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Travel Event
Date May 17, 2022
Time 12:00
17 - 22 MAY 2022 (5 NIGHTS) Welcome to The Mexican Caribbean where it’s hot, sexy & relaxing! A prime destination that holds a special place in many lifestylers’ hearts, which keeps drawing them back again and again. Our swanky, all-inclusive (and all-suite) resort provides the dazzling background for a lot of au naturale fun with sexy like-minded others! The suites are sleek, spacious and all come with huge king-sized beds. The spectacular views looking out to sea are simply astounding. And nothing beats watching together with your sweetie the sky turn to a luminous pink-purple at sunset from a foamy Jacuzzi on your private terrace. Why you’ll love it: from seasoned swingers to straight-up exhibitionists or wonderfully, curious voyeurs, your sensual selves will be absolutely sated during this luxurious escape! Throw in sexy dancers, happening pool parties, free PlayShops, plenty of hot entertainment, an awesome night club for dancing and flirting, the perfect lounge to hook-up right next to it plan an action-packed playroom! Just bring yourself, we take care of the rest! So come with us and enjoy an incredibly sensual escape together with over 650 hotties in a place that is like heaven on earth! Book Today!