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General Party, Hotel Party
Faralda Crane Hotel
Date Nov 06, 2021
Time 18:00
Address NDSM-Plein 78
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(The most exciting and inspiring venue) Dress sexy and enjoy the intimate vibe in *FARALDA CRANE HOTEL* Party and dance with the best DJ’s. Get tickled by other guests and the amazing view over (the port of) *Amsterdam* ON REQUEST. Private - Invites only (30 couples max.) € 115 per couple (Studio 18.00 - 24.00) € 57,50 singles (On request & studio 18.00 - 24.00 ) Doors closed at 7 PM (19.00) BOOK HERE (Limited tickets): *MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE* A PRIVATE AFTER with your lover(s) in a 5-star suite on top ! The elevator stops directly into your suite ! Including free minibar, welcome drink, and sweet finger food ! We offer a special SDC price : € 750,- Tickets are personal and non-transferable. Mention your Facebook / Instagram or SDC account. Bring with you your : 1. Tickets 2. Identification