Hotel Party
Palm Springs Resort
Date Jan 14, 2021
Time 10:00
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This is not a complete list of those attending as some are here on SDC, some are on other sites or no sites. Also it says open to everyone, including single males, but it is actually mostly couples with a small handful of single females and single males, but is ONLY OPEN TO BISEXUALS ...there was no option for that on the party form here ) The event is 4 nights, 5 days. The event will be held on the following dates January 14th-18th, 2021 This will be our 16th year of BFF. This has always been our favorite event of the year and now we`re having it twice a year. Bi annually ...pun intended ). This has become a truly epic event ...ask anyone who has attended. BFF WINTER 2021 RULES: No sex in the lobby. Always be polite, respectful, friendly and always ask before touching (you know, the normal stuff… like no means no, no drama, etc.)…but don`t be too shy. You will have 24 hour access to the premises, but there will be no overnight crashing outside on the property, like staying on the lawn or a lounge chair by the pool the hotel is completely sold out so you will need other lodging accommodations. If you follow that, you should fit right in and have a wonderful time. ADDITIONAL RULES 1) No glass by the pool. 2) No bodily fluids or penetration in the pool or hot tub. -There are plenty of areas for penetration, like the play areas, the two fuck tents, air mattress around all over, lounge chairs, towels, the lawn, a private room ...really anywhere but in the water or the lobby. 3) Please pick up after yourself not leave cups, half or empty waters, sodas or beers lying around ...throw out your food plates and do not leave your used condom lying around! Failure to adhere to the rules can get you removed from the event, with no refund and no chance of returning in the future. NOTE: This is not an official rule and we`d hate to think of trying to enforce it, but honestly, we and most every attendee we know, plays safely and would prefer to avoid the people who throw caution to the wind. Putting on a condom and getting tested regularly are just two very easy things all of us can do to mitigate risks inherent in this LS. Can`t wait to see you all there ), Brad & Tracy Cuteones