILE AND ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED TO JOIN THESE EVENTS 6. The number of simultaneous chat windows you can view may vary according to your device, browser and speed of your broadband connection.