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General Party
Date Oct 30, 2021
Time 22:00
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Dear Friends and Members, we are glad to invite You at the LIBERTINE GALA PARTY THE COSMIC SEXY SHOW 1961 - London He was a street artist. He was a mime. Everyday he stood for two or three hours at Regent’s park, acting soundless funny shows. A few people stopped and watched. A few applauded. That day, though, nobody had stopped, all people looked very busy and in a hurry. Only one had stayed, watching him with interest, until the sun-set. The young artist began to arrange his things, without giving to the watcher too much attention. Then, he decided to ask him why he was so interested in him. The older man smiled and said: "I have been walking this city far and wide for days without finding someone who has enough talent ... then I saw you." The boy smiled and took a handkerchief from his pocket to remove his make-up, but the man stopped him with a move that seemed unnaturally quick. "Don't do that, your face must remain a mask, otherwise you will look like all the others." said the stranger. Then he put something like a small radio in the young artist’s hand and whispered to him a few words, before disappearing and dissolving like a bubble of soap into thin air. The young artist was astonished and incredulous and looked up at the blue sky, murmuring the words that had been whispered to him just a few moments before. "There is life on Mars." October 24, 1977 - New York In the basement of the huge building, small and cozy like an alcove, some very different people sat facing one other, looking at each other with pure curiosity. In front of each of them a small radio was placed on a long crystal table. Some of these people were celebrities, in art, literature and music, while some others were unknown to the public. Though, but all the people in the room, even if they may not know, were the best in their own field and had an open mind and a free spirit. Above the place, the psychedelic dancefloors of Studio 54 were full of joyful nightlife habitués, completely unaware of the important meeting held below their dancing feet. A man with a bizarre white wig then stood up and spoke. “In these years we have been inspired by voices and thoughts that came from other worlds. We have started a revolution, but unfortunately this is not enough: the scientists summoned here, believe that it will take at least 40 years to master the technology necessary for our purposes. But we cannot delay further, we cannot stop now. Just think about the future and raise your hand, those who really think that man will not fall back into the same mistakes, again and again.” No one raised his hand, but an elderly man with a long mustache and a baby-jaguar on a leash, shook his head and spoke. “I say, we have to go to another planet and start from the begin. We need a place where sexual freedom, gender and everyone's rights can be respected without laws and without governments… but only by combining our cosmic inspirations we will make it! We can't afford to wait 40 years! I'm ... I'm not 40." The man concluded his speech. Some beautiful and sexy waitresses wearing shiny metallic uniforms and spike heeled high boots entered the room, interrupting the talks of the small crowd and placing a tiny glass in front of each of those present, with a pink crystal inside. The man in the white wig smiled at his guests. "That's why I summoned you. I will show you that there is life on Mars ... and I will show you the year 2020 without having to wait for the time to come! " All the people in the room took the quartz in their hands and dissolved like soap bubbles. Entrance from 22.00 at 23.00 Madame "O" will close her gate! Finger Food | Open Bar | Dj-set | Erotic Performances | Libertine Paly DRESS CODE MAIN EVENT ON 23rd: THE COSMIC SEXY SHOW - Historical and thematic costumes are welcome and reccomanded. - Tuxedo|Smoking | Frac for Gentlemen and Elegant evening Gala dress for Ladies are a viable alternative for those who do not want to wear thematic costumes - Venetian Mask for both Some keywords to inspire Your thematic Costume: Glam-rock, glitter, cross dressing, cosmic, transgender, extraterrestrial superheroes, cyber, avant-garde, kitsch, extravagant, futuristic, chrome, extreme make-up, eccentric and colorful, studio 54, rocky horror picture show, david bowie. THE RESPECT OF DRESS CODE IS VERY IMPORTANT AND OBLIGATORY! 29.10.21 Pre-party Boudoir d'O Info and reservation writing to I wait for You! EVE